Wet finishing of wool fabric


First, the significance of finishing up and down from the loom machine wool fabric has no direct practical value, must pass a series of dyeing and finishing processes in order to give full play to the superior characteristics of the wool fiber itself. Such as flexibility, elasticity, moisture absorption and retention, milling, abrasion resistance, extension of flammable and difficult to stain and so on.
Wool fabric: Department of pure wool, wool blended with other fibre, chemical fiber fabrics and pure wool fabrics.
Its meaning is as follows:
1, to improve wearability, to increase variety and improve the shape, size, stability and shape retention;
2, restoration of the good characteristics of wool;
3, to ensure the physical indicators: width, single weight, strength, density, shrinkage, etc.;
4, gives a special performance: shrink-proof wool, flame retardant, waterproof, mildew, moth, etc.. Second, the classification of finishing the surface of the finished fabric according to state points:
1, smooth order: for worsted fabric, finished, then surface is smooth, textured clear, gloss natural lasting, smooth feel, very, cool or slippery waxy emits bone.
Varieties: palace, shall tweed, thick tweed, who established the small, serge, gabardine and so on.
Process is: green body repair singeing → → → boiling scouring → absorption → drying → dyeing - cooked repair in Frederick → → → shearing brush to the wet park → → → decating voltage which health maintenance, the inspection, repair cooked off equipment, but a greater impact on product quality.
2, suede finishing the finished surface layer of fluff, so textured cover, flowers soft, then fine clean surface, suede and tidy, with Puma light, fluffy and soft to the touch from a strong, more varied main varieties: Maier Teng, navy, coat it, uniforms do, women do, woolen clothes, sea power here, people do, flannel.
Process: preparing dehydrated → → → scouring scouring milling → → → Dyeing → dehydration in check → drying → → fluff cooked repair brush shearing → → → steam steam brush over it by the number of processes composed of two kinds of order, if as the limits of the drying and drying carried out before the wet finishing process called wet, its main purpose is to purify or to adjust fabric structure, so that some kind of stability to achieve the desired shape (such as very thin, the rich, milling of, etc.); carried out after the dry bake process called dry finish, the main role of the amorphous surface processing and durable.

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