Using Ruby on Rails and Action Web Service to create Web Services

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Action Web Service module will be at Ruby on Rails implementation of Web services. Action Web Service will create the SOAP and XML-RPC Web Service Protocol server-side support. You can use the Declaration and the Action Web Service released the API. ......

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  • Ruby on Rails and to use Action Web Service to create Web Services 2009-05-25

    Action Web Service Module will be at Ruby on Rails implementation of Web services. Action Web Service will be the creation of SOAP and XML-RPC Web Services in support of server-side protocol. You can use the Declaration and the Action Web Service released

  • Ruby on Rails and J2EE: can they coexist? 2010-03-04

    Ruby on Rails is a relatively new Web application framework, built on the Ruby language on top. It was promoted as an alternative to existing enterprise frameworks, and its goal, in short, is for life, or at least Web development life easier. In this arti

  • 在Ruby on Rails中使用Rails Active Resource的教程 2015-03-04

    这篇文章主要介绍了在Ruby on Rails中使用Rails Active Resource的教程,本文来自于IBM官方网站技术文档,需要的朋友可以参考下 简介 当今的应用程序不仅需要和基于浏览器的客户端互操作,还需要和其他应用程序互操作。为实现互操作性,web 应用程序通常提供一个 web 服务 API。web 服务 API 通过一个网络(比如 Internet)提供对应用程序 的远程访问。直到最近,web 服务 API 还使用重型、复杂的基于 SOAP 的 web 服务集成,这种 web

  • MyEclipse Web Service under development 2010-06-16

    Development environment Sun Java 5 + Eclipse 3.2 + MyEclipse 5.0.0. Outline This article describes the use of MyEclipse Web Service to quickly develop and test a HelloWorld Web Service, including: 1. Introduces the basic concepts of MyEclipse Web Services

  • Created by Geronimo 2.2 Web Service Application security 2010-09-30

    Description: With more and more extensive Web Service applications, how to ensure safe access to services and transport, but also of growing concern of developers and users. The security of Web Service could be considered in two ways: access to security a

  • Web Service Technology Insider 2010-04-02

    1. Web Service description 1.1 Web Service in the end What is this? Look at the current application development, you will find an absolute trend: people started to prefer browser-based thin-client applications. This is certainly not because the thin clien

  • When not using the Web service 2010-05-23

    When should not use Web Service 1 pair of complete Web service description should also include when not to use Web service. After the previous description, we know that the Web service interoperability through the Web or remote call is the most usefu ...

  • Using JAX-WS Annotated Services from Java + JAXB release access to web service 2010-06-03

    CXF has a variety of data binding methods, such as: Aegis Databinding, JAXB, MTOM Attachments. Which JAXB (JavaTM Architecture for XML Binding) is the default data binding approach. JAXB is an example of automatic mapping XML and Java development interfac

  • Web Service Study Notes (3) 2010-08-03

    WebService Properties WebService properties (do not confuse it with the WebMethod) allow the Web Service to add additional information. Syntax: [WebService (PropertyName = value)], if there are multiple attributes, you can use a comma-separated. Here are

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