Using Ruby to call mssql (sqlserver) of ntext type unicode, etc.

When the number of library visits

DBI.connect(ODBC_NAME,ODBC_USER, ODBC_PWD) do |db|'set textsize 9999')  # If you do not have this causes error
  db.select_all("select * from

unicode -> utf8 or gb2312

require 'iconv'
require 'cgi'
class Iconv

  def Iconv.unicode2utf8(unicode_string)
    unicode_string.gsub(/\\u\w{4}/) do |s|
      str = s.sub(/\\u/, "").hex.to_s(2)
      if str.length < 8
        CGI.unescape(str.to_i(2).to_s(16).insert(0, "%"))
        arr = str.reverse.scan(/\w{0,6}/){|a| a != ""}.map{|b| b.reverse}
        # ["100", "111000", "000000"]
        hex = lambda do |s|
          (arr.first == s ? "1" * arr.length + "0" * (8 - arr.length - s.length) + s : "10" + s).to_i(2).to_s(16).insert(0, "%")

  def Iconv.unicode2gb2312(unicode_string)
    u8_text = Iconv.unicode2utf8(unicode_string)

unicode2utf8 from be

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