XAMPP change the default password for mysql

MySQL's "root" user by default is no password, so in PHP you can use mysql_connect ("localhost", "root ","") to connect to MySQL server;
If you want to in MySQL "root" user to set a password, please use the console "mysqladmin" command. For example:

\ ... \ Xampp \ mysql \ bin \ mysqladmin-u root password secret

Please note that you change the root password, do not forget to change the information in PHPMyAdmin. In \ ... \ xampp \ phpmyadmin \ search under "config.inc.php" and edit the following lines:

$ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['user'] = 'root'; / / MySQL SuperUser
$ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['auth_type'] = 'http'; / / HTTP MySQL authentification

From now on, need to correctly enter "root" password to start PHPMyAdmin

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