Why does apache Bahrain show no service installed?

After installing apache (not installed by default path, for example, D: \) icon in the lower right which is not started small feathers, and left not so, and prompted "No services installed", prompts the server is not installed.
Solution: find the apache2 directory bin directory has a apache.exe file, type in the run: cmd, out of DOS window, type: d: \ Note: Entering the D drive, if apache installed in D drive, type: cd apache2 Notes: enter D: \ apache2 \ directory, type: cd bin Note: access to D: \ apache2 \ bin \ directory, type: httpd.exe-k install-n apache2 Notes: adding apache2 this service, here we have to start it, type: net start apache2 Note: Start apache2 service is shut down the server: net stop apache2
OK, problem solved.

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