UML sequence diagram fragment combination of brief

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ref: reference to other parts of the definition of a combination of fragments;
alt: behavior in a group selection based on the specific conditions of a certain interaction;
opt: that an optional behavior;
break: to provide a break and programming language classes to be the mechanism;
par: concurrent implementation of the interactive segments;
seq: forced to interact in a certain order execution;
strict: a clear definition of a set of fragments of the implementation of the order of interaction;
neg: used to mark the interaction should not be happening;
region: the first symbol in the combination of fragments of other interactive pieces by interaction;
ignore: a clear definition of the interaction should not respond to the message fragment;
consider: a clear sign that the message should be processed
assert: mark the events in the interactive fragment as the only legal to those operands;
loop: note the implementation of interactive segment will be repeated
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