to read properties file android

java properties frequently used files, and then by using the Properties class to parse, and is not state the benefits of using the properties file, mainly on how to use properties file in the android!

Method One: because in the end flow of documents through the properties file to be read, so naturally, we think of assets to file into the folder or folder in the raw.

For example, here we have a file ->, if put into the assets folder, you can open the following

Properties pro = new Properties ();

InputStream is = context.getAssets (). Open ("");

pro.load (is);

If put to the raw folder, you can open the following

InputStream is = context.getResources (). OpenRawResource (R.raw.test);

However, sometimes we do not want to get android context (context), but as the standard method of loading java properties file, then how do we use it? See Method Two:

Method Two: There is no context to load! [Recommend Us]

Properties pro = new Properties ();

pro.load (FileLoad.class.getResourceAsStream (""));

Which, FileLoad loading method is the class where the class name. the path stored in the same package with

However, in android, when we generate apk package, it will put apk to a real phone, you will not find file, do not be surprised, android in the resource file is only stored in the assets or res subdirectories inside the package in the resource file is compiled, will be lost! It is not our second method would not be able to use it? Of course not, after the experiments showed that the file into the assets folder, fill in the incoming path of the file inside the absolute path, or can refer to the file.

Code: pro.load (FileLoad.class.getResourceAsStream ("/ assets /"));

Note: The path to the root of the project which is "/"

This way, you can successfully use your Properties files! o (∩ ∩) o. .. haha

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