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SQL large sum - reproduced classic - worth billions of dollars

First, the basic 1, Description: Create a database CREATE DATABASE database-name 2, Description: Removes database drop database dbname 3, Description: backup sql server --- Create a backup device data USE master EXEC sp_addumpdevice 'disk',

Oracle Time-based incomplete recovery

Experimental time: 14 October 2011 Environment: RED HAT4, Oracle 10.0.20 Time-based incomplete recovery, one of the difficulties is to identify the recovery point in time. If you remember, of course a lot, but many cases, users do not know, or can no

How the query attribute range queries

1 attribute query and spatial query range in the range of difference? Attribute range queries are common in the index, the geometric range queries in the query are spatial index (the index in three ways: full-text index, general indexes, spatial inde

[Reserved] Log of Linux / etc / profile. ~ /. Bash_profile file during the execution of several

Reproduced source has been lost! If infringement, dashing this! I will remove as soon as possible! Linux in the log file to be executed when the process is as follows: Just log on Linux, the first start / etc / profile file, and then start the user d

oracle start with connect by usage

oracle provides a start with connect by grammatical structure can be recursive queries. 1 A simple example: SQL> select * from test; BILL_MONTH DAY_NUMBER MSISDN -------------------- ---------- -------------------- 200803113800 200803313800 200803

Oracle 10g study notes of popular database files

First, the parameter file and server parameter file parameter file (Parameter File) are usually referred to as the initial file (init file), or the init.ora file. The default name is init <ORACLE_SID>. Ora text file. SPFILE generate PFILE: crea

How large amount of data corresponding to the test site Q & A

Q: With the growing amount of data and the level of front-end applications continue to expand, the pressure of the database will become obvious problem, this time the program is to split the data used in the data split split when what better way and

SqlServer 2005 statement Daquan

First, the basic 1, Description: Create a database Create DATABASE database-name 2, Description: Removes database drop database dbname 3, Description: sql server backup --- Create a backup device data USE master EXEC sp_addumpdevice 'disk',

python select any location in the adjacent array elements

For example, a list (assuming less than 1000), a user need to select the top two and the adjacent rankings after two; if the user does not have two in the top two are filled in the post (such as the user if is the first name then go 2,3,4,5), whereas

maven project to connect oracle database

First: Join dependency in the pom.xml files inside <dependency> <groupId> </ groupId> <artifactId> ojdbc14 </ artifactId> <version> </ version> <scope> provided </ scope>

mysql Duplicate entry for key solution

Encountered a strange problem, Duplicate entry 1 for key 1, which read the id of the database and does not exceed the scope of its type int. At that time the biggest id is 20334, which plugs directly into the database with id 20335 for data or error.

spring MVC move (redirect)

last spring controller returns a ModelAndView (urlName), which urNamel name can be a view from the view resolver is responsible for parsing the response stream will be written back to the client; also can redirect / forward: url way to another contro

Reproduced IPV4 knowledge

Original: Basic points to remember: 1. IPV4 ip address of 32 bits, including network and host addresses. 2 categories A, B, C, D four address, in order to narrow the scope.

Apache Rewrite RewriteCond Detailed

Perform rewrite rules RewriteCond conditions Syntax: RewriteCond TestString CondPattern Force field: server config, virtual host, directory,. Htaccess Particular above TestString, can provide reverse references. Reference model:% N where N is (0 <

maven nexus Best Practices

pom.xml <Project xmlns = "" xmlns: xsi = "" xsi: schemaLocation = "">

oracle of the random number (result set)

Reference material Oracle N records in random 1 dbms_random.random [commonly used method (for a random data)] select * from (select t.* from T t order by dbms_random.random) where rownum<2; 2 internal function s

JavaBean in JSP documents form the application of (14.1)

Build bean: jsp: useBean <jsp:useBean /> Phrase generally means "an instance of the class specified by the class, and instantiated objects bound to _jspService variables, the variable name specified by id." Note, however, be sure to u

OracleDBA road Undo Data (a)

Undo Management unod table space to create create undo tablespace tablespace datafile 'file_specifications' 'Extent_management' -'tablespace_retention' Switching from one to another undo tablespace undo tablespace Only one UND

select @ @ identity and select SCOPE_IDENTITY () difference (IDENT_CURRENT)

When you run the insert statement is completed, run select @ @ identity can be automatically generated id If it is best to use sql server select SCOPE_IDENTITY () as id Because @ @ identity global Similar as well IDENT_CURRENT ('table') IDENT

"" (Double quotes) and''(single quotes) the difference between

Or come back to our command line after the previous study, should be very clear when you shell prompt back on the keyboard until you press enter, you enter text that is command line, and then shell will be executed by the process you submit the order

jsp file upload, jspsmart instance

Jar files required: jspSmartUpload.jar upload.html < html > < head > < title > Jspsmart.html </ title > < meta http-equiv ="Content-Type" content ="text/html; charset=GB2312" > </ head > < body > < h2 > File

oracle11g configuration parameters of the process started

oracle configuration parameters of the process started 1 through spfile, pfile spfile position adjustment parameter file viewing SQL> show parameter spfile; Create spfile from pfile, spfile is a binary file, pfile as a text file created after the

OracleDBA way of Control files (b)

control file multiplexing 1 use the spfile to achieve a. change the SPFILE: ALTER SYSTEM SET control_files = '$ HOME/ORADATA/u01/ctrl01.ctl', '$ HOME/ORADATA/u02/ctrl02.ctl' SCOPE = SPFILE; b. Close the database: shutdown immediate c.

[Transfer] cursor and the difference between refcursor and sys_refcursor

Transfer: Today, a simple sum in PL / SQL cursor (cursor / Cursor) usage. I believe many do development or maintenance of the DBA looking for work, met a similar surface as the question: Please

Editable form in the editing made to the server immediately after the listener how to write an ajax request

Editable forms in real-time editing ajax request to the server sends the listener how to write?,{ listeners:{ afteredit:function(){ //alert("yes"); // Base request var m=this.getSelectionModel().getSelection

Functional recovery using Flashback TRUNCATE table of contents is

Transfer: We actually feel to be back with Flashback Database feature TRUNCATE table of pleasure. 1.Oracle database version information sys @ secooler> select * from v $ version; BANNER --------------

SQL Server2005 exception handling mechanism (Begin try Begin Catch)

1 The syntax of exception handling: Quote BEGIN TRY {Sql_statement | statement_block} END TRY BEGIN CATCH [{Sql_statement | statement_block}] END CATCH We may be wrong to write the sql begin try ... end try in between, if error, just the program to j

Open_cursors and session_cached_cursors on the parameter values ​​(reproduced)

Open_cursors session_cached_cursors on the parameter values ​​and 2010-01-26 15:32 First, how to properly set session_cached_cursors parameters: Open_cursors set correctly and 'session_cached_cursors' can reduce the sql parsing to improve sys

SCOPE_IDENTITY.IDENT_CURRENT and compare the difference between @ @ IDENTITY

1 difference between the three: 1) IDENT_CURRENT return to the session and any scope for any specific table in the last identity value generated. 2) @ @ IDENTITY to return all the scope for the current session in any of the last identity value genera

Use and management of Oracle Job

Oracle job Management View database job select * from dba_jobs; Initialization parameters related to :job_queue_process alter system set job_queue_process=1000 scope=spfile; Recommended not to exceed the maximum number of job processes 1000,oracle11g

ORA-32004: obsolete and / or deprecated parameter (s) specified

ORA-32004: obsolete and / or deprecated parameter (s) specified Cause of the problem: log_archive_start parameters previously used in oracle 9i, in oracle9i later is not recommended. host oerr ora 3200432004, 00000, "obsolete and / or deprecated

From oracle10g to oracle11g Notes

Oracle 11g database has now slowly begun to use, but compared to 10g in terms of there are still many areas for improvement, and some parameters must be taken into account usually the actual use of some of our systems, some parameters must be modifie

OracleDBA way of Oracle Instance (c)

Modify the SPFILE value landed Oracle server, using the relevant commands to modify the corresponding value ALTER SYSTEM SET parameter = value <comment='text'> <deferred> <scope=memory|spfile|both> <sid='sid|*'

rman nocatalog and catalog the differences

One. Nocatalog Nocatalog way is to use the control file as the catalog, each time a backup control file which must be written to a lot of backup information, which more and more control file backup information. Therefore, when using rman nocatalog wa

mysql orcale java data type with the control

Number two types of oracle in 1.Number 2.Number (10,2) The first corresponds to the java in shaping int long short byte While the second corresponds to the java in the floating-point float double The date corresponds to the oracle in java in java.uti

Rollback table space cleaning

Create a new rollback segment (if not, then the first tablespace =''set to empty, delete the old rollback segments) create undo tablespace undotbs1 datafile '/ opt/oracle/app/oradata/undotbs1.dbf' size 10m reuse autoextend on; Switch

Oracle set the maximum number of cursors

1, the maximum number of cursors Oracle View C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator> sqlplus "sys / admin @ test151 as sysdba" (sys log test151 services to dba) SQL * Plus: Release - Production on Thursday, Nov. 5 09:08:04

Delete a too large UNDOTBS

select file_name,bytes/1024/1024 from dba_data_files where autoextensible='YES'; Automatically expand the most tend to become very large is untotbs /oradata/rmdb/undotbs01.dbf 32G Treatment process : (1) Generate autoextend off statement select 'alte

Stored procedures commonly used techniques

Of the storage process structure 1.1 The first stored procedure Java code create or replace procedure proc1 ( p_para1 varchar2, p_para2 out varchar2, p_para3 in out varchar2 ) As v_name varchar2 (20); begin v_name: = 'Chi Master'; p_para3: =

How to delete the undo tablespace used

1, the newly created table space UNDOTBS1 create undo tablespace orcl_undo datafile 'C: \ DATABASE \ disk3 \ orcl \ dog_undo.dbf' size 50m extent management local autoextend on maxsize 12G; 2, switch back to orcl_undo alter system set undo_ta

ORACLE view and modify the maximum number of connections

1 View processes and sessions parameters SQL> show parameter processes NAME TYPE VALUE ------------------------------------ ----------- --- --------------------------- aq_tm_processes integer 1 db_writer_processes integer 1 job_queue_processes int

oracle row are transferred to the column switch

oracle row are transferred to the column switch 1 summarizes recent forum to raise this issue a lot of people have a relationship with the ranks of the converted, so I converted to the ranks of the relevant knowledge to do a summary, we want to help,

oracle set memory_max_target

Set oracle11g automatic memory management, re-set the memory_max_target, but the re-start the database Shique error: ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system Reasons: Oracle's official resolution is Starting with Oracle Database 11g,

ORA-12520 error solutions

Turn: ORA-12520 error solutions to log in with sqlplus report ORA-12520 program can not find the requested type of server processes available in the Internet to find relevant information, for the cause of the p

Oracle 11g SGA area of ​​adjustment

Remarks experimental conditions : window xp sp3 Oracle 11gR1 View now has the first set of SGA : 1. View small sga show parameter sga; 2. Modify sga size alter system set sga_max_size=520M scope=spfile; alter system set sga_target=520M scope=spfile;

Oracle accidentally deleted for the table

Flashback Start a new feature is ORACLE9i , However, only support 9I FlashQuery, That, according to rollback at some point to read the data sheet. To 10G,Oracle By Recyle bin( I change stations ) And FlashArea( Flash recovery area ) Rapid recovery to

oralce classification statistics

@Transactional @Component("statisDAO") @Scope("prototype") public class StatisDAO extends AbstractDAO { private static final String SQL_STATIS_CHANNELTYPE = "INSERT INTO channeltypestatis(uuid,counter,channeltype,accountarea,statistime,statisrange) "

What is the sql deallocate DEALLOCATE Delete cursor reference. When the release of the last cursor reference data structures comprising the cursor from the Microsoft? SQL Server? Release. Grammar DEALLOCATE {{[GLOBAL] cursor_name

Why MySQL database default encoding is Latin1

Latin1 is ISO-8859-1 alias. Because ISO-8859-1 single-byte encoding used within the scope of all the space, in support of ISO-8859-1 transmission and storage system in any other encoded byte stream will not be abandoned. In other words, to any other

No nonsense of Mssql

Mssql statement following the statement in part is not allowed access to use. SQL Category: DDL-Data Definition Language (CREATE, ALTER, DROP, DECLARE) DML-data manipulation language (SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT) DCL-data control language (GRANT,
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