[Transfer] recommend several Adobe Flex Builder 3 plug-ins (code formatting and fms server Communications (main.asc) prepared)

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I Reprinted from: http://www.cnblogs.com/aierong/archive/2009/02/11/1388277.html

Recommended several Adobe Flex Builder 3 plug-ins (code formatting and fms server Communications (main.asc) prepared)

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1.Fms plugins

FMS server side script writing, the most troublesome than the syntax of the AS1. Used to AS2, 3 after the environment prompted no code, write code that is indeed headache, the plugin can play.

Flash Media Server Eclipse Plugins: http://fczone.com/eclipse/

JAR Download: http://fczone.com/getFile?id=FMSProject_1.1.0.0.jar

Put it in your eclipse plugins folder, whether you are using the standalone version or a plug-in version of Flex, are in fact eclipse you, restart your eclipse, you will find in Perspective "Flash Media Server", is that it Rights

Look at a few pictures, the plug-in also supports the function of release asc file

[Transfer] recommend several Adobe Flex Builder 3 plug-ins (code formatting and fms server Communications (main.asc) prepared)

[Transfer] recommend several Adobe Flex Builder 3 plug-ins (code formatting and fms server Communications (main.asc) prepared)

[Transfer] recommend several Adobe Flex Builder 3 plug-ins (code formatting and fms server Communications (main.asc) prepared)

Use is very simple:

Window -> Preference: The Flash Media Server

You can set the tone of your work environment configuration

Debug Servers:

The default is your local server

Set up your user name and password, this Plugin will control your server load and unload procedures

Publish Settings:

Publish your project is the storage point out the matter, the local good position to change the Path, I remember {Application Name} Do not be their harmonized :-),{ Application Name} variable names based on their release

If it is posted to the remote server, currently only supports FTP publishing, set FTP settings with the average no different.

Switch to the Flash Media Server Perspective

Navigator panel, right-New -> Serverside Application

Set the project name, platform version and storage points to OK La

Next is to set the Debug mode and Publish mode, this will follow the above settings in the Preference-related, it's RobustDebug default or added to it

For Debug Instance should not be freely modified, this will affect the success of debug, the default Flash Media Server Enabling a Application (in the Applications folder under any folder will become a separate Application), Application created by default _definst_ records related to including the well documented SharedObject's fso flv and the like, unless you change the configuration of the Flash Media Server xml, so if there is no corresponding change on the use of default on it.

The other did not have anything to create a good project, there is the Application main.asc entry file, it will RobustDebug.asc import, as the comments indicate, you do not need to get rid of it :-)

Free play after it, a look of the video recording function would be better points: http://fczone.com/eclipse/demo/debugDemo/index.html

The last cool feature is the support for import Actionscript2 Class

Flash Media Server right for your project, import ..., the Flash Media Server node has the option to import actionscript2 class, and then to choose your as2 file, in fact, to the class with the as1 as2 way to write, there is a as2 class questions that you must pay attention to the encoding of files, or import may be garbled drops

Finally, under Description: The above is a lot of things to see on a translation of the document, written estimates and ultimately, the wrong place, if there are mistakes, you reminded me, we more concerned about the author's blog for it http:/ / fczone.com

2. Code formatting

If you are still the official Flex Builder can not format the code of effective layout and headaches, you can try this plugin

Project Address: http://sourceforge.net/projects/flexformatter/


1. The jar or bag on the FB the plugins folder in eclipse
2. Restart E or FB, if necessary, reboot using the-clean parameter
3. Toolbars 2 new icons appear, for a program selected, the icon points to formatted.

Picture is as follows:

[Transfer] recommend several Adobe Flex Builder 3 plug-ins (code formatting and fms server Communications (main.asc) prepared)
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