Unix Shell, and how to read the file line by line analysis

Read the file by line:

while read myline
  echo $myline
done < /etc/passwd

This procedure is to enter a file / etc / passwd one output.

If we only need to output it username and home directory, this time need to parse the file.
Each line is probably as follows, to: as a column separator, the first column is the user name, the sixth column is the home directory

ecrane:!:300801:1:Eric Crane =ecrane@us.ibm.com:/home/ecrane:/usr/bin/ksh

We only need to print the two columns on it:

while read myline
  echo $myline|cut -d: -f1,6
done < /etc/passwd

The procedure is simple,-d: is the development of a separator for the:,-f1, 6 was designated the first operation, the sixth column.

Of course, we still have a way to use the awk command:

while read myline
  echo $myline|awk -F: '{print $1,$6}'
done < /etc/passwd
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