The first day, wpf need to know (2)

wpf is Microsoft's next generation of rich user interface design framework, included in the. net framework 3.0 and above versions. wpf contains the user interface, 2d, 3d, and multimedia in the same framework. It is based on the performance of vector graphics engines and can use hardware acceleration. This design makes the interface more quickly and solve the resolution of the display problems. The following chart will see the wpf new features, or in English, free painting a Chinese.

The first day, wpf need to know (2)

The separation performance and code

wpf performance and code will be open points, interfaces with the xaml, code control using c #. or vb used these two data binding (databinding), events (events) and commands (commands) together. code separation will take to the following benefits, in fact, this concept has long separated the code. Not wpf original.

  • Appearance and behaviour are loosely coupled (do not know how to explain the low coupling?)
  • Designers and developers can work on separate models. (Designers and code writers can separate the good cooperation)
  • Graphical design tools can work on simple XML documents instead of parsing code. (Graphic design work can be used instead of xml parsing code)

In fact, a better division of labor is for everyone to meet. All for all things.

Richer mix

In control in wpf is very easy to mix, you can almost define a control as any other control of the content. This of course sounds too scary for the designer's

But as long as you use it, but very appropriate land. Button becomes the picture into the image button, the video list into the multi-line text box can be changed since the video file. Let your imagination play. Changed because of you (like advertising)

The following code reproduces this I can not translate.

    <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
        <Image Source="speaker.png" Stretch="Uniform"/>
        <TextBlock Text="Play Sound" />

The first day, wpf need to know (2)

Translation can not explain the definition of a button, and placed inside a StackPanel container, stackpanel is to control emissions by horizontal or vertical container in this container into a picture control, a text control.


Because the separation of code you can more easily change a control, style to use as html in the css as easy, templates can also change the controls. Here is a standard and a custom button wpfbutton

The first day, wpf need to know (2)

Resolution independent

In wpf is vector-based rather than pixel, wpf are described with vectors.

The first day, wpf need to know (2)

That would not be blocks of pixels to enlarge.

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