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Twitter architecture (from hideto)

Twitter is by far the largest Ruby on Rails application, click on the page a few months increased from 0 to several million, is now on Twitter faster than the 10,000% year on Platform Ruby on Rails Erlang MySQL Mongrel Munin Nagios Google Analytics A

Separate mysql server connection slow solution

mysql and web server separately, and feel very slow to open the page. In the test server did not have this problem, separated only to be faster, but rather more slowly. Remember to turn over such problems, a long time, forgotten. Old, bad memory. Hah

SSL / TLS / WTLS principle

An Introduction First, to clarify confusion about the name: 1 SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is designed mainly for netscape web-safe transport protocol. This agreement was obtained on the WEB Wide range of applications. 2 IETF (www.ietf.org) made the SSL

Session is stored in the form of memory

The Tomcat is on org.apache.catalina.session.ManagerBase Session class to store the format HashMap, key for the sessionId, value for the org.apache.catalina.Session interface, this interface consists org.apache.catalina.session. StandardSession class

windows 2008 R2 + fastcgi + php5.3.8 memo installation configuration

Recently required a windows 2008 server r2 installed on the machine to deploy iis + php environment. Before basically configured as IIS + php running environment, this side of the check information while learning, hereby record. First, install iis Th

java.net.BindException: Address already in use: connect problem

Turn: http://hi.baidu.com/w_ge/blog/item/105877c6a361df1b9c163d21.html The reason is probably a lot of short new socket operations, and socket.close () operation does not immediately release the bound port, but the port is set to TIME_WAIT state, ove

Browser to support a variety of ways to create XMLHttpRequest object

/* Create a new XMLHttpRequest object to talk to the Web server */ var xmlHttp = false; /*@cc_on @*/ /*@if (@_jscript_version >= 5) try { xmlHttp = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP"); } catch (e) { try { xmlHttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XML

TCP to TCP data forwarding

Purpose of our department, including the network has a Web server A, for document information management department, can branch employees, or employees who travel, can not directly access the machine. So had to carry the mail to complete the document

Chinese garbled form get submitted

Premise: jsp is set to utf-8, struts2 configured for utf-8. A garbled question encountered today, form the form post submission Chinese without any problems, get to the server is indeed garbled. Understanding of the Internet, this should be a lot of

In the apache configuration, UseCanonicalName Off mean ah?

UseCanonicalName On Open the Web server UseCanonicalName is standard practice, because most of the requests sent by the client is a reference to this server so the server can use the ServerName and Port options to set the content to build the complet

PermGen memory problems (reprint)

1, PermGen space profile PermGen space full name is the Permanent Generation space, refers to the memory of the permanent preservation areas OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space benefits from a surface that is out of memory, the solution must also be incr

Detailed tutorial IIS binding domain (Figure)

A, IIS add Go to "Control Panel", followed by select "Add / Remove Programs → Add / Remove Windows Components", the "Internet Information Services (IIS)" in front of a small hook to remove (if any), re-check the prompt a

XFree86.X11.X-window. Window manager. GNOME.KDE relationship???

XFree86, X11, X-window, window manager, GNOME, KDE relationship? ? ? 2010-08-27 22:29 A, XFree86, X11 What is the relationship? ? ? Two, X-window, window manager, GNOME, KDE What is the relationship? ? ? Three, X-window and XFree86, X11 is link? ? ?

UBUNTU character set change

Today the project before porting to linux on, I installed ubuntu, web server is tomcat, find the template with freemark all garbage generated static pages, and the windows are all normal, guess linux character set may be the problem, Check with the u

Used to optimize and configure Tomcat 5

1, JDK memory optimization: Tomcat's default memory can be used for the 128MB, Windows, in file {tomcat_home} / bin / catalina.bat, Unix, in the file {tomcat_home} / bin / catalina.sh front, add the following settings: JAVA_OPTS = '-Xms [init

Three implementations PHP pseudo-static method of the page

PHP pseudo-static formulation - one Pseudo-static, also known as: URL rewriting Mainly for SEO and students. (SEO What? Do not ask me this. Oh - do not know SEO it ~~~~) network Method One: For example this page http://www.2cto.com / soft.php / 1,100,8630

PW for the maven build

PW for the maven build 1, there are many tools to build maven PW, such as artifactory, Nexus, etc., we nexus as an example, to build maven PW 2, download nexus, http://nexus.sonatype.org/download-nexus.html, there are two to choose war and zip, need to be

HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 1.0 Comparison of [switched Zhang Xiaoxiang teacher blog]

HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 1.0 Transfer of comparison [blog] Zhang Xiaoxiang teacher A WEB site may be received every day millions of user requests, in order to improve the efficiency of the system, HTTP 1.0 browser and the server provides only short-term to maint

Mercurial-server installation

Mercurial is a distributed version control tool. Itself provides a web server, but there is no access control function. Mercurial-server can make up for this deficiency, it is controlled by different versions of ssh access to the library. Note that M

tomcat source learning - Bomber core (a)

Introduction: catalina following core package, contains a lot of us usually has been used to things, do not know the principle has been used before, only know j2EE api stuff inside the tomcat, the program was written so long, been wondering how to do

Jetty's Continuation Mechanism

<Transfer http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/web/wa-lo-jetty/ > Description: Jetty is a Java implementation, open source, standards-based and feature-rich Http server and Web container, free for commercial activity. Jetty This project was est

Threads, processes and procedures simple comparison

Threads, processes and procedures simple comparison I am the thread, the process has been rather vague concept, recently finishing a bit. To sum up is that the thread is part of the process, the process is part of the process. The introduction of the

Web application using JMeter to do the pressure test

Reference Note: the original from http://www.cnblogs.com/super119/archive/2011/01/13/1935017.html , for the convenience of my reading, the text format is slightly adjusted. And HttpUnit different, JMeter is doing stress testing, and JMeter can not on

sendfile principle, to achieve improved file transfer performance

In apache, nginx, lighttpd web server, etc. which have a sendfile related configuration, has some online information about sendfile will increase file transfer performance, it sendfile in the end what is it? Its principle is to it? Inside the traditi

[Transfer] mysql Host is blocked error error solution

H ost is blocked because of many connection errors Just found the company to access a Web server when prompted: Error Description: Host '*' is blocked because of many connection errors. Unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts' First time

[Transfer] JSP Chinese garbled

Original Address: http://www.cnblogs.com/jiangqi0201/archive/2011/05/10/2042410.html js p Chinese garbled solution A, JSP pages display garbled Second, when the Chinese garbled form submission Third, the database connection Everyone in the JSP development

session in memory is stored in what form?

Tomcat's Session is on org.apache.catalina.session.ManagerBase class, HashMap stored in the format, key for the sessionId, value for the org.apache.catalina.Session interface Class implements this interface by the org.apache.catalina.session.StandardS

Browser HTTP status code number appears (HTTP Status Code) means

Some common status codes are: 200 - Web server successfully returned 404 - the requested page does not exist 503 - Service Unavailable detailed breakdown: 1xx (Provisional response) Indicate a provisional response and require the requestor to continue the

configure tomcat https

Such as title, busy in recent days in this matter. Party like nothing good no way. Personally feel that the general system has no much need to use https with http enough! Configure https on tomcat which a lot of information, but some are too complex,

Apache HTTP Server and Tomcat introduction of three connections (transfer)

First, let us first explain why the connection between Apache and Tomcat. In fact Tomcat itself provides HTTP services, the service default port is 8080, after installed tomcat 8080 port can be used directly by the applications running Tomcat, you ca

httpclient reproduced

HttpClient organize learning HttpClient is something I recently wanted to study, previously thought of some of the applications did not have a good implementation, the open-source project that looks a little bit after, headache cookie problem or a solutio

About Cookie Cookie and JSP processing methods (transfer)

I. What are cookies? We all know that between the browser and the WEB server is using the HTTP protocol to communicate, when a user makes a page request, WEB server simply responds, and then close the connection with the user. So when a request is se

Request's getParameter () and getAttribute () method of difference

1, request.getParameter () method to pass the data transmitted from the Web client Web server, the HTTP request data. request.getParameter () method returns the data type String. - Request.getParameter () obtained through the implementation of the co

Bamboo design of the test framework

Let me talk about the testing framework of Tir results of research: Telescope as a test framework using basic tools; Mongrel2 as a web server to ensure that an absolutely no problem, therefore, no longer from the browser to mongrel2 to test the conne

file-max ulimit relations and differences with

Typically, a large number of static files provide access to web server, cache server (eg squid), have to pay attention to this problem Online tutorial, just a brief description about how to set ulimit and file-max, but does not make clear the differe

In the ubuntu install Apache 2 Web server

This document describes how to install Apache ubuntu operating system approach. In the ubuntu install Apache 2 Web server graphic tutorials http://www.ossez.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=13117&fromuid=426

Jetty web server deployment on Linux

1 first jetty server to modify the etc directory in the file jetty.xml <Call Name="addConnector"> <Arg> <New> <Set Name="host"> <SystemProperty name="jetty.host" /> </ Set> <Set Nam

centos 5.0 compiled and installed apache 2.2.6 + php5.2.5 + mysql5.0.46 + Zend notes

V2.0 2007 Year in October 8-day operation system update to centos 5.0 apache updated to version 2.2.6, php 5.2.5 update to increase the integration Suhosin patch, mysql updated to 5.0.46, Zend Optimizer 3.3.0 update. Solve some of the problems under the n

Oracle Pack Detailed description

Oracle Package with what effect? Simplify application design, application performance, achieve information hiding, the subroutine overloading. Here is some code Package. create or replace Package FirstPage is - Author: MECON - Created: 2006-7-20 09:3

MySQL to create a new user / delete user

1.mysql create new users and set access command Work used in web server and mysql server is not installed on the same computer use. Accounts through a remote mysql access mysql. First on the syntax: grant [permission] on [database name]. [table ordered] t

oracle occupation 8080

View the current status of monitoring http service port 8080 occupied, ftp service port occupied by 2100. Under normal circumstances would be to use Tomcat web server port 8080, when the oracle listener starts, will give an error when using Tomcat. Oracle

The concept of the SQL Server instance Instance

(1) instances in principle is a logical division of the database. Can be understood, install the SQL Server server components, is to create a new instance of SQL Server (of course, may increase or decrease in the original instance of service components).

MySQL optimization and architecture

Common MySQL running, and traffic data is not the case, is fast enough, but when the amount of data and traffic surge, when it will be obvious that MySQL very slow, even down off, then we must consider optimizing our MySQL has. Optimization is nothing mor

notes 31 conf file to configure mysql

/ Etc / my.cnf file from the following: If your memory ≤ 64M, then copy / usr / local / share / mysql / my-small.cnf to / etc / my.cnf # This is for a system with little memory (<= 64M) where MySQL is only used # From time to time and it's imp

Install mysql, save the hive metastore

1 download mysql http://dev.mysql.com/get/Downloads/MySQL-5.1/mysql-5.1.55.tar.gz/from/http://mysql.ntu.edu.tw/ 2 extract tar -zxvf mysql-5.1.55.tar.gz 3 Installation ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql --localstatedir=/data/mysql/data --without-de

IDEA 9.0.2 integrated Tomcat development

IDEA 9.0.2 integrated Tomcat development IDEA 9.0.2 is the latest version of IDEA, IDEA9 most prominent feature is to improve the startup speed, in my opinion and 8.x versions of essentially the same, but IDEA9 when creating an index into the backgro

Trac Installation under Linux

1 Download Trac-0.12.1.tar.gz From http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/TracDownload download, extract: $ Tar xzvf Trac-0.12.1.tar.gz See INSTALL file: * 1) Python, version> = 2.4. (Python> = 2.4, following the Python2.7 example, Python3 seems to have

cruisecontrol configuration

How to cruisecontorl installed on your computer to create a dedicated recommend cruisecontorl user account in linux computer, can create a new user as follows: useradd cruisecontorl su - cruisecontorl From cruisecontorl website (http://cruisecontorl.

mysql5.5.8 installation problems

MySql5.5.8 today to install the tutorial demo MySql5.5.8 version (which is also currently the official website released the latest version) of the installation process environment: Toshiba L332 laptop Win7 system installation files: mysql-5.5.8-win32

Synchronization program using SVN hook Notes

SVN hook synchronization program using Notes (rpm) Originally posted: http://www.ohlinux.com/?p=322 Introduction: In fact, real-time synchronization using SVN to the WEB server immediately revealed by the article has been everywhere, but when I do st
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