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Web site design is now more and more to find out which is the classic; in accordance with web page design involved: the web page production, graphic design, animation, material arrangements, I have looked a bit to find a good site, published in the here , If you have a good site, I hope matter sorted out at the back.
1, web page design category -------------------------------
1. Site Name: There are days when the wind's Web site address: http://www.hellowind.com/
A very nice design a website, I have just started learning web design, when knew her, her most distinctive elements of even a fine plug-in section, which includes Photoshop filters, Dreamweaver plug-in, Flash-related, are very practical good Dongdong. At the same time also the site columns symbol fonts Tingyou own characteristics.

2. Site Name: Blue Ideal Web site address: http://www.blueidea.com/
Mobile Web editorial figure, website tutorials on the web for the production of both comprehensive and professional, but also various types of tutorial update fast. She is quite popular classic forum the wang. At the same time the site is characterized by a large number of books will be introduced from time to time the introduction, these are not easy to buy.

3. Site Name: Rainbow Bird Design Web site address: http://www.colorbird.com/
Rainbow bird design is a dedicated communication design culture, arts and visual design research, to raise public awareness of the aesthetic of the artistic director of a non-profit web site design resources inside the very rich and unique

4. Site name: Vision China Web site address: http://www.chinavisual.com/
This is one of my favorite sites, and my first web page creation and web design to distinguish, that is, through reading many articles on this site was obtained, and there was a lot of knowledge to the main plane before she was a server Not very well, often the server is heavily loaded situation, but is now better.

5. Site Name: wanted to visit city Web site address: http://www.93you.com
The site allows you to have personality, mainly of music and design together, the above material designed to collect a lot of music, a number of very common material, are placed inside the Forum, there are many things you can not think and want to see their own bar!.


6. Site Name: 5D Multimedia Web site address: http://www.5dmedia.com/
5D is with reference to explore the meaning of the five aspects: sound, image, animation, multimedia, interactive, Internet Web development. The site is currently the largest multi-media technology site, to really understand the multimedia message is to go take a look.

7. Site Name: Design Alliance Web site address: http://www.szdesign.org/
I really like her work section, you can see a lot of people's creative work and appreciate other people's creativity at the same time, they would be receiving a lot of inspiration -------------------- -----------
8. Site Name: Web site address ignite inspiration: http://www.fwcn.com/
Here is the Firework's paradise, tutorials, plug-ins, resources, everything

2, Cool to enjoy class

1. Design of the road http://www.design63.com.cn
PS: Great collection of classification of industries is relatively complete! Cool by color classification, more features, update time!

2. I love the design http://52design.com
PS: well-known design of stations, can give Cool score!

3. 68DESIGN http://68design.net
PS: Update speed and access to browsing are good, while the other South Korea resources!

3, image processing class


1. Site Name: China PHOTOSHOP Alliance Web site address: http://www.photoshopcn.com/
Web design graphic processing software, PS is the absolute boss, China PHOTOSHOP Union is the oldest teaching PS

2. Site Name: Image Valley Web site address: http://pstxg.com/
Engaging in a good place for image processing, and her resources to download the section is very good

4, animation design classes

1. Site Name: FlashEmpire Web site address: http://www.flashempire.com/
I long ago made the first personal website that is modeled on the site to do, Oh, I remember that time is now the empire is not like this. Inside Flash tutorials are on the classic. And the Forum which is a master like clouds.


2. Site Name: Shan Ba Web site address: http://www.flash8.net/
The first time I know that this site is presented by computer enthusiasts, specifically what period of forgotten, I remember an entire layout to present the story of this site, so I came, and a look at the love, and feel that the information inside was so enriched, and the Empire hard to Gaoxia.

3. Site Name: Digital Power International Web site address: http://www.showgood.com/
The site has been do not need us to say, she launched Flash is great!

4. Site Name: flash League online Web site address: http://www.flashsun.com/
Excellent web site to Needless to say, I like her columns Arena

5, web material class

1. Site Name: Desktop city Web site address: http://www.deskcity.com/
------------------------------- Treasure trove of first-class image information

2. Site Name: material Boutique House Web site address: http://www.sucaiw.com/
Is also a web design material library, she and the city's main desktop is a partial-chuen, a partial fine!

6: Web Code Class
1. Site Name: Code China Web site address: http://www.codechina.net
A professional, full source-code download site. Simple and practical pages, a detailed classification of professional, rich and comprehensive source of resources, reasonable decent technology application, always revealing professional. No matter which side of the code, where almost all find it, but also in the source community, you can help release some information, to discuss a number of technical topics, so that you fully appreciate the interactive nature of the network.

2. Site name: days to download the new Web Source Web site address: http://www.21tx.com/src
The new network is an early days of personal websites will also provide source code to download the earlier a website. Categories in more detail: first by language (or technical) were divided into broad categories, each broad category, and then use the code is divided into subgroups so convenient to use.

3. Site Name: Boss Source download site address: http://www.boss8u8.com/scdown
WEB mainly provides background code download. Although the categories included in the limited richness of code smaller than the first two sites, but it is a very detailed classification, almost include all of the current site on the common code, if you are looking for some background WEB program code, this should be a good place.

7: web technology class

1. Site Name: goEway.com
Web site address: http://www.goeway.com
"Never understand the Internet, to the network master", which is goEway.com slogan. Of course, the slogan is a slogan, it is important from this point of the column to set a reasonable, human-oriented design, rich content, a large number of articles and practical point of view, they are pragmatic in doing so.

2. Site Name: HTML.CN
Web site address: http://www.htmlcn.com
Needless to say, from the sites and web site you will know that this is a what type of web site. However, there may be good not only HTML. There are web authoring software. CSS, javascript, and ASP, PHP, etc., can be produced from a web page to web programming are related to the. While its contents can not be said to be very rich, but very practical.

3. Site Name: Streaming Media China Technology Channel Web site address: http://www.liumeiti.com/technology
Streaming media refers to Internet / Intranet using streaming technology, a continuous time-base media (such as relsystem.MPEG, etc.). As the name suggests, streaming media, China is a "streaming media" as the theme of the site, in its technical channels, there are a large number of relevant articles. Who are engaged or interested in this technology, User, it is definitely a rare destination. In addition, any doubts and experience, you can go to "the flow's Forum" to discuss the

4. Site Name: Virtual Wuji Web site address: http://www.86vr.com
Virtual reality (abbreviated VR) technology, while there have been a few years, but has not been popular up. With the popularity of broadband, as well as its own unique charm, and will certainly be developed. All aspects of virtual reality can be found in this.
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