Tomcat web.xml file in the details

Tomcat web.xml file in the details
<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "GB2312"?> <! -
Web.xml be meeting the following elements in order:
<display-name> </ display-name> defines the name of WEB applications
<description> </ description> Statement WEB application descriptions
<filter> </ filter>
<filter-mapping> </ filter-mapping>
<servlet> </ servlet>
<servlet-mapping> </ servlet-mapping>
<session-config> </ session-config>
<welcome-file-list> </ welcome-file-list>
<taglib> </ taglib>
<resource-ref> </ resource-ref>
<security-constraint> </ security-constraint>
<login-config> </ login-config>
</ Web-app>
Elements defined in web.xml can not reverse the order, or Tomcat server may throw SAXParseException.
<! DOCTYPE web-app PUBLIC "- / / Sun Microsystems, Inc. / / DTD Web Application 2.3 / / EN" "">

<display-name> Sample Application </ display-name>

This is a Sample Application
</ Description>

<! -
Servlet filters Configuring filter
filter filter-name defines the name. When there are multiple filters, you can not with the same name
filter-class designated to achieve this filter class that is responsible for specific filtering services
<filter-name> SampleFilter </ filter-name>
<filter-class> mypack.SampleFilter </ filter-class>
</ Filter>

<! -
filter filter-mapping configuration for URL filtering
filter filter-name name. The name here must be and filter in the filter names match
url-pattern filter for filtering the specified URL
<filter-name> SampleFilter </ filter-name>
<url-pattern> *. jsp </ url-pattern>
</ Filter-mapping>

<! -
servlet configuration Servlet.
Servlet servlet-name defines the name of
servlet-class specifies the class to achieve this servlet
Servlet init-param defines the initialization parameters and parameter values, can have more than one init-param. In the servlet class through getInitParamenter (String name) method to access initialization parameters
load-on-startup specified when the Web application starts, Servlet load order.
When the value is positive or zero: Servlet container load values smaller first servlet, and then in turn load other numerical big servlet.
When the value is negative or undefined: Servlet container will first visit the Web client when it is loaded servlet
<servlet-name> SampleServlet </ servlet-name>
<servlet-class> mypack.SampleServlet </ servlet-class>
<param-name> initParam1 </ param-name>
<param-value> 2 </ param-value>
</ Init-param>
<load-on-startup> 1 </ load-on-startup>
</ Servlet>

<! -
Configure servlet mapping (following code SampleServlet specified relative URL for the "/ sample":
servlet servlet-name specifies the name, where name should be defined and <Servlet> element name matching.
url-pattern specified to access this servlet's URL. Just give a relative path.
<servlet-name> SampleServlet </ servlet-name>
<url-pattern> / sample </ url-pattern>
</ Servlet-mapping>

<! - Configuration session session used to set the HttpSession of the life cycle. Unit (sub) ->
<session-timeout> 30 </ session-timeout>
</ Session-config>

<! - Configuration Wel0come0 file list ->
<welcome-file> login.jsp </ welcome-file>
<welcome-file> index.htm </ welcome-file>
</ Welcome-file-list>

<! -
Configuration Tag Library
Set Tag Library taglib-uri unique identifier, in the Web application will be the basis of this identifier to reference Tag Library
taglib-location specified and the corresponding TLD files Tag Library location
<taglib-uri> / mytaglib </ taglib-uri>
<taglib-location> / WEB-INF/mytaglib.tld </ taglib-location>
</ Taglib>

<! -
Allocation of resources referenced
description of the resources cited in note
res-ref-name specifies the JNDI name reference resources
res-type referenced by the specified resource class name
res-auth designated reference resource management Manager, it has two optional values:
Container: the container to create and manage resource
Application: Application with WEB to create and manage Resource
<description> DB Connection </ description>
<res-ref-name> jdbc / sampleDB </ res-ref-name>
<res-type> javax.sql.DataSource </ res-type>
<res-auth> Container </ res-auth>
</ Resource-ref>

<! -
Configuring security constraints (the following code to specify the application when the user access to the WEB all the resources under, must have guest role)
web-resource-collection statement protected WEB resources
auth-constraint statement can access the protected resources, the role of sub-elements can contain multiple <role-name>

web-resource-name identity protected WEB resources
url-pattern specified by the URL path protection
<web-resource-name> sample appliction </ web-resource-name>
<url-pattern> / * </ url-pattern>
</ Web-resource-collection>
<role-name> guest </ role-name>
</ Auth-constraint>
</ Security-constraint>

<! -
Configure security authentication login screen: Specifies when the WEB WEB client access a protected resource, the system logon dialog box that pops up type.
auth-method specified authentication method, which has three optional values: BASIC (basic authentication), DIGEST (digest authentication), FORM (Forms Authentication)
realm-name set the security domain name
form-login-config when the authentication method is FORM, the configuration verification page and error page
form-login-page when the authentication method is FORM, set the authentication page
form-error-page when the authentication method is FORM, set the error page
<auth-method> FORM </ auth-method>
Tomcat Server Configuration form-Based Authentication Area
</ Realm-name>
<form-login-page> / login.jsp </ form-login-page>
<form-error-page> / error.jsp </ form-error-page>
</ Form-login-config>
</ Login-config>

<! - Configure role references to security verification ->
The role that is required to log into the sample application
</ Description>
<role-name> guest </ role-name>
</ Security-role>
</ Web-app>

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