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H2 database project using (a)

Recently used the h2 database project, encountered some problems on the Internet to find the answer always felt inappropriate to summarize the problems a bit. 1.h2 WINDOW and UNIX in the use of the above WINDOW above on the use of official documents

See DB2 port number under Unix

Find TCP / IP Service Name db2 get dbm cfg | grep SVCENAME Get output TCP/IP Service name (SVCENAME) = db2_dch In the / etc / services file to find the port number grep db2_dch /etc/services Get output db2_dch 60000/tcp Db2 database which 60000 is th

mysql calculate the difference between the two time

String sql = "SELECT w.work_id, w.room_id, rm.name, CAST (sec_to_time (sum (unix_timestamp (statusTime.end_time)-unix_timestamp (statusTime.create_time))) as CHAR) as times" + ", W.number, statusTime.create_time, statusTime.end_time FR

linux & unix commands commonly used in software installation

Soft reference command: ln-s / ** / / ** / Add write permissions: chmod a + w / file

Oracle's small applications

Today, let me call my colleagues in the database under a user to export all the comment by the relevant building related sql function to achieve the following: 1. Log on to a remote server sqlplus tbs/xxxx@ 2. Set various parameters

[Turn] what is the Linux zombies (zombie) processes

Few people may realize, in a process calls exit after the process was not immediately disappear, but leave a zombie process called (Zombie) data structure. In Linux process five states, the zombie process is a very special one, it has given up almost

UNIX Network Programming (1) - Introduction

1.bzero function bzero equivalent to memset (void * str, 0, size_t n) 2.inet_pton function inet_pton the dotted decimal IP address into network byte order of address, such as inet_pton (AF_INET, "", & servaddr.sin_addr) 3.ti

[Essence] [Share] chmod command usage details

http://www.chinaunix.net Author: sdccf at :2004 -01-09 10:42:16 Command name: chmod Access: All users use: chmod [-cfvR] [- help] [- version] mode file ... Description: Linux / Unix file permissions is called into three groups: the file owner, group,

Topic: Web custom control form integrated graphics FusionCharts

In the Cooperative Office in a custom form web development tool is the core component , It can provide data to show the system for collaborative interfaces, development tools, custom forms and return by calling the interface to receive data displayed

Oracle 10g study notes of popular database files

First, the parameter file and server parameter file parameter file (Parameter File) are usually referred to as the initial file (init file), or the init.ora file. The default name is init <ORACLE_SID>. Ora text file. SPFILE generate PFILE: crea

Introduction Ant tool (reproduced)

Original link: http://blog.163.com/jack0220 @ 126/blog/static/5618620420093225183543 / Ant is a Java-based build tool. In theory, it is similar to (Unix) C in the make, but did not make the defects. Now that we have make, gnumake, nmake, jam and why

Linux written in python compiler tools read directly vcproj file

Very often, we write code, is used in wndows vc write the following, but it needs to linux system or compile on other unix systems, also need to also write the makefile too much trouble following this tool, you can read directly from the vcproj files

crontab last day of the month

How to set up crontab in a way to perform the last day of each month: for Linux 0 8 28-31 * * [`date-d tomorrow + \% e`-eq 1] & & (shell script) for other Unix, BSD 0 8 28-31 * * [`echo \` cal \ `| awk '{print $ NF}'`-eq 1] &

MySQL 5.5 partitions in use UNIX_TIMESTAMP [by day]

RT Needless to say, peer-to see that! MySQL Partitioning There are many, here I only discuss a time - by day partition! Before the operation, you still need to execute the following command, check your MySQL version supports partition functions: show

MySQL's official method of disaster recovery

You can use mysqldump backup tool. Time, you can use the windows scheduled tasks or linux / unix's crontab http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/zh/database-administration.html # disaster-prevention You can refer to the official manual of examples

Ubuntu set vi editor syntax coloring and highlighting, the arrow keys to solve the problem of vi

Online to find the arrow keys to solve the problem vi, there are several ways to find a following, and have highlighted ways. Under the Ubuntu Linux does not seem to be the default language for programming highlights, but you can set up their own to

FreeBSD8.2 Installation Notes

Continue my open-source journey. Today is installed FreeBSD8.2. From FreeBSD's official website to download the latest iso. Telecom's network is to force it, half an hour to download over an average speed of 700K / s: P Booting from CD, look

os-concept process threads

In order to provide the operating system CPU utilization, the introduction of multi-channel programming, so there is the concept of the process. Process model will undoubtedly improve CPU utilization, because multiple processes can "simultaneous

UNIX / Linux Convert DOS Newlines CR-LF to Unix / Linux Format

patch remove Bomb (^ M) $ cat ~/bin/rmBom #! /bin/sh¬ ¬ #echo "uconv --remove-signature the $1 files"¬ ¬ ### uconv not availble¬ # find . -name "*.$1" \¬ # -exec uconv --remove-signature {} -o {}.nobom \; \¬ # -exec mv {}.nobom {} \;¬ ¬ ### ¬ # Conve

Detailed: Database name instance name. ORACLE_SID. Database domain, and the global database name service name and a script to create oracle database manually

Database name, instance name, database name, global database name, service name, These are a few confusing to many beginners concept. I believe a lot of beginners like me to be the title with a concept and made a loss on these. Let us now get hold of

add permissions for the current directory linux

add permissions for the current directory linux chmod 777 *.* Original: http://linux.chinaunix.net/techdoc/system/2007/12/11/974135.shtml the linux chmod, chown command Detailed Source: ChinaUnix blog Date: 2007.12.11 09:48 (Total comment) I want to

UNIX operating system, study notes

http://www.docin.com/p-237128610.html 2011-09-20 1.

How to change root password ubuntu

Some versions of Ubuntu are hidden super-user, but many places have to use the super-user privileges. We can set super user: ... ...: ~ $ Sudo passwd Password: -> enter that user's password during installation Enter new UNIX password: -> Ne

To change the linux terminal and a terminal prompt color

If you can easily make the shell prompt and become colorful leadership of the party with more information, why persist with the monotonous standard shell prompt them? In this tip, Daniel Robbins will show you how to get in line with the wishes of the

Book: Unix Programming Environment

Unix Programming Environment

Advanced UNIX programming code package

Advanced UNIX programming code package

SQLyog MySQL remote connection error

Error 1: ERROR 2003 ================================================== ==================== Symptom: Can not connect mysql Error message: ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'hostxxxxx' (10061) Reasons: mysqld does not st

Find open files with lsof

Reproduced: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/aix/library/au-lsof.html In the UNIX ® environment, the files everywhere, which have given rise to the motto: "everything is a file." Files can be accessed only through conventional data, typicall

Centos installation and configuration under the vsftp (rpm)

yum install vsftpd 2 start / restart / shut down vsftpd server [Root @ localhost ftp] # / sbin / service vsftpd restart Shutting down vsftpd: [OK] Starting vsftpd for vsftpd: [OK] OK indicates that the restart was successful. Startup and shutdown wer

Linux.Unix environment variable in Bash

Bash environment setting and documents related to / Etc / profile (main) $ HOME / .bash_profile (main) $ HOME / .bash_login $ HOME / .profile $ HOME / .bash_logout (main) $ HOME / .bashrc (main) / Etc / bashrc As follows: Login (login) when First run

View space the size of the Oracle table

Oracle table space the size of the view method should we need to know the following details on See you space the size of the Oracle table for your reference study. In database management, disk space is a DBA will encounter the problem, the problem is

Real Application Cluster (RAC)

Real Application Cluster (RAC) is a Component of the Oracle 9i Database Product that Allows a Database to be installed across multiple Server S. According to Oracle, RAC's shared disk method of Clustering Databases: INCREASES scalability because

phpMyAdmin to add the stored procedure

Stored procedure: CREATE PROCEDURE `ClearCoupon`() BEGIN declare today int(16); select UNIX_TIMESTAMP(curdate()) into today; UPDATE coupon SET status=0 WHERE endtime<today; END; copy to the inside phpmyadmin executed on the error Error SQL query:

oracle unlock locked tables

Oracle tables are locked treatment: 1. oracle Check whether the table is locked in Check whether the table is locked SELECT /*+ rule*/ a.sid, b.owner, object_name, object_type FROM v$lock a, all_objects b WHERE TYPE = 'TM' and a.id1 = b.object_id; 2.

MySQL seek time difference

Two date / time difference between the number of days: SELECT To_Days (end_time) - To_Days (start_time); Two date / time difference in hours between the number of seconds: SELECT SEC_TO_TIME (UNIX_TIMESTAMP (end_time) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP (start_time));

Compile and install MySQL 5.5.13

Compile and install MySQL 5.5.13 Previously have not installed and with great effort Compile and install MySQL 5.5.13 Build mysql installation directory and data storage directory # mkdir /usr/local/mysql # mkdir /usr/local/mysql/data # mkdir /usr/lo

Check mysql version of the four methods

1: in a terminal: mysql-V Here is the code snippet: [Shengting @ login ~] $ mysql-V mysql Ver 14.7 Distrib 4.1.10a, for redhat-linux-gnu (i686) 2: in mysql: mysql> status Here is the code snippet: mysql> status; -------------- mysql Ver 14.7 Di

oracle 10g, you can not create an instance using the spfile has

I. Creating SPFILE Default, ORACLE database using the PFILE startup, SPFILE from the PFILE must be created, the newly created SPFILE Take effect the next time you start the database, CREATE SPFILE need SYSDBA or SYSOPER privileges: Syntax is as follo

MySql storage time with int

In our application development time is very common, most of the development we will use the mysql datetime format to store, but often it takes time to sort or query applications, we want to make the time index, just check the efficiency of our great

View the version number of mysql under linux

1: in a terminal: mysql-V. Here is the code snippet: [Shengting @ login ~] $ mysql-V mysql Ver 14.7 Distrib 4.1.10a, for redhat-linux-gnu (i686) 2: in mysql: mysql> status; Here is the code snippet: mysql> status; -------------- mysql Ver 14.7

innodb parameter settings

innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit: The main control of the innodb log buffer data to the log file and flush the disk write time point, values ​​were 0, 1, 2 three. 0, when the transaction commits, not to write the log, but second in the log buffer data

Database name, instance name, database name, global database name, service name

First, what is the database name database name? Database name is a database of identity, as the same person's ID number. Parameter DB_NAME he said, if a machine upload multiple databases, then each database has a database name. Or created in the

mysql under linux is case-sensitive by default

mysql unix like systems the default is case-sensitive table names can be set in the startup script so that it is not case sensitive Modify / etc / mysql / my.cnf In the [mysqld] add lower_case_table_names = 1 under Restart mysql Mysql default under t

Type of system conversion and date stamp

1 to date to timestamp SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP ('2011-01-26 ') Results: 1,295,971,200 (2) to the time stamp type SELECT FROM_UNIXTIME ('1295971200 ') Results :2011 -01-26 12:00:00 AM 3 as the date for the timestamp type select date (FRO

MySQL find the time difference between two time

Two date / time difference between the number of days: SELECT To_Days (end_time) - To_Days (start_time); Two date / time difference in hours between the number of seconds: SELECT SEC_TO_TIME (UNIX_TIMESTAMP (end_time) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP (start_time));

[Reserved] ORACLE Detailed: database name instance name. ORACLE_SID. Database domain, and the global database name service name

Detailed: database name, instance name, ORACLE_SID, database name, global database name, service name -------------------------------------------------- - Database name, instance name, database name, global database name, service name, Many beginners make

linux mysql version check

1: in a terminal: mysql-V. Here is the code snippet: [Shengting @ login ~] $ mysql-V mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.49, for redhat-linux-gnu (i686) using readline 5.1 2: in mysql: mysql> status; mysql> status -------------- mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib

mongoDB database study

mongoDB is Nosql database, operational data in a format similar to json. Study documents the http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Quickstart+Unix Further study see: http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Tutorial Note: Start to enter the unpacked directo

Oracle to kill a connection

Delete the database user will be reported when there is a connection but does not allow users to delete database 1, there is the following statement queries the connection: select sid serial #, process from v $ session; 2, kill the connection: alter

Start multiple Linux install Mysql

Find more information on the N line, no one can smooth and successful, depressed, may be limited level of it ...! I through continuous research, testing, full implementation of the linux start two Mysql, but also a deeper understanding of mysql ... ado, w
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