yum install apache mysql php time

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CentOS 5.3 server installation is done installing, configuring Apache + php + Mysql

Line in the yum install Centos very slow. The following are replacement for Chinese CentOS mirror servers!
China's official mirror sites: http://centos.ustc.edu.cn/
/ * Instructions * /
cd / etc / yum.repos.d [enter yum.repos.d directory]
mv CentOS-Base.repo CentOS-Base.repo.save [modify the source file name of the backup]
wget http://centos.ustc.edu.cn/CentOS-Base.repo.5 [Download]
mv CentOS-Base.repo.5 CentOS-Base.repo [download file was renamed]
1 update to the latest kernel.
yum-y update
After a system update, yum install prompt if an error message, perform the following command to repair.
rpm-import / etc / pki / rpm-gpg / RPM-GPG-KEY *
2 Installing Apahce, PHP, Mysql, php and mysql database connection component reference:
yum-y install httpd php mysql mysql-server php-mysql

/ / Install the mysql extension
yum-y install mysql-connector-odbc mysql-devel libdbi-dbd-mysql
/ / Install the php extension
yum-y install php-gd php-xml php-mbstring php-ldap php-pear php-xmlrpc
/ / Install apache expansion
yum-y install httpd-manual mod_ssl mod_perl mod_auth_mysql
Paste one-time installation:
yum-y install httpd php mysql mysql-server php-mysql httpd-manual mod_ssl mod_perl mod_auth_mysql php-mcrypt php-gd php-xml php-mbstring php-ldap php-pear php-xmlrpc mysql-connector-odbc mysql-devel libdbi- dbd-mysql
3 to start the service configuration references:
/ Sbin / chkconfig httpd on [set up apache to self-start]
/ Sbin / chkconfig - add mysqld [mysql service]
/ Sbin / chkconfig mysqld on [mysqld service]

/ Sbin / service httpd start [since the start httpd service]
/ Sbin / service mysqld start [since the start mysqld service]
4 Set the mysql database root account password.
mysqladmin-u root password 'new password' [quotes fill password]
5 references to mysql database more secure:
mysql-u root-p [then ask you to enter just to set the password, you can enter the carriage return after
mysql> DROP DATABASE test; [delete the test database]
mysql> DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE user = "; [remove anonymous account]
mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES; [overloaded Permissions]
According to the above installation, configuration, out of the default site directory is / var / www / html / Create a new php script:
phpinfo ();
6 firewall configuration reference:
a. Add, allowing access to port {21: ftp, 80: http}.
iptables-I RH-Firewall-1-INPUT-m state - state NEW-m tcp-p tcp - dport 21-j ACCEPT
iptables-I RH-Firewall-1-INPUT-m state - state NEW-m tcp-p tcp - dport 80-j ACCEPT
b. Save
service iptables save
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