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As it is known, Microsoft officially doesn't support integration of DDK with Visual Studio (any version). So we can use the Visual Studio editor (or any other text editor) for developing the source codes of a driver, but for compiling we should use the DDK build utility. Of course it is not very convenient because we must always switch between editor and console window, but the worst thing is that the developer must spend a lot of time to find lines with errors in the editor.


There are several ways to compile Drivers with Visual Studio. Co. can most of them in the Find Mark Roddy nice article, Windows Driver Build Methods and Tools .

Mark offers some third party utilities. That's good, but I will show a more handy way (IMHO): how to configure and use Visual Studio for compiling drivers.

Have Fun

  1. Setup Visual Studio 2008.
  2. Setup DDK (WDK).
  3. Add to VS paths DDK include files, libs and bins.
  4. Create new empty "Win32 project" and add source file (ie HelloWorld.c).
  5. Configure project properties (All Configurations):
    1. C \ C + + - General - Debug Information Format = Program Database (/ Zi)
    2. C \ C + + - Preprocessor - Preprocessor Definitions = _X86_ [add also DBG for Debug config]
    3. C \ C + + - Code Generation - Enable C + + Exceptions = No
    4. C \ C + + - Code Generation - Basic Runtime Checks = Default
    5. C \ C + + - Code Generation - Buffer Security Check = No (/ GS -)
    6. C \ C + + - Advanced - Calling Convention = __stdcall (/ Gz)
    7. C \ C + + - Advanced - Compile As = Compile as C Code (/ TC) [if you are going to use plain C]
    8. Linker - General - Output File = $ (OutDir) \ $ (ProjectName). Sys
    9. Linker - General - Enable Incremental Linking = Default
    10. Linker - Input - Additional Dependencies = ntoskrnl.lib hal.lib $ (NOINHERIT) [add needed libs here eg ntoskrnl.lib hal.lib]
    11. Linker - Input - Ignore All Default Libraries = Yes (/ NODEFAULTLIB)
    12. Linker - Manifest File - Generate Manifest = No
    13. Linker - System - SubSystem = Native (/ SUBSYSTEM: NATIVE)
    14. Linker - System - Driver = Driver (/ DRIVER)
    15. Linker - Advanced - Entry Point = DriverEntry
    16. Linker - Advanced - Base Address = 0x10000
    17. Linker - Advanced - Randomized Base Address = Disable (/ DYNAMICBASE: NO)
    18. Linker - Advanced - Data Execution Prevention (DEP) = Disable (/ NXCOMPAT: NO)
  6. OK. Done. Now you can test it with simple code, eg:
  7. #include "ntddk.h"

    About the Author

    Andrey Sergienko

  8. From: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/winsdk/vs2008_and_drivers.aspx

To find a Chinese version of the:

1, is to let Visual Studio 2008 to compile the driver, follow these steps:

(1) Open VS2008, click Tools -> Options; in the options bar select the list of projects and solutions -> C + + directory; in the left displays the following items in the first select include files, and in the following New D: \ WinDDK \ 6001.18002 \ inc \ api and D: \ WinDDK \ 6001.18002 \ inc \ ddk two paths (Note: D: \, please replace your WDK installation directory); and then displayed the following projects Select Library files, add the following D: \ WinDDK \ 6001.18002 \ lib \ wxp \ i386 (Note: D: \, please replace your WDK installation directory).

(2) Next is the time to create projects to do. First create a project to build the project and click project - "(project name) attribute, click the Configuration Manager and Configuration Manager to create a new configuration called the Free (new copy from the Release configuration); after the property the right side of the page select Configuration Properties -> C / C + + -> Advanced, and calling convention to __stdcall (/ Gz); then to the right of choice in the property page configuration properties -> linker, in the output of conventional file to $ (OutDir) \ $ (ProjectName). sys, in the manifest file to enable the User Account Control (UAC) to No (this is the new VS2008 features increase) in optimized code generation will be time to change the link the default value will be random address read in high default value (this is also the additional features in VS2008), and finally the command line, type:

/ Base: "0x10000"
/ Entry: "DriverEntry"
/ Subsystem: native
/ Nologo
/ Stack: 0x400000, 0x1000
/ Incremental: no
/ Nodefaultlib

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