The company first entered the company I would like to Optimize SQL project

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I was a time not long into the company of people, but also a person to be graduated, but immediately entered the project team, involved in the development.

The project is to make a China Telecom Operation System, is a big system. My so-called development, is again patchy, in the repair process I discovered that many features of this project, code rate, so very complicated. Recent customer response system is always very slow, after my tests found that the system is really very slow, if the workers are single query, or workers are single statistics, select the date, if large span, the query time was required to reach 10 minutes as long as customers are unable to tolerate the Can not Wait for all time. Later, as I have looked carefully and constantly to ask people came to the conclusion that a preliminary conclusion is that the efficiency of Writing sql statement is not high, there may be necessary to optimize oracle database.

As a novice, I now have an impulse to want to optimize the whole system sql statement, to improve efficiency. But now my technology is limited, I hope that you recommend some information so that I can study study, and have the ability to achieve after this my mind.

Thank you everyone.
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