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yum clean all
yum update
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Tags: yum

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  • Management Eclipse Java project to use Maven

    This article can be willfully, but please keep the original Source: http://www.webwork.cn/archives/50009640.html Why do you want to use Maven, What are the benefits of using Maven maven is a project to help you compile, document management, reporting mana

  • linux extract the tar.gz file commands

    linux extract the tar.gz file commands: tar zxvf tomcat6.0.tar.gz linux modify the file name: mv tomcat5.0 tomcat6.0 View a process: ps-ef | grep tomcat Copying files: cp filename target path to draw the machine: ether-wake target NIC address to log ...

  • Install Oracle10g on CentOS5.2

    (1) can run the following command to check whether the required packages are installed rpm-q gcc make binutils openmotif setarch compat-db compat-gcc compat-gcc-c + + compat-libstdc + + compat-libstdc + +-devel If there is no "not found", said t

  • Sharing a linux traffic monitoring tool!!!

    This article describes the centos 5.x environment, yum source through the expansion of the use of munin, monit, ntop tool to monitor your applications and servers. Entitled to talk about is the easy lazy to install one way, the powerful and simple to ...

  • eclipse project maven Management

    Maven Management using Eclipse Java project Maven Management using Eclipse Java project This article can be reproduced, but please retain the original source: http://www.webwork.cn/archives/50009640.html Why should the use of Maven, there is any good use

  • CentOS 5 install ROR

    1. RubyWorks installation Installation RubyWorks Repo wget [url=http://rubyworks.rubyforge.org/public_key.txt]http://rubyworks.rubyforge.org/public_key.txt[/url] sudo rpm --import public_key.txt wget [url=http://rubyworks.rubyforge.org/RubyWorks.repo]http

  • CentOS 5.2 on the deployment of rails applications

    Today at a newly installed server to deploy a rails small Web site, the system is Centos 5.2, the direct use of convenience of the system built-in apache and mod_rails. 1. First of all rpm -qa|grep -i ruby The system comes with the ruby version is 1.8.5,

  • fedora8 install ror

    Fedora installation of Ruby on Rails Pre-action The following are the action is for the whole process has helped, but not necessarily the way to do. 1. Modify yum server, refer to the server internal I-Shou vi / etc / yum.repos.d / fedora.repo baseur ...

  • ror get openssl error problem under redhat

    For a whole day yesterday Playing with Bahrain sqlite -driven, and built my first rails of the wrong time require_frameworks': no such file to load - openssl (RuntimeError I found a line at this mistake a lot of newspapers but rarely resolved, th ...

  • CentOS 5.3 installed SS5

    First installation: yum install gcc yum install pam-devel yum install openldap-devel yum install openssl-devel Zhuang Wan basic reliance on the almost (at least mine is) Then: . / configure & & make & & make install Modify / etc/opt/s ...

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