Write a small script to the latest statistics the number of lines of code to write

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class CodeLineStat
        attr_reader :code_lines

        def initialize
                @code_lines = 0

        def stat(path)
                Dir.foreach(path) do |file|
                        if file != "." && file != ".." then 
                                filePath = path + "/" + file
                                if File.directory? filePath then
                                elsif file =~ /(\.java|\.js|\.jsp)$/ then
                                        @code_lines += file_code_line(filePath);        

        def file_code_line(filePath)
                lines = 0
                File.open(filePath,"r") do |file|
                        in_comment = false;
                        file.each_line do |line|
                                if line.index("/*") then
                                        in_comment = true 
                                elsif line.index("*/") then
                                        in_comment = false
                                elsif !line.empty? && !in_comment && !line.index("//") then
                                        lines += 1
                puts "#{filePath} : #{lines}"

cl = CodeLineStat.new
puts cl.code_lines
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