The apiKey process for Android MapView

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1. First of all to get your debug keystore location:
Open the Eclipse ---> Windows ---> Preferences ---> Android ---> Build
View the default debug keystore location, such as: C: \ Documents and Settings \ (your computer name) \. Android \ debug.keystore

2. In the cmd to execute: (can first locate the jdk's bin directory)
keytool-list-alias androiddebugkey - keystore "C: \ Documents and Settings \ MYNAME \. android \ debug.keystore"-storepass android-keypass android
Double quotes in for your keystore location, (must have double quotation marks), otherwise will throw an error.
If you are prompted not find keytool, need to jdk in the bin directory to environment variable in the implementation of the results:
androiddebugkey, 2009-10-04, PrivateKeyEntry,
Fingerprint Authentication <MD5>: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX .............
Here XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX ............. is your fingerprint authentication

3. Open
Fill in your fingerprint authentication (MD5) can be obtained apiKey, and results showed the following:
Thank you for your registration Android Maps API key!
Your key is:
When I open IE is garbled, do not know if their computer problems. Then switch to the chrome on the normal show.

4. The use of get apiKey:
In the layout by adding MapView
Gao Ding ~
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