The first day, wpf of hello world (3)

In Visual Studio 2008

Open Visual Studio 2008 Select "File", "New", "Project ..." is the right choice. "WPF Application".

Select a folder to write the name. You can point "OK" a

The first day, wpf of hello world (3)

Was created. By default, the right you can see a number of files generated, used vistual studio to create projects, will automatically create better documents and they are app.xaml, app.xaml.cs, windows1.xaml, windows1.xaml.cs

Click windows1.xaml the left is the design. We are in the toolbox drag controls come in two to achieve our first wpf hello world.

The first day, wpf of hello world (3)

At this time we will be in the right click button on the properties window. See the properties, events, etc.

Note: If you are installing the vistual studio 2008 and do not see a small icon attribute the incident, saying there is a patch you want to make about sp1.

I am just looking for a long time is that Bahrain is not the two small icons. Mad at me.

The first day, wpf of hello world (3)

In the incident. Find a click event. Write a response to click event of the function name will automatically jump to the appropriate code for carriage return.

private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    textBox1.Text = "Hello WPF!";

Add a line of code on it

Press f5 to run. Will pop up you write the first application of the wpf.

The first day, wpf of hello world (3)

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