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Written on December 11, 2009 development environment WAMP (windows + apache + mysql + php)

First, demand analysis - do not take it for granted

We are always thinking in their own way to resolve some we think "should" question, however, the fact is often not "should." I collected part of the message, start the database design. I was the thesis, research projects and award-winning status as an entity to deal with, and this number together as a home page navigation bar. I take it for granted that a faculty website, these elements are very important, confidence is helpful for improving the faculty, and allow browsing of the students to grasp as fast as the latest academic research departments. No further communication in case of confirmation needs to establish its table structure. Semi-finished products, when the President to review the results on this point is first president vetoed. From the technical point of view we just take it for granted that that, but we ignore the psychological factors, social factors, etc., alone, makes the system less in the data table 7. Also in the background and management, I was naive to think that there is no need for a small site administrator grade, but mention the background management, teachers first grade is the management of content. To this end, the system development has added a late table. Since then I understand, even the small, ordinary places and then have to communicate confirmation to the customer, never take it for granted.

Second, the system architecture - must kill a chicken with chopper

System similar to other sites, the site design of the system as a whole is also divided into two large pieces: front module and back module. Front page module is mainly structural design and style layout, the background a little more modules, including the main framework of the system, plug-in system functions and system management background. Module design in the foreground, we use the popular DIV + CSS layout structure, in line with W3C standards and WEB2.0 standards, improve the natural user experience. DIV + CSS style is characterized by the greatest diversity, then we want to achieve almost any style, label layout structure is very clear, secondary development of low cost, this is the form before the age of reach. At the same time the structure of this arrangement is very beneficial to your search engine, because search engine features, making her a very nasty form layout is not conducive to capture information, when necessary, search engines will even give up your page layout with tables, and DIV This clear and simple expression is favored by the search engines. CSS use Gengrang all pages throughout the system even more powerful, icing on the cake, the introduction of a number of external cascading style file (that CSS file), you can easily modify and control the entire web page display system. So in this system, we are determined to use the layout design, for example, may each page we have to include a similar navigation bar, added at a later time, you want to modify the navigation bar style, this time we do not have to modify each page in the navigation bar, we only need to modify the CSS file from Waibu into the relevant local on OK, and since it was the CSS file controls all the pages of the display, can be said to "pull a hair and the whole body. " Module design background is considered more logical structure of the design process. On careful analysis of the business process, we abstracted data model, and achieve all their fields in table structure Baokuo design, database design completely stand scalability point of view considered, secondary development Time will be very easy to integrate. Then we began to design the framework of the core code, including some custom libraries and public libraries, while the overall deployment, including AJAX. Be noted that this development, we used AJAX is XAJAX. As a very good open source AJAX library, XAJAX perfect combination with PHP5 offers a lot of very convenient and stable API, the official XAJAX help us in the asynchronous communication system. While the core framework is also used in the javascript in a lightweight open source framework jquery, and some of its plug-ins. There is excellent online editing tools FCKEditor, you can achieve graphics mixed layout, browser compatibility points is very good.

Third, resolution and encoding module

System framework buttoned, we began to design a specific module. The system as a whole, is divided into several main sections such: rolling news, college news, photos news, notice bulletin, employment information, technological innovation, often landing site link and email. One E-mail is to provide a college-mail landing, just take the time to achieve the data forwarded to the campus master mail server on it to achieve very simple, do not do details. The common link is only shown a few students used the school site and external site links, functionality is very simple, just add the background in the management of the module CRUD functionality. Other modules in the title page only shows, and then you have a specific display page (details), used to display information on the details of which, in the details page, keep the home page banner head of information and navigation information, and left scrolling news, E-mail, technology innovation and modules, to the right of most of the space used to display a new

News of the specific content, including display news headlines, time, type, author, subject content. In the Instructors page, we added three pages, two pages to display the teacher's classification list, three pages is to show a teacher's specific information, including photos, contacts, papers, research orientations and so on. In accordance with the specific function of each module, we use the php program to achieve the processing logic, read data from the database, and then processed with our prior agreement of some kind of format to the front page.

The system is very important module is the background module, in fact, all prospects appear relatively simple, as long as good architecture, data alone is easy to grasp it out, but the background you need to deal with all the content, and to deal with the results of qualified write to the database. Our approach is that each menu item for the front, all in the background to be a management option, so for the type of management, this is also to administrators to better manage data, control output. Administrators we have adopted a hierarchical management approach. First of all, the system default to have a super administrator, super administrator has the highest administrative authority and all authority. New sub-administrators from the super-administrator, and set the initial login password. The new sub-administrator account by default is off, also do not have any management rights, and that needs super administrator assigned rights, such as scrolling news management rights and management rights of employment information, etc., do not have the permission of the account, the corresponding management capabilities will be frozen, so easy classification management site. In the final system design, we added a static page-oriented technology, often to visit all the pages are static pages in the form of display, of course, these static pages is the system administrator updates after the system generated. Static pages also help accelerate the access speed, ease server stress.

4, debug integration and deployment - the version control is always achieved after all the code and started system integration. In fact, each module is put into place appropriate output. Set

Into the butt end, entered the follow-up important links: system testing. This time, in fact, our best hope is to some problems, so we have a good time to resolve, so the system when a large on-line problem. The most terrible is the browser compatibility, the workload in the test phase is the largest to the core family is fully compatible with IE and Firefox core family is not easy, but fortunately, we stuck with it, after some debugging changes to make the system compatible most of the browser.

It is worth mentioning that in time version control, this is very important. Every time we modify the test phase have uploaded a new version, 1.0 to n.0, it makes more and more number of versions, and later when the upload is always wrong, such as the low version of the system, uploaded to the server That result is clear: test failed! The reason is no use version control, adding the introduction of a version control, this problem will not happen again. This is also the development of this system, the more regrettable.

V. Summary

The development also has a more regrettable is that not using MVC model development, so that may be more messy code, modify the business logic is not very convenient. Overall, this system development is very successful, in succession, while the old technology, but also introduced some fashionable new technology system is also very stable for now. Feel happy, we have to think some of the problems. First thing to say is communication! Communication is too important, it is proved that any one small aspect, there is need for good communication with the client to do otherwise is easy to rework. At the same time do version control, so that when they are not to write code clutter. Thus learn a lesson.

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