Ubuntu Server install Gnome, VNC

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I'm using the Ubuntu Server 10.4
Gnome by installing the basic environment and VNCServer, to achieve remote access to graphical interface under windows server.

1. Install GNOME basic environment
$sudo apt-get install gnome-core

2. Installation VNCServer
$sudo apt-get install vnc4server

3. VNC password to set the current user

4. VNC configuration changes, so change the default start GNOME environment ~ / .vnc / xstartup file, add in the tail
gnome-session &
5. Startup vnc server
$ vncserver :1 

Configured by the server VNC SERVER, you can let other hosts use graphical login this server.
Configure vnc server on ubuntu is very simple, as follows:

1, first install the VNC server:
$ Sudo apt-get install vnc4-common vnc4server

2, set vnc to the current user Password:
$ Vncpasswd

3, modify the vnc default settings, so that X starts to run gnome as a desktop (if not set, vnc will use twm, you can try, I believe you will be very accustomed to):
$ Vncserver: 1
$ Vncserver-kill: 1
Note: The inside ": 1" display number, when customers log on the same display number was written to log (see the back of the client part).
Modify ~ / .vnc / xstartup documents: (red is to modify and increase what)
#! / Bin / sh

# Uncomment the following two lines for normal desktop:
# Exec / etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc

[-X / etc / vnc / xstartup] & & exec / etc / vnc / xstartup
[-R $ HOME / .Xresources] & & xrdb $ HOME / .Xresources
xsetroot-solid grey
vncconfig-iconic &
xterm-geometry 80x24 +10 +10-ls-title "$ VNCDESKTOP Desktop" &
# Twm &
gnome-session &

The above changes mean that the default program to start the twm gnome, if you want to use KDE as a desktop, and can be changed: startkde &

Then start again VNC SERVER:
$ Vncserver: 1

1, install VNC client:
$ Sudo apt-get install vnc4-common xvnc4viewer

2, and then you logged in through Terminal Server Client: Applications -> Internet -> Terminal Server Client; Computer is: Server IP: display #, for example:; protocol options: VNC.
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