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View oracle foreign key relationship between the primary

/******************************** Lookup table foreign key relationship between the primary ********************************/ Select b.table_name primary key table name, b.column_name primary key column, a.table_name foreign key table name, a.column_

Talking about how to structure the system into existing NoSQL

Friends often encountered confusion, see NoSQL introduction, I feel good, but do not know how to use their own official project. Thinking big reason is fixed in MySQL in, and they most frequently asked question is used NoSQL, how do I do relational q

MongoDB database relations and design that

Use of data, a data item and the other is often one or more data items have a relationship, such as a "person" object has a name, may have multiple phone numbers, and multiple children, and so on. In a traditional SQL database, the relation

Use spring2.5 functional annotation-driven IOC

Outline Note the configuration relative to the XML configuration has many advantages: It can take full advantage of Java's reflection mechanism to obtain class structure information, which can effectively reduce configuration work. Configured to

[Transfer] Oracle development topics of: Cascade the query (Hierarchical Queries) Advanced Applications: Level Pseudo Column

First, the use of pseudo-column table node Level shows the level of relationship: Oracle9i's support for cascading queries not only provides as Start with ... Connect by this clause for us to easily execute the query, but it also provides a pseud

solr finishing (b) data into details - to obtain the data needed

On an entry order, basic, and you can use solr, but the encounter details, and seemingly this is a process. solr There are three key points: 1: Get the required data 2: According to the project needs the configuration data in solr 3: how to query dat

URI.URL and the relationship between URN

URI, URL and URN is to identify, locate and name resources on the Internet, the standard way. URI system in the context of the top, URL and URN system in the context of the underlying. This arrangement shows the URL and URN are a subcategory of URI,

In Android Handler, Looper, MessageQueue and Thread

A few days ago, and colleagues explored the mechanism about the news in Android, explores the process of sending and receiving messages as well as the relationship between threads. Although we often use these basic things, but understanding its inter

Detailed database multi-table join queries

From: Operators can achieve by connecting multiple table query. Connections are the main features of the relational database model, is it different from other types of database management system,

hibernate criteria query usage of Restrictions

1. Method Description Restrictions.eq = Restrictions.allEq Map to use multiple equal to the limit>> = < Restrictions.le <= Restrictions.between BETWEEN LIKE

Leaves and split inside the black version of Leaves

Statement: I reproduced Citie purely personal conduct, unrelated to any third party. Leaves and split inside the black version of Leaves About my description of the problem with the embarrassments Baike Many people know that I joined last year, embar

oracle deadlock due to foreign key

Today, system testing, I found often send oracle deadlock, then I open the pl / sql to see the two tables; take a closer relationship between them is the master table. Specific table information is as follows: -- Primary table create table LABLEINFOS

ORACLE concept of nested tables

Transfer I do not know who the original author of the original, is very regrettable. Thanks original and reproduced by, so that more people learn useful knowledge. A nested table definition: Nes

Introduction Ant tool (reproduced)

Original link: @ 126/blog/static/5618620420093225183543 / Ant is a Java-based build tool. In theory, it is similar to (Unix) C in the make, but did not make the defects. Now that we have make, gnumake, nmake, jam and why

Analysis of the Oracle PGA and UGA the difference between

Oracle beginner, you may be in the PGA and UGA Oracle distinction between doubt, here on the PGA and UGA publication of the next difference between personal opinion out here and share with you. The Process Memory In addition to SGA (System Global Are

Database design (three paradigms) (rpm)

Database is a repository of data warehouse, the warehouse but not in reality, as (just look inside and out to take place); database repository of information, but the relationship between the information is more important is that it reflects, which i

Fedora use yum to install uninstall the software commonly used commands

1 using yum install and uninstall software, there is a premise of the yum package is installed rpm format. Install command, yum install ~, yum will query the database, with or without the package, and if so, then check the dependence relationship bet

The relationship between the database tables into visio

visio - new - software and database - the database model diagram - Database - Reverse engineering - set the MS sqlserver, data sources (Database name) - Next - Password - Next - Select - - Next - Select - Next - Finish;

Home port of the database to modify Oracle10gXE

XE database default home page using port 8080, tomcat default port is 8080 because the relationship, so there will be conflict. The solution is to change one of the two, here I choose to modify the habit XE because tomcat stronger. 1 Open the "R

Various types of database management tools

Reproduced Navicat Premium is a multi-connected database management tool that allows you to simultaneously connect to a single program MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, and PostgreSQL database, so that dif

Arch-03-19-NoSQL practice

Although the new technology very carefully, but we made the nosql pseudo sns let a bunch of my colleagues seem excited, no way, try it. Not discuss the length of nosql, direct implementation of it, the key is nosql table of data between design and th

About ORA-22990: LOB locators can not be extended transaction

Print the following exception stack: ORA-22990: LOB locators can not be extended transaction at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.SQLToIOException ( 764) at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleBlobOutputStream.flushBuffer

Think before coding.

Article I (A) This function is for? It is what features are associated with the relationship? Customers really need to need this feature? Reasonable? (B) a method can only be done as a function of the customer if the future expansion how to do? Have

OracleDBA Road Manager Table (a)

renaming a column alter table table_name rename column old_column_name to new new_column_name; Truncate table TRUNCATE TABLE [schema.] Table [{DROP | REUSE} STORAGE] The effect of using this command are as follows: • all rows in the table are deleted

Hibernate performance tuning points

Hibernate performance tuning points: 1. To make use of many-to-one, avoid the use of individual one-to-many (2) flexible use of one-way one-to-many 3. No one, instead of using the many-to-one 4 Configure the object cache, the cache does not use a col

Coding, please think about zz

Article I (A) This function is for? It is what features are associated with the relationship? Customers really need to need this feature? Reasonable? (B) a method can only be done as a function of the customer if the future expansion how to do? Have

The two-phase commit of distributed transactions

This switched nosqlfan: Distributed systems, transaction atomicity guarantee is achieved by the two-phase commit, to understand two-phase commit is important for understanding the distributed transaction. -----

Primary key constraints and foreign key integrity constraints

In the implementation of DML statements (such as INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE), the database will ensure that table rows can maintain its own integrity. This means that for any changes made to rows in a table can not affect the table's primary, forei

Android, Locale, auto-rotate to obtain the state

1. Get the current locale: Context.getResources (). GetConfiguration.locale; (2) whether to open the auto-rotate: (This seems to have specific equipment and a relationship, not sure whether GM) import android.provider.Settings; mAutoRotateSwitch = (S

Google + society of the road

Google + has a very attractive feature, that is, no matter when, how boring news published are able to immediately in in seconds receive a response within the time. This is in any of the SNS, they can not see things is true, Google + users create inc

Improve the script with sudo privileges

Improve the script with sudo privileges First, why use sudo? sudo privileges can improve the script, for example: We have encountered this problem, Some files need to be removed by the web application, but they do not have permission to access apache

UML relationship between the six main

Here a quick review of the six key relationships in UML models:

Will txt, csv, etc. File into oracle

Project using an Oracle database, the project developed, due to the legacy system customization relationship needs to be imported into the library, because it is a one-time, there is no need to provide all the import page, decided to use Oracle-provi

the difference between in and exists with the SQL execution efficiency analysis

In this paper, the difference between in and exists for the SQL implementation of a comprehensive and analyzed the efficiency of ... ... Recently began to many forums to discuss the difference between in and exists the problem with the SQL execution

Answer: Actually, I annoying the MAC

bonny wrote A lion is pretty well loaded with Such as rolling the mouse, on the very same as with traditional (seems to be absorbed by the pad's mode), I know you can set, but why you want to change my habits. Are the ultimate for users to consid

Hbase source analysis Regionserver Get on the whole process

When regionserver Get received from the client request, the call interface public Result get (byte [] regionName, Get get) { ... HRegion region = getRegion (regionName); return region.get (get, getLockFromId (get.getLockId ())); ... } We look HRegion

Database connection query

Database connection Operators can achieve by connecting multiple table query. Connections are the main features of the relational database model, is it different from other types of database management system, a sign. In relational database managemen

inner join on, left join on, right join on

inner join on, left join on, right join on to explain (reproduced) 1 theory as long as there are two tables match the values ​​of public fields, it will be two records in the table together. Personal understanding: to find a common field in both tabl

[Transfer] Ruby using Neo4j - Neo4j.rb Profile

[Turn] the use of Ruby Neo4j - Neo4j.rb Profile Originally posted address: Installation The difference with Neo4j.rb Neo4j Installation Neo4j Installation jRuby Installation Neo4j.rb Data type definition Data Types Define the n

Table A and Table B is one to many relationship, take any record in table B and A related query

By Group By + min methods to obtain Table B in the number of records grouped in a field (typically using the primary key column or do not repeat) the minimum value of records, tables A and B and then do an outer join select, from a left j

SQL Server 2005 Video 5 - foreign key constraint

Copyright: JavaIT study room, please indicate reproduced, Foreign key is used to establish the relationship between entities and entity, as to add, modify, delete data, it can keep two tables of data consistency Two ways to defi

In-depth understanding of Oracle SCN (2)

SCN number and oracle database to restore the relationship SCN number with the oracle database recovery process has a close relationship, and only a good understanding of this relationship in order to deeply understand the principles of recovery, whi

Allowed to pass depends on a situation

Transitive dependencies in violation of database design paradigm, but sometimes allow transitive dependencies, you can get a better intuitive For example, <the company, department, employee> this relationship, you can design two tables: <com

hql multi-table query

This is the work encountered a small problem on the user, department, role of the query terms, conditions, business needs is a multi-user search, the user object contains a collection of the department and the role of the object, the name of the user

relationship with the cursor jdbc

Encountered a problem today, the system is running, throwing error, more than the maximum number of cursors. Later in the Online search some information about the database connection is concerned, there is a maximum number of cursors limit. So we had

foreign key constraint sql NO ACTION, CASCADE, SET NULL, SET DEFAULT (rpm)

NO ACTION Specify if you try to delete / modify a line, and the bank's key is the other existing rows in the table referenced by foreign key, then an error and rolls back DELETE / UPDATE statements. CASCADE, SET NULL and SET DEFAULT Allows to del

Mysql MyIsam the difference between the engine and InnoDB engine

[Summary]: The main difference is that two types of InnoDB supports transactions and foreign keys, while MyISAM does not support, because MyISAM is relatively simple so the efficiency is better than small applications using the MyISAM InnoDB .. is a

oracle how to modify the primary key type

If there is a foreign key association, as follows 1. Disable constraints alter table youtablename disable constraint contraintname; Reference examples: select 'alter table' | | table_name | | 'drop constraint' | | constraint_name ||

RMAN Backup Types - backup set (backupset) and mirror copies (Image copy)

Transfer: RMAN Backup Types: backup set (Backup set) Backup set (backup set): the default backup type is Oracle, the data file has been used to block one or more backup files, the file is called "bac

Exists in Oracle and in the efficiency of

in comparison with the exist of the syntax: select × from table t where tx in (...) Brackets is either a set of values ​​tx field type, such as ('1 ', '2', '3 '), but if the tx is the number type, it seems that the wording wou
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