weblogiv installation and effective allocation of

Install and configure Bea Weblogic 5.3.4 Installation Bea Weblogic

(1) to start the installation:

(2) agree to the agreement:

(3) Select the BEA home directory, it is recommended not to modify the path:

(4) The first choice full installation, to save trouble later.

(5) This tool does not matter whether the election:

(6) Select the product installation directory, it is recommended not to modify:

(7) create a shortcut:

(8) the official installation begins:

(9) to see BEA's introduction:

(10) Weblogic9.2 installation interface:

(11) to create an instance of the domain:

(12) also create an instance of the domain:

(13) has finally completed the installation.

Here, Weblogic9.2 installation is complete. configure Bea Weblogic
WebLogic configuration steps are as follows:
(1) Run Start -> programs -> BEA Products -> Tools -> Configuration Wizard.
(2) Select Create a new WebLogic domain, Next.
(3) In the Select Domain Source interface to keep the default, Next.
(4) In the User name, enter the user name (default weblogic), enter the user password and confirm password (password required 8-bit), Next.
(5) in the Configure Server Start Mode and JDK interface to keep the default, select the JDK is "Sun
SDK 1.5.0_04 @ C: \ BEA \ jdk150_04 ", pay attention here, if you choose" Other JDK "configuration higher than SDK 1.5.0_04 version, the server starts, there will be exceptions, so it is best to keep the default, and then Next.
(6) in the Customize Environment and Services Settings interface default to No, Next.
(7) Domain name, enter mydomain, click Create.
(8) after closing Configuration Wizard dialog box, click Done.
(9) Run Start -> programs -> BEA Products -> User Projects -> mydomain -> Start
Admin Server for Weblogic Server Domain, screening starts: The wait for a while, when the console appears <Server started in running mode>, note management server starts normally.
(10) modify the listener address, so that the other non-native clients can access the current system. Modify the following configuration: By http://localhost:7001/console/ login WebLogic management and control click on "Lock & Edit", Domain Structure -> Environment -> Servers, right side, select the appropriate Server, open for editing, in the Listen Address: fill in, you can save, the last in the original Lock & Edit in place activation click Activate Changes take effect immediately after the changes made to the.

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