tomcat6.x the data source configuration with tomcat5.x

<? Xml version = '1 .0 'encoding =' utf-8 '?>
<Context DisplayName="Sports Book Ver 2" docBase="d:/Project/SB2/web/WebRoot" path="/sb2" workDir="work\Catalina\localhost\sb2">
<! - <Resource Name="SB2DB" type="javax.sql.DataSource"/>
<ResourceParams Name="SB2DB">
<name> url </ name>
<value> jdbc: oracle: thin: @ wormtest </ value>
</ Parameter>
<name> username </ name>
<value> sb2 </ value>
</ Parameter>
<name> password </ name>
<value> test123 </ value>
</ Parameter>
<name> maxActive </ name>
<value> 10 </ value>
</ Parameter>
<name> maxWait </ name>
<value> 20 </ value>
</ Parameter>
<name> driverClassName </ name>
<value> oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver </ value>
</ Parameter>
<name> maxIdle </ name>
<value> 4 </ value>
</ Parameter>
</ ResourceParams> ->
name = "SB2DB"
type = "javax.sql.DataSource"
password = "test123"
driverClassName = "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"
maxIdle = "4"
maxWait = "20"
username = "sb2"
url = "jdbc: oracle: thin: @ wormtest"
maxActive = "10" />

</ Context>

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