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I have been convinced that only a perfect team, there is no perfect person!

First of all, that is teamwork. Any team can achieve impressive results, without exception, is a team spirit. In recent years, sales career, I feel a deep sense of lack of teams of people, personal ability, you can only do a good salesman. Just from the sale of positions into management positions, in my view, to build a team, we should implement "democracy plus focus on" ways of working: team everyone can speak their minds, express their views to fully develop their wisdom; but at the same time must be based on team interest, does not allow conflicts, not allowed to engage in individual heroism, which requires managers to be in the management of incentives and penalties, rewards and punishments, so that management is indeed an art. In the team's management, if only to rely on rules and regulations, or Gaode everyone Harmony, there is no principle, this is not feasible. This need to fully understand and master the management of this team, each person's personality, abilities, preferences, etc. characteristics, in order to take appropriate way to communicate so that they can truly recognize the importance of collective team, really in ideologically build team spirit, the implementation of a unified team values.

Secondly, that is, management by objectives. As managers, we must first have a clear goal, a long-term, medium-term and short-term. With a clear objective, and then is to work out practical plans Jier communicated to everyone in the team, with direction and plans, work together in order to carry out an orderly manner. We do have a work plan, so as not to blind or loss of direction. Even plan ultimately failed to achieve, but have a plan, in order to sum up why he could not achieve in order to find deficiencies in their own work, analysis of specific reasons, summed up valuable work experience to be strengthened and improved in the future.

Thirdly, is about the team personnel configurations. A sales team, if everyone is marketing genius, have disdained to buckle down to action a number of sales is necessary to do the basic work and not hard work, hard work and learning, then this sales team is doomed to fail. Also, if a sales team are all hard only know the "honest people", without thinking, lack of innovation, a lack of passion, no doubt, this team certainly Ganbu Hao work. Therefore, the rational allocation of staff for a team fighting a crucial role. Some people use at this location is a piece of scrap metal, but used in another post is a good steel. In this case, we must match each other, reasonable configuration. So as a manager, we must first be carefully and teams to communicate to everyone, and truly understand everyone in the team, so can they "make the best use."

The last is the personnel management, how to maximize the capacity of each individual. Some people would say is the best way to material incentives, as an old Chinese saying: "The rich reward there must Isao under." Economy and society, the material rewards will undoubtedly have a great stimulating effect, but it must not be used as the only incentives. In addition to economic demand, people will have self-esteem needs and self-realization. Therefore, enterprises in the development to a certain degree the need to establish their own corporate culture, team-building need to establish the members of the feeling of belonging and sense of honor, so that the team will retain talent, will have the combat.

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