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From 2002 to use struts, to later JSF (04 started to pay attention, but the sun was the realization of a very unstable, many insects, so kick the tires a), and now with spring MVC, has recently started to pay attention to the wicket, java community web framework is really too much, but toss to toss to the workload / complexity has not changed ...struts / springMVC ... very much the same, the basic specification in servlet mapping configuration to do some, MVC of responsibility at work, you mind has been the MVC / request page / handle request / generation reponse this chart, along with AJAX javascipt / CSS / html, tell the truth to write an application from is not easy ... Sometimes I feel the hand had see the news with the B / S to build enterprise applications is really abnormal thing.

Enjoy the swing-type event-based way of building UI, it is natural, it has been looking for a similar program web layer, there JSF, I felt some beautifully shy, JSF defines a very good life cycle model, event-based programming approach, rich component ... but really is complicated, because the page refreshes or go, so you have to engage in the life cycle of JSF is to understand, that JSF gives the impression that vehicles Mercedes-Benz, but is still within the use of tractors parts, you engage in to understand the internal mechanism of the problems encountered where the oil spill is estimated that only up to analyze were dumbfounded. And last year the project useful for SEAM (WEB layer based on richfaces) build the system failed because the JSF when the performance of this big complicated life difficult ... According to my colleagues in charge of the project, said colleagues because server-side component size too small too many concurrent came up after the render is very slow, and jboss message to the message to go or not solve the problem, so finally gave up, the way to express the will rub AJAX framework to refresh the page really make people sick of the idea ...

The following start tossing GWT, this stuff looks quite good, with EXT-GWT, out of the box components really Ling Lang everywhere, I see the flow of saliva, really Gouxuan bad, but very much with the next two shortcomings obviously, not natural, in writing java code, you have to always remember the mind is to convert the code in the browser-side javascript implementation, so the object to access server-side cover layer shells was very awkward, so GWT only solve the problem of programming language (do not like to write java javascript can change). And build up and really want to vomit blood, and 5 minutes is starting small projects, large project is estimated to go back outside, walk around, they can live with, leading to the eventual failure of the browser to load the first time, is simply a life, 15s ran up ... have to wait if the page refresh 15s, finally gave up ...

I'm looking for web tier program, hoping to meet a few characteristics, namely, a component / event model, the second is less / better not to write javascript, c is the view of the building is the OO way, the third point I would explain Most web frameworks are based on this template in the view, such as JSP, JSF now with facelet, are similar, with slightly more local-based template to replace / delete function to complete the template content (text) level of reuse, The large-scale projects in some very terrible, I hope is a component-based view, it can be controlled based on OO by API, so can be very convenient reuse.

To sleep, to be continued ...

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