Think of all taught in our university we get at the gap ah

Yesterday discovered a new concept, called OAuth, OpenSSO in support of this thing is like something Google is providing the API, the original source OpenSSO there this directory, see, not too concerned about turned out to be a protocol name, a typical scenario where a user visits a Web site to another Web site data, such as import gmail contacts to the 163 mailbox. Found that this concept is that last night saw a video on youtube, is a university undergraduate in Taiwan where mentioned, the course is about Google AppEngine and Web 2.0 security, which referred to the SSO, OAuth, OpenID, etc. These things, then think again about our universities. . . Gap Yeah!

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    gdata 网站 : gdata是google提供的获取其数据的api,analytics, calender, contacts, webmastertools, youtube等等。 授权协议: Apache 开发语言: Java C/C++ PHP Python .NET JavaScript 操作系统: 跨平台

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    Recently there has been found using google api 403 error, this is a certification error. Check online and found a google api to do some adjustments to increase the number of authentication-related parameters curl-d accountType = GOOGLE-d Email = xxx@

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    // import; import; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { // Set the HTTP referrer to your webs

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    pyGoogle 网站 : pyGoogle 是 Python 对 Google API 的封装。 示例代码: >>> import google >>> google.setLicense('...') # must get your own key! >>> data = google.doGoogleSearch('python') >>> data.m

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