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sybase stored procedures in the use of the basic variables

@ @ Rowcount: This variable records the number of records affected by the last operation, including insert, you can determine if it is not> 0 @ @ Error, @ @ sqlstatus Using an insert statement in a stored procedure executed successfully implement

MySQL database server core arguments detailed and recommended configuration

Sample text: transaction-isolation and binlog-format u transaction-isolation For setting the value: READ-UNCOMMITTED, READ-COMMITTED, REPEATABLE-READ, SERIALIZABLE, the default value: REPEATABLE-READ, transaction isolation level is set up, registrati

How to modify MySQL encoding problems under Linux

After the default login mysql show variables like '% character%', there mysql "show variables like '% character%'; +--------------------------+---------------------- ------+ | Variable_name | Value | +--------------------------+-

Eclipse, maven of the project reported Unbound classpath variable: 'M2_REPO /**/***/***. jar

Reproduced: Eclipse, maven of the project reported Unbound classpath variable: 'M2_REPO /**/***/***. jar' But the fact is present in the jar on my local machine where the directory MAVEN Oh: C: \ Documents and Settings \ administrator \. M2 \

proc sql always fails in the dynamic

Database project to develop part of the proc-based, process a large number of table definitions are identical, the timing and CRUD operations not in the same filter is also used, so use dynamic sql to handle these operations, part of the process is c

MacOS X MySQL set the UTF8 encoding problem

MacOS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard MySQL 5.5.13 MySQL is installed by default (is installed in / usr / local / mysql directory) By show variables like 'character%' command to see which part of the character set used to latin1 Need to take the initiati

write oracle trigger

/ / Trigger name UserToTemp create or replace trigger UserToTemp after insert or update or delete on user_info for each row / / trigger on the table when the following events user_info declare / / declare variables integrity_error exception; errno in

Sybase function Daquan

SYbase function learning (a) ASCII first character expression returns the ASCII code. Such as: select ASCII ('Bennet') results: 66 select ASCII ('B') results: 66 avg return all (different) values ​​of the number average avg ([all | di

MySQL uses HandlerSocket achieve NOSQL function

First, install the 1, download mysql-5.1.54.tar.gz Extract to / root/mysql/mysql-5.1.54 directory 2, download ahiguti-HandlerSocket-Plugin-for-MySQL-1.0.6-94-g98b14c3.tar.gz extract to / root/mysql/ahiguti-HandlerSocket-Plugin-for-MySQL-98b14c3 direc

Introduction to simple MySQL command record

A bit like a MySQL user on SQL Server View the version number of the port service name show variables; Connect to the database <br /> Note: Some users does not allow remote login (probably from your account does not allow remote login, only loc

BW / Universe Mappings

BW Element OLAP Universe Element Cube Dimension Class Charateristic A class with dimension and detail objects (Detail objects for key and desription) Hierarchy A class containing a dimension and detail objects for each hierarchy level Key Figure Meas

About sql server stored procedure and use

Syntax: DECLARE { {@ Local_variable data_type} } [,... N] For example: declare @ ID int - declare a variable named @ ID, type int-type Three in the SQL Server window, print out the value of the variable Syntax: PRINT 'any ASCII text' | @ loca

[Summary] mysql common operation [grant, show]

1 Create an account with full privileges mysql>grant all privileges on *.* to User name @'localhost' identified by ' Password '; mysql>flush privileges; Recommended links to view details:

RHEL5 change the mysql5 default encoding (character set)

# / Etc / init.d / mysql start (stop) to start and stop servers # / Etc / my.cnf MySQL configuration file key After the start mysql as root mysql login # / Usr / local / mysql / bin / mysql-u root-p mysql> show variables like 'character%';

PL / SQL variable scope and visibility

In PL / SQL programming, if the variable does not achieve unity by definition, then, may be hiding some dangerous errors, so that the main reason is due to the variable scope. Similar to other high-level language, PL / SQL scope of the variable featu

Complex Type: record type Table

-- Created on 2011-10-10 by HUCHANGKUN declare -- Local variables here -- Composite types : Record types. tables type TEST_RECORD_TYPE is RECORD( ID NUMBER, NAME LONG ); VAR_RECORD TEST_RECORD_TYPE; VAR_TABLE T_EVENT%ROWTYPE; begin -- Test statements

MySQL encoding problems under linux

Reference: I. Table of Contents Introduction 1. Database directories /var/lib/mysql/, MySQL here corresponds to windows MySQL under date Folder 2. Profile /usr/share/mysql(mysql.server Command and

CentOS (Linux) in MySQL5.5 database encoding settings

Environment: CentOS-5.6; MySQL5.5.15 Problem: Located on CentOS using the Java call stored procedures on MySQL, the occurrence of Chinese garbage can storage problems. Address: Start a Java application that is the connection string or a problem, goog

CPL7 User Guide _ Introduction Chapter CPL7

Abstract: This document discusses the CESM1 model coupler (Coupler). In this version of the coupler and is very similar to the previous version of CCSM4. In fact, many of the variables (variable), the file name (filename), comment (comment) and the l

ORACLE cursor through

- Created on 2011-10-9 by HUCHANGKUN declare - Local variables here CURSOR C_EVENT is select t.eventname from T_Event t; temp T_Event.EVENTNAME% TYPE; begin - For traversing cursors for temp in C_EVENT Loop dbms_output.put_line ('Event Name:'

Topic: Spring annotation entry (reproduced)

Original link: 1 properties using Spring annotations to inject 1.1 How we use the annotations into the property before the class implementation: Java code public class UserManagerImpl implements UserManager { private


Oracle% TYPE % TYPE is a way to define variables V_StudentID TYPE indicated meanings: variable V_StudentID and students in the id table field data type consistent with the same length, when the students change the data type in the id, th

mysql modify read only 1290

mysql data to modify the error: 1290 the mysql server is running with the read-only option Can obviously set the permissions on the database can operate ah,, online search a bit: Change mysql readonly to false on the line, Specifically, the following

shell to determine the file or directory exists with permissions

Tags: shell to determine the file or directory exists with permissions Source: #! / Bin / sh myPath = "/ var / log / httpd /" myFile = "/ var / log / httpd / access.lo

MySQL slow queries of two kinds of analysis program

The following article focuses on the MySQL slow query analysis, the former for some time, I have set a record in a MySQL database for one second slower than the SQL statement to query. Think there are several great ways to set, there are several para

mysql slow query analysis (transfer)

This paper describes the MySQL slow query analysis, the former for some time, I have set a record in a MySQL database for one second slower than the SQL statement to query. Think there are several great ways to set, there are several parameters can n

MySQL 5.5 partitions in use UNIX_TIMESTAMP [by day]

RT Needless to say, peer-to see that! MySQL Partitioning There are many, here I only discuss a time - by day partition! Before the operation, you still need to execute the following command, check your MySQL version supports partition functions: show

MySQL partition table test

MYSQL partition table function test. 1 view Mysql version supports partition SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '% partition%'; +-------------------+-------+ | Variable_name | Value | +-------------------+-------+ | Have_partitioning | YES | +--------------

MySql create function problem

Today, when sorting the data, but also encountered MySQL functions can not create the problem also encountered many times before, to solve is to solve, but solutions always remember, there is no good to write down, so that each have once again Google

MySQL 5.1.6 the beginning of the event scheduler

Since MySQL5.1.6, the addition of a very unique feature - Event Scheduler (Event Scheduler), can be used regularly to perform certain specific tasks (for example: delete records, summary of the data, etc.), only to replace the original to the schedul

Chinese garbled mysql stored procedures (not the parameters garbled)

This is wrong This is part of the sql. Which name is dynamic read, did not issue a specific code to the Internet to find a long time, did not find a solution. show variables like 'char%'; My results are as follows: character_set_client utf8 c

Graphics Programming ---- how to write the callback function SetTimer animation

We generally use settimer function of the time, the third parameter is generally set to NULL, which means that calls the default callback function, called the OnTimer, if you have several timer, then you can judge the OnTimer function inside made aft

RewriteCond directives format

RewriteCond directive format Syntax: RewriteCond TestString CondPattern [flags] RewriteCond directive defines a rule condition. In front of a RewriteRule directive may have one or more RewriteCond directives, only when its own template (pattern) matc

mysql remote code problem

1. Inside the change in my.ini [Mysql] default-character-set = gbk [Mysqld] default-character-set = utf8 Restart the service, and then run the following command in the mysql client to view, if such a result is OK mysql> show variables like 'ch

JavaBean in JSP documents form the application of (14.1)

Build bean: jsp: useBean <jsp:useBean /> Phrase generally means "an instance of the class specified by the class, and instantiated objects bound to _jspService variables, the variable name specified by id." Note, however, be sure to u

mysql, see the code commonly used

1 view all character sets supported by the database show character set; or show char set; (2) view the current status which includes of course the character sets status or \ s 3. View the system character set, including all the character sets show va

Sql server summary of common performance issues

1 the query is optimized, should avoid full table scans, we should first consider where and order by columns on the index involved. (2) should be avoided in the where clause to determine the value of the field null will cause the engine to give up us

Ibatis fuzzy queries on the issue can not be used #

Recently in the development of a project, use the Ibatis, because I previously developed are used Hibernate, so Ibatis is not much contact. In yesterday's development process and found that when writing queries with fuzzy parameters assignment #

mysql innodb and myisam database engine of knowledge

added a few new mysql database table, the results only frm file exists, if copied directly to another computer, which prompted a few tables are wrong, why? Check the following information: frm, MYI, MYD MyISAM tables corresponding to the table struct

oracle automatically create monthly tables next month

1. Automatically stored procedure to build the table create or replace procedure sp_createtab_t_data_sensor Authid Current_User as tabname varchar(200); seqname varchar(200); tabCount number; seqCount number; begin select 'T_DATA_SENSOR_' || to_char(

mysql administration

mysql dba command status show engines; show plugins; show variables like 'have_ndbcluster'; show slave statusG; show triggers; show procedure status; show variables like 'have_part%'; show processlist (Designated "sql_mode"

Aspect into sqlserver table

In sqlserver, I have view the results as follows: cardno type day 001 A1 5 001 A2 4 002 A1 3 002 A3 6 ... ... Where type A total of A1, A2, A3 ... ... A7 seven values, I now want to become the following table table1: cardno A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 00154

oracle bulk collect into use in

Bulk collect by reducing the overhead of loop processing Using bulk collect query results can be loaded into a one-time collections in. Rather than through a deal with a cursor. You can select into, fetch into, returning into the statement using the

sql character set, solve the problem of garbled mysql (rpm)

sql character set, solve the problem of garbled blog category mysql: mysql MySQLWindowsDOSHPLinux MySQL is the MySQL root garbled character set properly, the paper summarizes the MySQL character set view command. MySQL database server, including view

mysql performance optimization (rpm)

There are many online mysql performance optimization solutions, but, mysql sql server optimization, compared with more trouble and responsibility, the same set, in a different environment, due to memory, visits, frequency of reading and writing, data

Oralce complex variable

1 first introduced the use of table variables, it is equivalent to high-level language in the array. The simplest usage (using the bulk collect one-time read multi-line): type my_table_type is table of varchar2(20); my_table my_table_type; cursor my_

Mysql character encoding mechanism. Chinese garbage problem and solutions

ZZ I believe many of my friends will turn away from the character encoding, but a garbled problems are endless head, the paper combined with previous experience and Mysql manual explains, with examples o

ORACLE error message Quick Fact

ORA-01006: Bind variable does not exist Example: EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'SELECT * FROM EMP E WHERE E.EMPNO = :EMPNO' USING 'TOM',26; Explained: SQL pass parameters to receive the extra number of parameters. In this case, had only one parameter should be p

Zhuangwan sql server computer name after the change can not be issued after the subscription solution

Method One: When the configuration data synchronization, mutual synchronization of two machines requires a database must connect through the default instance name. If you have deleted the default instance, in the present instance, when operating on t

calling oracle stored procedure and returns the result set

define oracle stored procedure returns a result set in the program development, commonly used to return a result set stored procedure in mysql and sql server that is better handled in a direct return query results can be, But to be out there in oracl
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