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Linux deployment program

A small application on Linux deployment steps: 1, jar package: run the program by the use of all of the jar package. 2, some of the configuration file: xml as well as properties used to run other documents. 3, the record run of logs, the log file nam

spring quartz timer to set the execution time dynamically

1, the timer configuration file contents <bean singleton="true"> <property name="cacheService" ref="exchangeCacheService" /> </bean> <bean > <property name="targetObject" ref="testServiceImpl" /> <property name="targe

Start a java program to stop a

run.sh start a java program to a #!/bin/sh java -cp daymail.jar com.tht.common.quartz.DayMailCronTriggerRun& stop.sh stop a java program #!/bin/sh ps -ux|grep com.tht.common.quartz.DayMailCronTriggerRun|awk '{print $2}'|while read pid do kill -9

Job based on a simple spring example

1, the need to import the jar package commons-logging-1.0.4.jar log4j-1.2.8.jar quartz-all-1.5.2.jar spring.jar 2, directory 3, annex

java in the implementation time JOB

Chapter 23. Spring's scheduling (Scheduling) and the thread pool (Thread Pooling) 23.1 Introduction Spring contains a scheduling service's built-in support classes. At present, Spring supports JDK1.3 starting from the built-in Timer class and

Java crawler frame (b) - one of the module design

A module 1. Scheduler Scheduler is responsible for starting reptiles, stop reptile, reptile monitoring state. Scheduler reptiles in the scheduling, the help of Quartz, set the reptiles at some point start. Of the same name is stateful in reptiles. Ta

With Spring use Quartz timer tasks are two ways to write

Recently carried out regular tasks required to use Quartz functions, by the recent study found, spring has been well integrated Quartz, it is mainly the bottom of some of the Quartz configuration screen, so that developers can hardly be any restrictions w

oracle create a primary key auto growth

--drop table REPORT_LOG cascade constraints; /*==============================================================*/ /* Table: REPORT_LOG */ /*==============================================================*/ create table REPORT_LOG ( ID NUMBER(20) not nul

quartz cronExpression Detailed

Spring - quartz cronExpression configuration instructions in the field, allowing the value of 0-59 seconds to allow the special characters, - * / Points 0-59, - * / Hours 0-23, - * / Date 1-31, - *? / LWC May 1-12 or JAN-DEC, - * / Weeks 1-7 or SUN-SAT, -

Quartz powerful framework for task scheduling

One. Operation commander - Scheduler Download http://www.quartz-scheduler.org/ According to the official exemple learning it, which contains all the examples, covering almost all the usage, in particular, the Cron class CronTrigger strong expression II. O

Quartz using IntrospectorCleanupListener solve memory leaks caused by

"In the server is running, Spring scheduled tasks to run non-stop and OpenSessionInViewFilter, making Tomcat framework of cyclic objects generated and used a memory leak that may arise, use IntrospectorCleanupListener as the appropriate solution.

HP-UX use the timing task Contab

Related to the project's ticketing system server, the system logs a few cases there is no time had a serious impact, so the server must log periodically to remove some irrelevant, and regularly clean up the system useless files and folders such as the

quartz corn expression

A cron expression is at least six (possibly seven) are separated by a space time element. By order of seconds (0 to 59) Minutes (0 to 59) Hour (0 to 23) Days (month) (0 ~ 31, but you need to consider your number of days the month) Months (0 to 11) Da

spring into the service by configuring the quartz

How to spring into the service to the quartz or dynamic, dynamic parameters passed? Here the main uses of this class setJobDataAsMap org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.JobDetailBean this way! Specific API are as follows: setJobDataAsMap public voi

Enterprise Application Development in the summary of the problems

Enterprise Application Development in the summary of the problems 1. The application server cluster load and Session Replication Check the application server supports the cluster, configure the cluster of two servers must be the same version. Session

Quartz job scheduling learning materials

Original Site: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/java/j-quartz/ Modern Web application framework in terms of both scope and complexity of the development of the underlying components of each application must also be developed accordingly. Job schedulin

JAVA + tomcat + quartz

Quartz timer in the configuration when Configuration file using the quartz_job.xml Error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax / transaction / UserTransaction The original package is the lack of jta.jar When using quartz requires two basic JAR package: qu

Grails Tips (Update @ 2011-01-03)

1. Quartz plug Job must configure a static trigger = {}, otherwise it will run once a minute. 2. Grails project into eclipse, the prompt "The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for groovy.lang.Gr

Quartz Study Notes (a)

1. SchedulerFactory sf = new StdSchedulerFactory (); Scheduler sched = sf.getScheduler (); SchedulerFactory instances can create QuartzScheduler quartz.properities instance in the configuration file. 2.TriggerUtils getEvenMinuteDate (new Date ()); at

spring quartz Cron Job

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans http://www.springframewor

Spring Integration regular mail Quartz

Function Description: new to Quartz, Quartz integration with the spring to try to achieve every one minute to send a message to send 10 consecutive core jar: Mail: commons-email-1.2.jar mail.jar (required) quartz: quartz-all-1.8.3.jar quartz-all-1.8.

The first program OSWorkflow

The first program OSWorkflow The first program OSWorkflow (Steven, 2005/6/4, hi.steven @ gmail.com) Since the C version of the Bible to guide the Hello World program starts beginners to learn programming language since the majority of the programming

spring quartz application

Configure multiple calls of the method and object: <!-- testController And the object in the respective testController2 TestController And inject TestController class --> <bean > <property name="targetObject" ref="testController" /> <

[Reserved] Quartz Project Application Notes

Source: http://www.blogjava.net/steady/archive/2008/09/23/134017.html Quartz is a powerful enterprise-class Schedule tool, is currently the best open source tool Schedule of the project some of the issues to do with Quartz simple records. In the applicati

Scheduling information is stored

Quartz by default to run the task scheduling information stored in memory, this method provides the best performance, because the fastest memory data access. The downside is the lack of data persistence, when the program stopped or a system crash the

cron expression format

Quartz cron expression format is very similar to the UNIX cron format, but there are some obvious differences. Quartz is one difference between the format down to the second level of program support, and support UNIX cron program is only to the minut

Quartz Job of cron / Fixed Interval / Fixed Delay

On the applications should have 3 scheduled tasks: cron-based; fixed interval (Fixed Interval); a fixed delay (Fixed Delay). 1. Based on cron This is easier to understand, just give a cron expression, the expression can go to implementation. Such as

Project implementation tasks more time

Regular use in the project task is very common, for example: the implementation of 3:00 every night really delete the data, the fourth week of each month beginning Wednesday evening 1:00 to run the report statistical tasks, we project, by the followi

Detailed parameters of quartz misfireThreshold

org.quartz.jobStore.misfireThreshold = 60000 # 60 seconds Default Then perform the first operation in 10:01 seconds, then sets the next execution time of 10:02 seconds, to wait for a job can be executed only after the thread about to perform in front

Integration of Spring and quartz

Integration of Spring and quartz 1.quartz need to add the quartz-1.6.x.jar package spring need to add spring-context-support.jar package My test environment is WebLogic 9.2, Tomcat 5.5. WebLogic 9.2 can be used directly, Tomcat 5.5 also need to add j

quartz starts, the first time, the problem immediately

Through the quartz to configure a task, for example, I set the hourly, such as the 15:28 start, the desired results should be that the first performance at 16:00, and so on. Results often, at 15:28 on the first execution carried out, that quartz is n

Quartz Getting Started - implementation schedule with xml

Transfer from http://www.mscto.com/JavaBase/2009022461114.html Why is Quartz? Quartz is an enterprise-class schedule [schedule] software, Unix CRON familiar with the definition under way, there are simple definitions. Quartz is stored can be a memory stor

Real-time configuration changes to Quartz

Excerpt from half-day with the Quartz Complex B / S under the Quartz Configuration involves three files: 1. Configuring the service startup Quartz web.xml; 2. Configuring Quartz runtime environment quartz.properties; 3. Configuration tasks detailed in the

spring2.5 dbcp jar package required to connect to the database

spring2.5 dbcp jar required to connect to the database package: spring.jar, commons-pool-xxx.jar, commons-dbcp-xxx.jar, commons-collections-xxx.jar. where xxx is the version number. If you need to join the Task Scheduler Quartz, jar package is needed

The open source packages used in the work

Struts2.1.8 Spring2.5.2 Spring Security 2.0.6 hibernate3.3 - JBoss hibernate tools C3P0 (Proxool) ehcache Quartz JasperReports (JFreechart) xml parsing: dom4j xalan Common logging (log4j, slf4j) Code optimization tools: CheckStyle PDM JLint FindBugs

web - quartz Detailed

Detailed recently developed quartz process, often using the system to automatically clear the operation, for example: the system in a given time with the client to send e-mail, for a specific period of time to perform certain operations, etc., if we

spring2.0 Quartz perform regular daily tasks

package com.tht.common.job.spring; import java.util.Date; /** * Created by IntelliJ IDEA. * User: liuwen * Date: 2010-11-6 * Time: 20:30:42 * To change this template use File | Settings | File Templates. */ public class JobData { public String getDat

spring2.0 job Quartz and Time as the timing tasks

package com.tht.common.job.spring; import java.util.Date; /** * Created by IntelliJ IDEA. * User: liuwen * Date: 2010-11-6 * Time: 20:30:42 * To change this template use File | Settings | File Templates. */ public class JobData { public String getDat

spring2.0 Quartz perform regular daily tasks is to perform the task of ordinary general

Plan to implement the tasks of such a class package com.tht.common.job.spring; import org.quartz.JobExecutionException; import org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.QuartzJobBean; import org.apache.log4j.Logger; /** * Created by IntelliJ IDEA. * User

2010-11-04 quartz study notes four - pass parameters to the task and the maintenance of the status of the task

1. Custom Job class implements StatlefulJob interface, if the realization of Job interface, you can not obtain the parameters public class ColorJob implements StatefulJob 2. Overridden execute (JobExecutionContext context) method String jobName = con

Fundamentals - Concept Summary (spring security.Quartz.JUnit test, etc.)

Interview may be useful 1, Spring Security framework and the general principles of (1) to configure the filter in the web.xml, so that you can control each request of this project. (2) in the applicationContext.xml configuration in which the http tab to c

2010-11-04 quartz five-misFire Study Notes

If a job's execution time is greater than the trigger associated with this job interval, then the trigger will misFire, you can set the trigger strategy to control some of misFire trigger when it detects misFire behavior, the specific use of the

2010-11-04 quartz six-JobExecutionException Study Notes

When executing an exception when job how to deal with? 1. JobExecutionException this exception packaging try { int zero = 0; int calculation = 4815 / zero; } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println("--- Error in job!"); JobExecutionException e2 = ne

quartz study notes II (example2)

The construction method of a JobDetail JobDetail relatively simple construction method public JobDetail(String name, String group, Class jobClass) { setName(name); setGroup(group); setJobClass(jobClass); } Second, the construction method SimpleTrigge

2010-11-03 quartz study notes three (example3) CronTrigger

CronTriger time to plan trigger /** * <p> * Create a <code>CronTrigger</code> with fire time dictated by the * <code>cronExpression</code> resolved with respect to the specified * <code>timeZone</code> occurr

Spring study (7) - For an example of timing tasks Quartz

The actual project tasks related to regular use is still relatively common, such as the time to do reports, data access time, time to send e-mail, etc., but we are familiar with or is more convenient and TimerTask or is Quartz, but in terms of conven

Pentaho Introduction

Transfer from: http://wiki.huihoo.com/wiki/Pentaho Administration Console: http://localhost:8099/ admin / password BI Server http://localhost:8080 Install access http://internap.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/pentaho/pentaho-1.6.0GA-windows-opensourc

Quartz timer tasks framework for learning Summary

First details on the Quartz an article can refer to my blog, an article on the introduction of the framework. I did a web site of the project is an early warning system, through their own definition of an abstract class, the use of strategy pattern,

Spring configured Qutarz

First define a class to the work schedule: public class Task{ public void work() { System.out.println("Quartz Task scheduling !"); } } The rest is Spring configuration file: <beans> <!-- The working class to invoke --> <bean></be

eclipse create a specialized storage jar file works for multiple projects references

In learning some techniques such as: Struts2, Spring, often to refer to some of the same package, such as spring.jar, struts2.jar and so on. We want to create multiple web projects, and will refer to these jar files. While we can put these packets to a fi
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