windows 2008 installation oracle10g

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Work in small companies, the project is always one-stop service, after all, learn many things, people tired!

Projects will soon have on-line, so to install the deployment.
Buy new server, yes. Operating system is not required to buy buy server2003, bought a server2008 (32bit). I think the 2008 and 2003 phase should sound just right! 2003 ye too familiar, its used for one year.

Install weblogic9, OK, everything is normal. But dos not display Chinese, txt and other documents in English are garbled. Fortunately, not a big problem, "regional language" in settings OK.

Installation oracle10g (32bit To the genuine CD, which contains the client and the database there are several no carefully read.
The problem comes, database installation error, but "abnormal program termination" to the three unknown error, and then quit. Just beginning to feel nothing, what could be environmental issues, after careful examination did not find any problems, not to say that the server security jdk it! Some are native oracle. See oracle installation log, it is sad, had nothing said.
Take plate to your machine, no problem, you can successfully install, strange, is it system?
Would like to make people change the system? Impossible, it is not a waste Why, people just bought the new system let it sleep? For 9i? People do not drive, gave the 10g's. For piracy 9i? Ye can not take on this responsibility. Or only to find a cause.
Internet to find the cause, saw a pass and found the same problem, but still can not resolve after each inspection. Then think of the temporary installation files, looked into, finally found the problem, the original or a jdk problem, but the problem is the oracle comes with jdk. Inspection found that 10g of jdk or 1.4, also 1.5 years did not come out. After several attempts, or find the fundamental reason for the javaw not work because of environmental problems, should identify problems related to the environment or the system does not mean solved, or at a loss, do not know how to solve, because each time you start the installation it will a time to generate a temporary folder, not one and the same folder. So even if the jre to replace it did not help.
Unintentionally, found client was able to successfully install. A little dizzy, even with a CD in client is successfully installed, the remaining modules can not be installed.
After the resignation was forced to install the first client to say, there may be a miracle.
Miracle did not happen ... disappointing ....
I looked carefully at some client in the file, and then comparing database in the file, found under the database and client files are mostly the same, only more just than the client's file.
Suddenly there came the thought, grafting may be some database install the kernel under a problem, but just copy the installation files the process of decompression, should be able to install the kernel with the client to replace, then copy the database and the client, then the next datebase All documents to cover client. Replace the cover according to document the way, less complementary, the same does not replace the cover, start the client again to install exe, startup success ...
Finally, the successful installation.

Really too risky, server2008 Zan never seen before, 10g are not used, but fortunately all buttoned up. Deployment of the system, or there was a small bug, 9i and 10g query precision is different, sqlrowset error ...
But the problem than it much easier to install ...
They are not server2008 does not support or oralce installation disk problems.

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