The 25 most dangerous programming errors

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1. Cross-site scripting attacks (4)

2. SQL Injection (3)

3. Classic buffer overflow (1)

4. Cross-site request forgery (7)

5. Is not the correct access control (authorization)

6. In security decision-making rely on untrusted input

7. Is not properly limited to the path name of the path-constrained

8. Upload dangerous types of files are not restricted

9. Operating system commands in the handling of special factors, is not correct (the operating system command injection) (5)

10. Unencrypted sensitive information (6)

11. The use of hard-coded credentials (21)

12. In the length of the value of an incorrect access to the buffer

13. PHP program, Include / Require file name control statement is incorrect (PHP file intrusion)

14. Array subscript is not properly verified

15. Abnormal condition check is incorrect

16. Error Message disclosure of information (9)

17. Integer Overflow

18. Buffer size calculation error

19. The key function of the lack of authentication

20. Download without the integrity check code (15)

21. For the error distribution of competencies critical resources (22)

22. There is no limit resource allocation

23. URL re-directed to the letter from the resources of

24. Use the risk of being cracked or encryption algorithm (20)

25. There is competition (Race condition) (8)

Which added a number in parentheses is last year's ranking of the wrong. Clearly, the error for two consecutive years are selected, do not make again.

In addition, we compared last year's top 25 list of this year's exam and the error is as follows, I believe that these errors are still considerable risks.

2. Is not the correct code or escape output

10. Limited buffer operation failed

11. External control of important state data

12. External control file name or path

13. Untrusted search path

14. Control the code generation error (code injection)

15. Wrong to close or release resources

17. Is not initialized correctly

18. Error Calculation

19. Permeable protective

23. Random errors in the value of the use of

24. Abuse of privileged operating

25. Client-side implementation of the server-side security
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