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CentOS 4.8 install and test the MySQL Sphinx plugin

First, install MySQL and Sphinx engine 1, download mysql-5.1.54.tar.gz Extract to / root/mysql/mysql-5.1.54 directory 2, Download sphinx-0.9.9.tar.gz to extract the / root/mysql/sphinx-0.9.9 directory 3, the / root/mysql/sphinx-0.9.9/mysqlse all file

MAC configured in the mysql database encoding problem

Recently installed mac osx lion system, then install the mysql5.5.16 version of the database development, but we all know, mysql's default encoding is latin1, if the store will be garbled if the Chinese, then mad google this problem, but has been

Chinese environment, the use of PostgreSQL

Chinese environment, the use of PostgreSQL galylee@gmail.com http://www.redgres.com/web/node/8 While the official documents mentioned coding problems, but relatively simple for the Chinese speaking to a lot of Chinese users of PostgreSQL trouble, thi

solr DataImportHandler (DIH)

http://wiki.apache.org/solr/DataImportHandler Target Import data from a relational database Environment apache-solr-dataimporthandler-3.4.0.jar and apache-solr-dataimporthandler-extras-3.4.0.jar and database driver jar need to put $ solr.home / lib d

MySQL drop foreign key column

Met today to remove a foreign key column, I found: show create table userfans; | userfans | CREATE TABLE `userfans` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `status` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `update_time` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `user` int(11) DEFAULT NUL

Ubuntu change locale

Change locale Chinese from Ubuntu [Edit] the English language environment variable to change the Ubuntu system locale en_US.UTF-8 English View the current system locale locale edit the configuration file, change the zh_US.UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8, zh to en

OEM garbled solution

Method 1: (recommended to use this method) Open IE browser, select 'Tools "-->" Internet Options "-->" General ", select" Language ", by default only" Chinese ", select" Add "to add

In the ubuntu install problems encountered oracle11g

I installed the following two main reference information: 1, a small cloth teacher's video: http://www.boobooke.com/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=196 2, http://www.pythian.com/news/2329/installing-oracle-11gr1-on-ubuntu-904-jaunty-jackalope/ Encountered

mysql Chinese garbled solution - turn

Environment: FEDORA12, mysql 5.0.45 Phenomenon: on this computer installed Tomcat as a web server, the deployment of a project, through the jdbc connection to mysql database. But found that the phenomenon of Chinese input and output garbled. Note: On

Spring + Struts integration of AOP

BS, directly on the code web.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <web-app version="2.5" xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee h

Java code mysql import and export

Note mysql import and export must be prepared to achieve good environmental variables, such as: C: \ Program Files \ MySQL \ MySQL Server 5.1 \ bin; otherwise it will not work correctly. package cc.javaweb; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.

ubuntu 11.04 vm to mount windows shared directory

ubuntu 11.04 vm to mount windows shared directory 1 install smbfs sudo apt-get install smbfs (2) start the service after successful installation: wu@wu-wu:~$ smbd wu@wu-wu:~$ nmbd 3 Create a mount point wu@wu-wu:~$ sudo mkdir /mnt/kankan 4 view windo

[Transfer] compile and install MySQL

Original Address: http://www.orczhou.com/index.php/2010/06/compile-mysql-from-source/ Use the rpm package, or apt-get, yum, etc. MySQL is very easy to install, but I still prefer to compile and install. Compiled installation benefits: platform-independent

maven mvn test command commonly used plug-ins and

Custom build Maven projects need to include additional plug-ins or plug-in parameters configuration already exists. 1. Maven-compiler-plugin to specify the JDK version and encoding compiler plug-ins to solve two problems: First: maven 2.1 uses jdk 1.

rsyslog the mysql helloworld

http://downloads.mysql.com/archives.php?p=mysql-5.1&v=5.1.45x iazai mysql rpm package http://rpm.scl.rs/mysql/Downloads/MySQL-5.1/ redhat5.4 on mysql installation reference http://hi.baidu.com/ablenavy/blog/item/ee85fff21b3e971db17ec560.html rpm-q ncu

mysql local backup to solve garbage problem

public void dump (String ip, String subarea) throws IOException {/ / Local backup SimpleDateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat ("yyyy-MM-dd"); String sAccount = "-uroot"; / / Account String sPassword = "-proot"; / / pa

Start multiple Linux install Mysql

Find more information on the N line, no one can smooth and successful, depressed, may be limited level of it ...! I through continuous research, testing, full implementation of the linux start two Mysql, but also a deeper understanding of mysql ... ado, w

Manually compiled and installed LNMP

Preparation 1, install gcc compiler VPS are generally minimal installation, the compiler is not installed # Yum-y update # Yum-y install gcc gcc-c + + automake # Yum install-y openssl-devel This step not only with the source code installed so, try to

The language setting in mysql

Gbk is about utf8 and all know, mysql is the default application, for example Latin to utf8 (wider point of) Method One, in the external read as java str = new String (str.getBytes ("utf8")); The opposite approach when writing two, change t

The establishment of the SVN Window Service

Simply put, it is necessary to execute it, you need to make the following things: Of course, is to pipe network to download the latest Subversion, zip or installed version and cordials (write here, I downloaded the 1.4.4 zip) Add SVN_EDITOR environment va

Maven2 build J2EE project, "non-coding mapping GBK character"

Under a RichFaces source code, compile the source code with Maven2.x, Java files appear in Chinese, the command line error: "can not map the character encoding GBK", the compilation process can not continue the search for information that is use

CentOS 4.8 Install MySQL 5.x version of the compilation series

A compilation MySQL5.0 #. / Configure - prefix = / usr / local / mysql - localstatedir = / usr / local / mysql / data - enable-thread-safe-client - enable-local-infile - enable-assembler - enable -community-features - enable-profiling - with-client-l

mysql install config

. / Configure - prefix = / opt / server / db / mysql - with-charset = utf8 - with-mysqld-user = mysql - with-server-suffix = xlg - with-plugins = csv, heap, innobase, myisam, myisammrg, ndbcluster - with-zlib-dir = / usr / local / lib / zlib - with-s

mysql 5.5.8 Error Nr.1364 authentication_string

In the final step in installing mysql 5.5.8, application security configuration, Pop-up error dialog, Error Nr.1364 authentication_string Solution: 1, Do not close the window, cmd into the mysql bin directory, then open the mysql.exe-uroot-ppassword

About oracle character set

See Oracle character set used select * from v $ nls_parameters where parameter = 'NLS_CHARACTERSET'; View the system environment variable exp ECHO% NLS_LANG% Set the system environment variable exp set NLS_LANG = AMERICAN_AMERICA.ZHT16BIG5 UT

rails + drizzle demo created

① activerecord gem package of changes: After the test we can see in the drizzle database does not support the following two SQL statements: (SET NAMES = 'utf8';) and (SET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL = 0;) Therefore, to the success of the rails and drizz

pgsql encoding settings

Here switched http://blogold.chinaunix.net/u1/42517/showart_689587.html Using the free version installed manually install PostgreSQL on windows PostgreSQL Support Administrators manually install the database directly, give users greater convenience . 1. O

Detailed installation mysql + sphinx

Reference: http://www.cnblogs.com/chenzehe/archive/2010/11/04/1868354.html http://www.coreseek.cn/news/7/99/ http://klinmy.blog.163.com/blog/static/5680802008428445716/ http://love3400wind.blog.163.com/blog/static/79630801200811305535214/ http://zhaoaiqin


. / Configure - with-server-suffix =- mysql-cluster - with-unix-socket-path = / tmp / mysql_cluster.socket - with-mysqld-user = mysql - with-zlib-dir = / usr / local / lib / zlib - with-charset = utf8 - with-collation = utf8_general_ci - enable-assem

Chinese UTF8 MySQL database based web implementation of full-text search

Now on the Internet, many sites offer full-text search , Visitors can enter a keyword or phrase to search for specific information in PHP+MySQL Architecture of the site, the usual practice is SELECT Like statement to query the search , This approach

PL / SQL queries Chinese garbled in


Chinese mysql ultimate solution

This question is asked many times, I write out altogether. Encoding used in this example is GB2312, if you are the other code, modify GB2312 for your own, such as UTF8 In MY.INI to add: [Mysql] default-character-set = gb2312 [Mysqld] default-characte

LIKE statement specifies case sensitivity

The current environment OS: MS Windows7 DB: 5.1.50-community MySQL Community Server (GPL) DB charset: utf8 In the MySql console input show collation like 'utf8%'; MySql support to find out the collation Among them, utf8_general_ci is not case

Encoding modified after installing MySQL

Encoding modified after installing MySQL MySQL's default encoding is Latin1, does not support Chinese, noon to support the need to modify the database's default encoding gbk or utf8. 1, need to login as root user can view the database encodin

Mysql constraints and default Default --- mysql.db

/ * Column Information For - mysql.db * / ------------------------------------- Field Type Collation Null Key Default Extra Privileges Comment --------------------- ------------- --------------- - ----- ------ ------- ------ -------------------------

Install mysql, save the hive metastore

1 download mysql http://dev.mysql.com/get/Downloads/MySQL-5.1/mysql-5.1.55.tar.gz/from/http://mysql.ntu.edu.tw/ 2 extract tar -zxvf mysql-5.1.55.tar.gz 3 Installation ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql --localstatedir=/data/mysql/data --without-de

Solve the PL / SQL in the Chinese garbled


Compile and install Mysql Optimization

1.-Static 13% - With-client-ldflags =- all-static - With-mysqld-ldflags =- all-static 13% performance increase static link 2.-Pgcc 1% CFLAGS = "-O3-mpentiumpro-mstack-align-double" CXX = gcc \ CXXFLAGS = "-O3-mpentiumpro-mstack-align-d

Installing MySQL from source steps

[Note: If you need support for innodb, see below] . / Configure \ - Prefix = / usr / local / mysql \ - With-charset = utf8 \ - With-extra-charsets = all \ - With-big-tables \ - With-comment \ - With-mysqld-ldflags =- all-static \ - Enable-assembler \

[Practical] linux mysql installation process and under the master-slave configuration

[Author of the article: This version of the deer bolted: v1.0 reproduced, please indicate the original link: http://dynamiclu.iteye.com/] In recent amateur Nongnong mysql, find online is not particularly suitable example, self-tune a few hours, the w

Oracle sqlplus garbled solution

First introduce the shell where the environment: Operating system Linux Suse 9 Oracle 9i database Suse's environment variables: NLS_LANG = SIMPLIFIED CHINESE_CHINA.UTF8 (control applications using Oracle client character set) LANG = zh_CN.gbk (th

Java program calls system commands for the mysql database backup and restore (mode II)

The second way: Data Backup: public class DBBackup { public static void backup (String DBName, String file) { String user = "root"; / / database account String password = "123456"; / / login password String database = DBName; / /

compile linux install mysql

# # # New running MySQL user groupadd mysql useradd -g mysql mysql # # # Start compile. installation su - mysql tar zxvf mysql-5.0.86.tar.gz cd mysql-5.0.86 ./configure \ --prefix=/opt/mysql --with-extra-charsets=latin1,gbk,utf8 \ --with-plugins=part

plsql to connect oracle, do not install the client

Anxiety Oracle client, connect to the database method 1, http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/features/instant-client/index-097480.html download Instant Client Package, here in the download, select the above option agreement, right-click the downloa

linux mysql installation under the relevant

[Size = x-small] [size = xx-small] View port: netstat-atln 1.rpm install mysql check whether the installation command: rpm-qa | grep mysql Uninstall mysql: rpm-e mysq-* [/ size] [/ size] Find file: find /-name mysql-print Start the service: / usr / l

Resolve differences between MySQL character set GBK.GB2312.UTF8 Chinese garbled MYSQL

MySQL character sets involved in several character-set-server/default-character-set: server character set, used by default. character-set-database: the database character set. character-set-table: database table character set. Priority in order to increas

Phpmyadmin export import the database to solve garbage problem of Chinese

Today intends to " I love the Internet , "the Station to do the next backup, because it is used phpMyAdmin to manage, but always in a pile of garbage export SQL "???" something like this, it is a headache, so After collecting a la

Perfectionism, with PostgreSQL, to set locale

utf8 as character set, the undisputed, as pg does not support GBK and GB18030 character set and a parameter for the locale Will let you install the windows version of the specified locale, if you choose "default locale" would not properly i

Change the PL / SQL code set

In the implementation of external sql file, if the pl / sql character set does not import the data will result in Chinese garbled. Change the pl / sql code set as follows: 1 run run regedit, open the registry 2 items found NLS_LANG, change the corres

Linux oracle em Chinese garbled solution

If installed, the system environment variables we set in Chinese environment, then there would be no problem and this problem simply because the installation, JDK / JRE character set is automatically selected. In the $ ORACLE_HOME / jdk / jre / lib a
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