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Oracle11g installation on the Ubuntu10.10 (transfer)

Transfer from: http://xuershan.iteye.com/blog/1006861 1 need to install the server version of ubuntu graphical interface sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop 2, install the necessary packages (do not know whether the called deb package) sudo su - apt-

Delete MySLQ services, and upgrade MySQL

1, find the MySQL-related services [Root @ az ~ / src] # rpm-qa | grep-i MySQL MySQL-devel-community-5.1.51-1.rhel5 MySQL-server-community-5.1.51-1.rhel5 MySQL-client-community-5.1.51-1.rhel5 MySQL-shared-community-5.1.51-1.rhel5 php-mysql-5.2.17-jas

Setting case sensitive under Windows MySql

Under Linux MySQL database name, table name, column name, aliases, case rules: 1, the database name and table name is strictly case sensitive 2, the table alias is strictly case sensitive 3, column names and column aliases in all circumstances are ca

RHEL5.5 x64 install oracle 10g x64 easiest step

A ready to install the file download 10201_database_linux_x86_64.cpio.gz # Gunzip 10201_database_linux_x86_64.cpio.gz # Cpio-idmv <10201_database_linux_x86_64.cpio 2 Installation Steps 1 new groups and users # Groupadd oinstall # Groupadd dba # Us

PowerDesigner to generate database table SQL script to build double-quotes (rpm)

Source: http://space.itpub.net/618537/viewspace-495688 Build a database table using PowerDesigner to generate SQL scripts, especially when the Oracle database, the table usually without the quotes. In fact, the quotes are PL / SQL specification, the

Check the temperature sensors installed

[Root @ localhost liyf] # yum install lm_sensors [Root @ localhost liyf] # cd / usr / sbin / [Root @ localhost sbin] # rm-rf sensors-detect [Root @ localhost sbin] # wget http://dl.lm-sensors.org/lm-sensors/files/sensors-detect [Root @ localhost sbin

Enumeration Summary (rpm)

DK1.5 introduced a new type - enumeration. In Java, although it considered a "small" function, gave me to bring the development of a "large" convenience. Use a: constant In JDK1.5, we define the constants are: publicstaticfianl ..

Chinese package under RedHat Linux. Chinese input method installed

Solve the link: http://wlwangonline.blog.163.com/blog/static/141498094201082011633769/ Through the above article, the installation disk is mapped to the virtual machine system, By the df command to know CDROM mount point Into the server folder Follow

Red Hat 5_32 bit _ FAQs

A, GCC compiler 1.1 Background Newly-installed Red Hat 5, downloaded httpd-2.2.15.tar.gz, he tried to perform >> ./configure Sad with the results, a closer look at the error message, I discovered that to install some stuff. 1.2 solution (Disk o

MySQL Change the default data file storage directory

Many of my friends have encountered under the CentOS Linux install with RPM or Yum MySQL database files after changing the default storage location of the problem. Here I am with you step by step to change the default MySQL database file storage loca

How to make your SQL run faster (rpm)

From the reference Art of a simple design freelance programmerのtrivial: http://blog.csdn.net/dl88250/article/details/2084489 Many people tend to fall into when using a SQL error, that is too focused on the results is correct, and ignore the different

How to install VMwareTools tools in CentOS

How to install VMwareTools tools in CentOS Install VMWare Tools has several advantages: 1 can support other resolutions, no longer limited to 640 x 480 and 800 x 600. 2.Host OS and Guest OS file transfer, simply drag and you can. 3 with the mouse in

Spring2.5 IoC injection method of the four bean (rpm)

1, a new java project called DI (dependency injection means), and added commons-loggin.jar spring.jar. Note that comments reflected in its meaning the following code, there is no longer to explain. 2, the entire engineering test after the spring conf

CentOS install flash plugin in firefox

Have not used linux a long time, remember He was in school with slackware, later installed redhat, ubuntu, but not how to use. Whim this evening, had a coat in a virtual machine CentOS5.2 play. Upon entering the system could not handle the results (a

Toss Mysql - through the rpm package. Configure and uninstall mysql

Reproduced: Through the rpm package to install, configure and uninstall mysql, detailed process. To MySQL-server-4.0.14-0.i386.rpm, for example, on the / data directory cd / data rpm-ivh MySQL-server-4.0.14-0.i386.rpm After installation in the / usr

Database design (three paradigms) (rpm)

Database is a repository of data warehouse, the warehouse but not in reality, as (just look inside and out to take place); database repository of information, but the relationship between the information is more important is that it reflects, which i

ApplicationContext (rpm)

Quote For ClassPathXmlApplicationContext: classpath: prefix is ​​not needed, the default is that the project classpath path following; If you want to use an absolute path, need to add the file: prefix indicates that this is the absolute path; For Fil

Fedora use yum to install uninstall the software commonly used commands

1 using yum install and uninstall software, there is a premise of the yum package is installed rpm format. Install command, yum install ~, yum will query the database, with or without the package, and if so, then check the dependence relationship bet

Linux (centos) install uninstall command rpm, make install method using the [transfer]

A: RPM package, This package is like the windows EXE installation files, various documents have been compiled, and hit the package, which documents the folder into which are well specified, installation is very easy, in the graphical interface where

Struts2 with s: if test to determine the attributes and strings are equal attention to double quotes and single quotes (rpm)

Original Address: http://blog.csdn.net/chenqqabcdchenqqabcd/article/details/6726673 N must use the string "" double quotes, from test contains the single quote '' If, by contrast, can not properly determine whether the property is e

ubuntu 10.04 server installation oracle10G Enterprise Edition

1, modify the update source sudo gedit / etc / apt / sources.list Taiwan Sources deb http://tw.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid main universe restricted multiverse deb-src http://tw.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid main universe restricted multiverse

MySQL, DRBD with MMM and Mysql Proxy (rpm)

From: http://lmylvmingyue.blog.163.com/blog/static/46601701201141033510225/ When the site bigger and bigger when the database HA (High Available) is very important. Commonly used in industry is DRBD, last month I went to Beijing to participate in the

In the start, said the lack of aclst16.dll cad files, how to do? (Rpm)

When you reinstall or uninstall some windows application, it may result in loss of AC1ST.DLL Or simply do not lose, but AutoCAD can not find this file only You see the phenomenon, is that copying the file over to no avail, it may be only the second c

After installation CentOs 5.5 can not display Chinese (Chinese garbled)

Symptoms: Using the CentOS system, when installed in English you may encounter a CentOS system, in this case to install CentOS in the system is installed by default (ie English). After installation, the Internet, but the Chinese appear garbled. Solut

Fedora13 how to install the AR8151 ethernet card

Installed some time ago in Acer4745 Fedora13 system, these machines may not recognize Ethernet network card, so running ifconfig command, found no Ethernet eth0, on-line search of the day, finally found the answer: http://rhythmcloud.blogspot.com/201

UML modeling tools Visio.Rational Rose.PowerDesign three major differences (rpm)

UML modeling tool I believe we have some understanding of UML modeling tools so you Visio, Rational Rose, PowerDesign whether the difference between contact and understanding, as we briefly outline here. UML modeling tool Visio, Rational Rose, PowerD

ORACLE TRIM explain (rpm)

In Oracle / PLSQL, the trim function removes all specified characters either from the beginning or the ending of a string. The syntax for the trim function is: trim ([leading | trailing | both [trim_character]] string1) leading - remove trim_string f

jQuery (1.4) $. getJSON explain (rpm)

Quote Static pages load load (url, [data], [callback]); url (String) request the URL of the HTML page data (Map) (optional parameter) sent to the server key / value data callback (Callback) (optional) request is completed (without the success of) the

IOCP model summary (rpm)

IOCP (I / O Completion Port, I / O completion ports) is the best kind of performance I / O model. It is the application uses the thread pool handle asynchronous I / O requests of a mechanism. In dealing with multiple concurrent asynchronous I / O req

Installing CentOS 6 Notes (office)

CentOS 6 32bit Zoning: continuously adjusted according to personal habits, in order to achieve optimal spatial allocation of resources. / Boot 1G / 100G / Tmp 10G / Var 10G / Home 100G / Usr / local 50G / Swap and memory as large as # 0, modify the s

Brother of the Linux private kitchens birds - 11 articles based learning

63. To start system services and start-settings file (/ etc / rc.d / rc.n and / etc / sysconfig) When you want to start any work performed, directly write / etc / rc.d / rc.local, the work will be automatically loaded at boot time Core: / boot / vmli

Uninstall mysql in Linux and security

Work system in a centos machine tops mysql, and this had mysql installed on the machine before, and all have to pretend to previous mysql delete, and then clothes. As previously not been in linux upload mysql, toss a long pause before the whole good.

Linux (centos) install uninstall command rpm, make install use

A: RPM package, This package is like the windows EXE installation files, various documents have been compiled, and hit the package, which documents the folder into which are well specified, installation is very easy, in the graphical interface where

RHEL installation file of the bin

Downloaded from the Internet version of the java linux jdk-6u27-linux-i586-rpm.bin Description: Binary file, its use by system or application may be, that is, in general, is the machine code, assembly language, compiled the results, (DOS assembly lan

Chinese garbled RHEL FAQs

Garbled is one of the most common complex diseases Solution: 1 First check the system to support locale-a coding 2. View the system locale environment configuration 3.rpm language pack installed (Server in the system directory) If you can not go thro

RHEL FAQs Chinese input method (Pinyin)

In the iso directory Server. In # Ls-l | grep scim Several packages in accordance with the order to install the following: scim-libs-1.4.4-41.el5.i386.rpm scim-1.4.4-41.el5.i386.rpm scim-chinese-standard-0.0.2-1.el5.i386.rpm scim-tables-0.5.6-7.i386.

RH5U5 install jre 1.6.0_23

Today, under linux browser test an applet, you need to install jre, from the Internet to find some posts, but are seemingly relatively old, record your own process, and notes. 1, download the jre bin file: jre-6u23-linux-i586-rpm.bin Use "./jre-

VmWare resolution under RHEL5 changes

The first method is recommended : 1 > Select the menu in vmware install vmtools 2 > Open the customs area in rhel directory , Sure there are vmtools tools , There is a rpm package , There is also a tar.gz package : 3 > Modify inittab file ,

Commonly used Linux commands (rpm)

Commonly used Linux commands - the original 1. Chmod command Answer: use: chmod [-cfvR] mode file Description: Linux / Unix file access permissions into three groups: owner, group, and other. Use chmod to read the file permissions can be controlled.

jquery custom class package (rpm)

jquery custom class package 2011-03-24 10:40 (Function ($) { $. DragField = function (arg) { var name = "Hello"; / / This is a private variable, can not access external this.testFun = function () {/ / this.testFun methods, added this, is th

Chinese garbled under linux oracle EM problem-solving

I rhel5.4 above installed oracle, system language is English, so oracleEM until there is no how to use the English will look forward to, most recently with the very frequent, birds or inconvenient. So will the English into Chinese, and found to have

LINUX LoadRunner performance tests (performance test)

linux install rpc.rstatd 1.rpc support services need to rsh, rsh is installed under normal circumstances. rpm-qa rsh view. (2) need rpc.rstatd-4.0.1.tar.gz from the annex of this article direct download, also available from http://heanet.dl.sourcefor

SQLPlus arrow keys garbled under CentOS

Finally, under the CentOS 5.5 installed Oracle11g R1, using a remote connection tools Xshell, SQLPlus using the arrow keys to display all garbled. Internet search, I generally reflect the need to install rlwrap. Indeed there are many online articles,

Improve the script with sudo privileges

Improve the script with sudo privileges First, why use sudo? sudo privileges can improve the script, for example: We have encountered this problem, Some files need to be removed by the web application, but they do not have permission to access apache

oracle SQL performance optimization (rpm)

(1) Select the most efficient sequence table name (only in the rule-based optimizer effectively): ORACLE parser in accordance with the order processing from right to left in the FROM clause of the table name, FROM clause written in the final table (b

sql character set, solve the problem of garbled mysql (rpm)

sql character set, solve the problem of garbled blog category mysql: mysql MySQLWindowsDOSHPLinux MySQL is the MySQL root garbled character set properly, the paper summarizes the MySQL character set view command. MySQL database server, including view

mysql performance optimization (rpm)

There are many online mysql performance optimization solutions, but, mysql sql server optimization, compared with more trouble and responsibility, the same set, in a different environment, due to memory, visits, frequency of reading and writing, data

In linux for mysql open the update log

Test appeared BUG, ​​see the next application to print the log, found a big problem, the previous day's data is also correct, the next day's data on an error, the only people in this period may be directly update the database , and under norm

the difference between varchar and nvarchar (rpm)

varchar (n) Length of n bytes of variable length and non-Unicode character data. n must be a range of values ​​between 1 and 8,000. The storage size is the actual input data byte length, not n bytes (such as varchar (6), when the field is qqq, the da

MySQL Performance Tuning must 25 (rpm)

Today, the operation of the database application performance is increasingly becoming the bottleneck, and this is particularly evident for Web applications. On database performance, this is not just DBA need to worry about things, and this is our programm
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