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Solve the data too long for column''at row 1 of the method

Chinese data to the database insert occurs when the data too long for column 'columnname' at row 1 error causes the problem: data character encoding problem-solving method: (1) modify the mysql installation root directory my.ini (MySQL Server

Increase in second-level domain

1, first you have to buy their own domain name business, where increased 2, Godaddy A records directly increase 2, apache configuration at the end of httpd.conf, add the following: RewriteEngine on RewriteMap lowercase int: tolower RewriteMap vhost t

Local installation Disucuz Forum Graphic Tutorials!

All experts are starting from the white. We want to do websites, want Discuz Forum, but the total can not understand anything, buy anything not on the host, to buy the domain name it. As a waste of money, but not necessary. Here to talk about the XP

svn configuration in windows2003 and apache_2.2.11-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi Note that the version to match, or it may report errors 1 and 2 (see below) Software Installation: 1 Install svn 1.1 Unzip the downloaded directly to svn archive 1.2 (% svn% for the svn home

Mongod management articles

The following year, in this simple to do about records management operations Starting and Stopping Mongo Security and Authentication Monitoring and Diagnostics Backups Starting and Stopping Mongo MongoDB start Yes, MongoDB in linux there is no need t

Linux view the current path

Linux view the current path pwd [-L |-P] Describes the current directory pwd command the full path name (from the root directory) is written to standard output. All directories using the / (slash) separated. First / represents the root directory, the

YUM, WGET proxy settings

vim / etc / yum.conf, adding the content: proxy = # proxy server and port number proxy_username =....# User Name porxy_password =....# Password "YUM locked by another application" solution rm-f / var / run / Cre

[Transfer] video tutorials: win32 svn under the stand-alone server installation and configuration

Tried looking at tutorials, from the build server to the client Check out, Commit such entry is not difficult. Note do not confuse the name of the path on the line. I downloaded the relatively new: TortoiseSVN_v166chs Setup-Subversion-1.6.6 Exactly c

apahce store static files

Companies should put apahce on static files The default root directory is / usr/local/apache2.2/htdocs, should be changed to / home / tnuser / ResourceRoot So you want to modify / usr/local/apache2.2/conf/httpd.conf Set to DocumentRoot = / home / tnu

Reinstall windows operating system can not boot after Ubuntu11.04 solution

Given a bunch of ways the Internet can be used not the case, here is a higher availability of a way. [Groan one: find a bunch of people are you copy me, I have copied your recording, but also to others of their own irresponsibility, even if the copy,

Daemon implementation

6 steps Step 1: Create a child process, kill the parent process, the purpose of step 2 can successfully call setsid. Step 2: Create a new session, and with himself as leader. Purpose is to spin out of control terminal Session leader calls setsid fail

ApplicationContext (rpm)

Quote For ClassPathXmlApplicationContext: classpath: prefix is ​​not needed, the default is that the project classpath path following; If you want to use an absolute path, need to add the file: prefix indicates that this is the absolute path; For Fil

Source code to build JAMES

AliKevin wrote According to James' future research to learn the latest code, we often have to build the source code in the form of JAMES, a brief text source code to build JAMES. 1 Download the latest code:

Add or Remove Programs option without IIS services

With the original windows installation CD, you can download the IIS installation package. 1) 1, no control panel "-> Add / Remove Windows Components -> Internet Information Services (IIS)" to add the component method. (Some GHOST syst

Linux (centos) system, the role of each directory recommendation Detailed

The type of file system LINUX file system, there are four basic types: regular files, directories, files, connection files and special files, can be used to identify the file command. Common files: such as text files, C language element code, SHELL s

Ftp installation and deployment. Configuration

1, the installation Download URL: 2, the management domain The main idea: create a user (user name and password), set the ftp root directory, the virtual path (the formation of mapping, virtual path -> path of the machine, to avoid

WordPress switch between Chinese and English

WordPress Chinese and English interchangeably use wordpress now has a lot of owners, and sometimes all of a sudden want to change to English or Chinese version, how to do it this time? To re-download and install it? Of course, not so much trouble: Lo

dos boot disk _ change bios LOGO (giada dn12 bios refresh method)

Is simple: Extract .... .... giada dn12 bios refresh method 1 run in the windows of the steps can be made by Usboot170/Usboot170.exe U disk bootable DOS system (the middle to pull a U-disk re-inserted, the total process 3 minutes, after less than 1M

The Gold website is how to do it?

Anti-hotlinking principle: http standard protocols in specialized fields record referer One can trace the address is an inbound Secondly, the resource file, you can track his web address that contains the display is. So all the anti-hotlinking method

[Practice has proved that finishing line] vsFTPd installation and configuration

Reference 1. VsFTPd configuration: 2. Centos user & group permissions to add and delete users & Detailed questions: 3. Setsebool command

Uninstall CentOS 6.0 comes with OpenJDK, configure the new Java environment

Since CentOS 6.0 by default, will install the software, like OpenOffice, but the software requires Java support, so the system will default to install a JDK environment, if you need to use a particular Java environment, it's better to uninstall t

(Reproduced) tomcat java project in several ways to deploy

Deployed in Tomcat Java Web applications in two ways: static and dynamic deployment of the deployment. Below $ CATALINA_HOME refers to the Tomcat root directory. First, the static deployment of static deployment means that we start the server before

Linux: umount when "Device is busy" the solution

Linux: umount when "Device is busy" the solution When any directory with mount, and then there are procedures to use / hang in that directory, then there is no way out umount, umount will appear in Device is busy message. How to find out wh

SVN change the IP address (transfer)

Modify the IP address of SVN 2010-11-20 01:22:25 | Category: svn | Tags: | font size medium and small subscription One: in the eclipse comes svn: subclipse change ip address in the Project development are likely to modify the IP address of SVN, entri

Arch-03-16-RIA best practices and explore

RIA is a must to achieve the RIA is also a special multi-path, and explore the right partner and best practices framework has become the path to be. 1 tone (1) back-end use: java (2) front-end with: Dojo or JQuery (3) front-end component library: sma

Change Apache's default starting (index) page: DirectoryIndex

Apache's default index page is index.html, change into other documents need to modify the httpd.conf file: # # DirectoryIndex: sets the file that Apache will serve if a directory # is requested. # <IfModule dir_module> DirectoryIndex index.

Find Files command ubuntu

locate: the command when it is run as a background index database support in Ubuntu the database file is located in / var / cache / locate / locatedb. In general, the database file via cron every day is automatically updated. If, unfortunately, has n

mongoDB Getting Started Guide. Example

First, the preparatory work 1, download mongoDB Download: Select the appropriate version of your Related Documents: 2, the installation mongoDB A, do not extract the model:

Centos installation and configuration under the vsftp (rpm)

yum install vsftpd 2 start / restart / shut down vsftpd server [Root @ localhost ftp] # / sbin / service vsftpd restart Shutting down vsftpd: [OK] Starting vsftpd for vsftpd: [OK] OK indicates that the restart was successful. Startup and shutdown wer

J2EE technology, which uses freemark

Templates in modern software development technology has an important position, but the two most popular template technology I'm afraid to count freemarker and velocity of, webwork2.2 good support on both, which means that you can webwork2 free to

MySQL to solve garbage problem

Doing a small project, having garbled data to the MySQL storage situation, the client and the main First find the MySQL installation directory, in the root directory to find the my.ini file, modify the server-side default-character-set to gb2312, mai

Brother of the Linux private kitchens birds - based learning articles 2

10 significance of the directory attribute r: represents the directory structure with read permissions on the list, so when r you have read permissions to the directory, you can use the ls command to list the contents of the directory w: writable permissi

Linux view the file and folder size command

Deployed on the server, multiple applications, suddenly found hard disk space usage reaches 76%, then use the df and du command to see the usage, found that many are caused to open the application log. df can view a folder size, using the ratio of fi

Detailed tutorial ant - javac, java, jar, war, delete, copy, mkdir ... (reproduced)

Ant is an Apache Foundation, under the cross-platform widget set, it can automatically build and deploy the project and other functions. In this article, mainly for readers familiar with how to apply to the Java Ant project, it simplifies the build and de

Linux disk partitioning, formatting, and mounting

1. Fdisk partition Check the hard disk of: fdisk-l See mount of: df-lh See the future operation of the device name fdisk: fdisk / dev / sda There commond press p: view the partition table By n: the new partition (First cylinder press enter directly f

apache gzip compression and cache optimization of records

Site to a friend to do gzip compression and cache optimization, where the record about Compile / / module / Www / wdlinux / apache / bin / apxs-i-c-a / source/lanmp/httpd-2.2.17/modules/filters/mod_deflate

vim editor extension

1: acp.vim: syntax automatically prompts 2: rails.vim: provides many rails command, can only be run under the root directory of the project as part of the plug-in commands, see help for details: : Rake: Rake db: migrate,: Rake db: create, ...... : Rm

windows mysql noinstall

Mysql master recently wanted to do, from the backup. In a windows install multiple mysql server, install the version that will be covered with the previous setup, so I used noinstall version of the mysql server, in this record of the installation pro

Introduction and examples MongoDB

First, the preparatory work 1, download mongoDB Download: Select the appropriate version of your Related Documents: 2, the installation mongoDB A, do not extract the model:

MySQL's data import and export

MySQL export table data to a text file: 1 using select ..... into outfile command select * from job.t1 into outfile 'd: \ export2.txt' fields terminated by '\,' optionally enclosed by '\ "' lines starting by '>

"Host 'localhost' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server" causes and solutions

Today in the operation of the database is MYSQL service that suddenly can not start, because his thought changed the my.ini file causing the problem. Therefore, we do not just change oh ~ Solve the problem can not start mysql it is easy, the installa

Export MySQL database mysqldump

1 into DOS, enter the mysql root directory where the # # If cd Program Files \ mysql \ bin to bin accurate 2 input mysqldump-u root-p database name> exported name (with examples to understand) Example: mysqldump-u root-p henan> henan.sql 3 At t

oracle data import txt execl, etc.

Method one, using SQL * Loader is used more in this way, the premise must oracle data in the destination table already exists. General steps are as follows: 1 excle file as a new file such as file name text.txt, select the file type Text (Tab delimit

V Database Optimization

MSYQL optimization One. Configuration optimization II. Database design optimization of three. SQL optimization Introduction MYSQL Currently the 4.X, 5.X, 6.X Each version there Standdard, Max, Debug course is divided into three types of windows platf

Windows, installed free version of the whole installation process Mysql5.1

Windows, installed free version of the whole installation process Mysql5.1 Installation environment Description: Operating System: Windows7 Ultimate Mysql version: 5.1.57 version free installation 1. Mysql download Download the official address is no

the next scheduled backup windows oracle

The first step: In D under the root directory New Folder Backup, this directory can be arbitrary, copy exp.exe files to this directory, create a new file in the directory expbkup.bat exp test / test @ test file = d: \ backup \% date: ~ 0,10%. dmp log

the process of creating a database manually under linux

1 Stop the database sqlplus / nolog conn / as sysdba; shutdown 2 Create sid, modify the oracle user environment variables. Bash_profile file returns the root directory of the oracle user cd Enter vi. bash_profile As follows: PATH = $ PATH: $ HOME / b

mongoDB Start Guide Command Line Example

Original Address: First, the preparatory work 1, download mongoDB Download: Select the appropriate version of your Related Documents:

Export the entire database in mysql

1 Start -> Run -> cmd, Enter 2. Find your mysql / bin is in my C: \ Program Files \ MySQL \ MySQL Server 5.0 \ bin I'm looking for is ( cd .. cd .. cd C: \ Program Files \ MySQL \ MySQL Server 5.0 \ bin ) At the command line C: \ Program Fi

Address set in your configuration file (empty password root) corresponds to the default administrator account with MySQL.

Installed wamp, go to the phpmyadmin will prompt: Your profile settings (blank password root) corresponds to the MySQL default administrator account. ... Solution is quite simple: 1 modified root @ localhost access password. Open wamp of phpmyadmin,
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