Websphere skills: modifications in the project's web.xml configuration does not take effect after the solution

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Usually, we websphere next deployment of a java project, if modified the Web. XML file, restart the java projects showed that websphere does not automatically load the web.xml document, the modified web.xml does not work, unless the re-re-deployment of this java project

Time, it takes some time, if it is a remote operation of machinery, upload the entire jar package is also very slow thing.

In fact, this is because the websphere configuration files usually have the next two, one in the installedApps the next, one in

config below, so need to modify the two parts of the web.xml file before the onset. Here to websphere6, for example, the detailed path of the two configuration files are generally

1, / opt/IBM/WebSphere/profiles/AppSrv01/installedApps/coshineNode01Cell/unscard.ear

One coshineNode01Cell This is machine name, unscard.ear for the project name

2, / opt/IBM/WebSphere/profiles/AppSrv01/config/cells/coshineNode01Cell/applications/unscard.ear

As long as these two amendments of the web.xml file, you can force the
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