The use of Middlegen-Hibernate-r5 error mapping file

Loom as a result of their reverse engineering MyEclispe on the database table to the hibernate mapping file can not be used. Therefore, use an external tool Middlegen-Hibernate-r5 to carry out the conversion. At the same time, hibernate-extensions-2.1.3 of this tool will be transformed into VO mapping file documents, namely, the value of the object. But hibernate-extensions-2.1.3 only supports hibernate2.0, this time at school to know, but his machine off the network on a map error report. Suspected to be a problem to configure the network I have, it is true, Tomcat to start correctly. Online to find a pile of Could not parse mapping document from input stream, not to resolve. Later, a number of methods online to find that a DTD to verify that it is a problem the first spring, but still can not solve. find this error, there is a mapping error posted that have reported this error. The results to see only discovered Middlegen-Hibernate-r5 to a time when the document is converted into 2.0, that is, the first document contains the following:

<!DOCTYPE hibernate-mapping PUBLIC
    "-//Hibernate/Hibernate Mapping DTD 2.0//EN"
    "" >

In this way, I did not have any network machine, DTD validation error will be (I use hibernate3.0, of course, can not verify). 2.0 into 3.0, problem-solving.

Khan. Record.

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