What is Jetty About Jetty Project

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Jetty is an open source, standards-based, full-featured server JAVA achieved. It Apache2.0 released under the agreement, so be free for commercial use and distribution. First in 1995, Jetty to benefit from a vast user community, there is a stable core of developers dedicated to sustainable development. There are many running examples of the use of Jetty, which is the Jetty instance 10/1000. Although the goal is low-key Jetty, and numerous sites and products, the use of Jetty, but nowhere Jetty no!
Jetty can be used to:
◆ a traditional web server to handle static and dynamic pages;
◆ a dedicated HTTP server most of the background to deal with dynamic pages, like Apache using mod_proxy;
◆ As a JAVA component embedded applications.
This flexibility means that Jetty can be used in a variety of occasions:
◆ box with the products, such as Tapestry, Liferay;
◆ CD-ROM with the book, the examples used to run;
◆ combined to provide HTTP transfer procedures, such as JXTA, MX4J;
◆ into JavaEE server as web containers, such as JOnAS, Geronimo, JBoss, JFox;
◆ applications as a component, such as Continuum, FishEye, Maven.
Jetty characteristics:
Jetty's guiding principle is "simple and uncomplicated." Easy to understand and use Jetty:
◆ through API or XML configuration files;
◆ XML document syntax POJOs directly in the operation of the API insinuate;
◆ the default configuration file can Jetty as a box (out-of-the-box);
◆ just a small number of rows that can be embedded on an instance of Jetty.

WEB2.0 in asynchronous types of applications the use of technologies such as AJAX, connecting to deal with retention time than a static page, thread and memory may be the rapid growth of demand.
The bottom must be refined to address these issues, a low speed may cause the database connection site paralysis, because the thread was filled. The use of Jetty ...

◆ services in high-strength low pressure loss performance;
◆ web in the existing normative framework, be able to handle large user loads, and ensure the continuity of a long conversation;
◆ integration of the existing cluster, for example, WADI and Terracotta

A lot of effort to optimize the code, the code that refined as little as possible loophole:
◆ less relevance as far as possible;
◆ to maintain a minimum core, optional add-on package functions;
◆ scalability is a key issue;
◆ attenuation performance of high-strength gentle.

Jetty is a very good component. This means that one can easily embed applications, applications without the need to adapt to it:
◆ the use-dependent injection and inversion of control mode

Insertion of
Jetty was constructed for
Insertion of Jetty built. All core components of the Jetty to allow different options to achieve, at least one or more components to achieve will always be provided. If they still can not satisfy your request, you are free to the preparation of the bottom interface and abstract class based on the most. This means that Jetty can easily be used in a particular application environment. When in a JavaEE server Jetty as web container, this is a very useful, Jetty of the insert and the host to ensure that its containers a closely integrated.
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