window.event object details

1, event on behalf of the state of events, such as trigger event object element, the location and status of the mouse, press the button and so on. event object only in the course of events to be effective. event of certain attributes only makes sense for specific events. For example, fromElement and toElement attributes onmouseover and onmouseout events are only meaningful.

2, attributes:
altKey, button, cancelBubble, clientX, clientY, ctrlKey, fromElement, keyCode, offsetX, offsetY, propertyName, returnValue, screenX, screenY, shiftKey, srcElement, srcFilter, toElement, type, x, y

3, property details:

Property Name Description Value Description
altKey check the status of alt key is pressed when the alt key, a value of True False otherwise read-only
shiftKey check the status of shift key when the shift key pressed, the value is read only True False otherwise
ctrlKey check the ctrl key pressed state when the ctrl key, a value of True False otherwise read-only cases: (Click the button shows that a few special keys pressed state)
<input type="button" value=" Click on the "/>
function show () (
alert ("altKey:" + window.event.altKey
+ "\ NshiftKey:" + window.event.shiftKey
+ "\ NctrlKey:" + window.event.ctrlKey);
) </ Script>
keyCode detect keyboard event corresponding to the internal code can read and write, can be any code within a Unicode keyboard. If there is no trigger keyboard events, then the value is 0
Example: (press Enter for the next components are the focus of considerable press Tab key)
<input type="text" onKeyDown="nextBlur()"/>
<input type="text"/>
function nextBlur () (
if (window.event.keyCode == 13) / / Enter the code
window.event.keyCode = 9; / / Tab key code
</ Script>
srcElement return Object element triggered the event read-only cases: (click on the button when the display name value)
<input type="button" value=" Min " name=" Fujian "/>
<input type="button" value=" Gan " name=" Jiangxi "/>
function show () (
alert (;
</ Script>
x, y relative to the current mouse position px read-only browser
clientX, clientY the current mouse position relative to the page read px
offsetX, offsetY mouse relative to the current page in the location of a region px read-only
screenX, screenY position relative to the user px display read-only Description: When you click a button, get (x, clientX, offsetX, screenX) is easy to understand offsetX; IE window when you obtained by reduction (x, clientX, screenX) , you will understand screenX; When you position the div property to switch between absolute and relative, you will understand the difference between x and clientX.
returnValue set or check the return value from the event in the event the value of true is returned
false the default event source object can read and write operation was canceled example: Shield Right, Ctrl + n, shift + F10, F5 to refresh, backspace
function KeyDown () (
/ / Shield right, Ctrl + N, Shift + F10, F5 to refresh, backspace
if ((window.event.altKey) & &
((Window.event.keyCode == 37) | | / / Alt + arrow key ← shield
(Window.event.keyCode == 39))) (/ / screen Alt + arrow keys →
event.returnValue = false; / / prevent the use of ALT + the arrow keys to page forward or backward
if ((event.keyCode == 8) | | / / mask the Backspace key to delete
(Event.keyCode == 116) | | / / shield F5 key to refresh
(Event.keyCode == 112) | | / / screen refresh key F1 Chinese network alliance
(Event.ctrlKey & & event.keyCode == 82)) (/ / Ctrl + R
event.keyCode = 0;
event.returnValue = false;
if ((event.ctrlKey) & & (event.keyCode == 78)) / / screen Ctrl + N
event.returnValue = false;
if ((event.shiftKey) & & (event.keyCode == 121)) / / shield Shift + F10
event.returnValue = false;
if (window.event.srcElement.tagName == "A" & & window.event.shiftKey)
window.event.returnValue = false; / / shielding shift plus the left mouse button to open a new page
if ((window.event.altKey) & & (window.event.keyCode == 115)) (/ / screen Alt + F4
window.showModelessDialog ("about: blank ",""," dialogWidth: 1px; dialogHeight: 1px");
return false;)
Press the mouse button check button 0 no key
A left click
2 Press Right
3 left-right
4 Press the middle button
5, left click and the middle button
6, right-click and the middle button
7 by all the key only for onmousedown, onmouseup and onmousemove event. On the other events, no matter how the mouse state, have returned to 0 (such as onclick)
srcElement detection onmouseover and onmouseout event occurs, the mouse is read from the element Object
toElement onmouseover and onmouseout event detection, the mouse is read-only access to the element Object
return back to the event type name is not "on" as the prefix of the event name, for example, onclick event return type is the click

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