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Write sql statement notes

1, poorly written using bind variables: select * from basetab where msisdn = '13800138000 ' The correct wording: select * from basetab where msisdn =: 1 Using preparedstatement in jdbc 2, do not frequently commit Not the right way: insert int

db2 database record of installation and testing issues

As the platform for testing needs, the next two days in the windows xp built db2 (db2_9.1.3 version) server environment, jdbc way through the test. There have been some problems. The original code is as follows: Connection conn = null; PreparedStatem

[Code for recording live] without the implementation of the framework BaseDao

/* Purely for learning, low reviews , Please bypass, thank you */ Define the main class, BaseDao: public interface BaseDao<T> { // Adopting generic class public ArrayList<T> query(String sql,Object[] obj); public boolean update(String sql

Spring + Struts + ibatis configuration data read and write under the separation and services (d)

Then Spring + Struts + ibatis configuration data read and write under the Separation and services (c) 10 Configure, to facilitate the implementation of information print ibatis # Global logging configuration log4j.rootLogger=ERROR, s

Using cross-database transaction control jotm

Test environment: mysql-5.5.14, Oracle 10g Express, ow2-jotm-dist-2.1.9, JDK7, Win7 1, the background note: There are two databases in a user table, respectively, similar in design to the table structure as follows: In MySQL: Sql Code CREATE TABLE TU

POI Export Report ExcelUtil

import; import; import; import java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException; import java.lang.reflect.Method; import; import java.sql.Connection; import

Export the report ExcelUtil2

import; import; import; import java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException; import java.lang.reflect.Method; import; import java.sql.Connection; import

(R) JDBC connection must be closed

JDBC resources in order to ensure errors are not abnormal or unusual circumstances to be shut down, we should turn off after finished using JDBC resources and free them. JDBC connection JDBC connection pool provides a definition and a limited number

Oracle insert picture and show (using BLOB type)

Oracle insert picture and show (using BLOB type) Store images in oracle using blob type inside First established in the database: - Connect to the administrator conn sys / tbsoft as sysdba; - Scott user authorization for the grant create any director

JDBC - date type handling

Of the table field type: DATE Different versions of the package when you use getObject OJDBC drive out of different types. ojdbc14_10_2_0_4.jar out is java.sql.Date ojdbc14.jar out the java.sql.Timestamp Connection conn = null; PreparedStatement ptmt

Java field type to store and read oracleCLOB

package oracle.clob; import; import; import; import; import; import; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DriverManager; import java

Oracle JDBC to insert data to obtain the primary key

JDBC access to the primary key into the database the way, now I summarize two kinds of 1 column for the database to grow automatically (such as sql-server, mysql) / ** * Insert data to obtain the primary key * @ Param annex * @ Return * / public long

oracle blob field in the right way to update

Update that the problem is not with mysql. oracle even taken out first and then write, really SB! Here is some code oracle update code String sql = "select DEFXPDL from WD_MODELDEFINE where ProcessID =? For update"; PreparedStatement ps; tr

JDBC CLOB field in the treatment

public void insertMarketRept (List list, String sql) throws SQLException, IOException { if (list.size ()> 0) { conn = JdbcUtilsOracle.getConnection (); conn.setAutoCommit (false); PreparedStatement prest = conn . PrepareStatement (sql, ResultSet.T

H2database understanding of a

Download h2database jar package h2-1.3.159.jar Jdbc connection to build a project buildpath with h2-1.3.159.jar package on the line after that data is generated JdbcConn categories: import java.sql.Connect

JAVA Connection SQLSERVER2008 steps

Using JDBC to connect SQL SERVER 2008, many people are asking, I also tested a few times and found that under the previous method of connection will be a small problem. Summarize here for everyone. AD: The reason is that a connection error, JDBC conn

Oracle Applications comes with connection pool

Ojdbc14.jar package dependencies code: import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.PreparedStatement; import java.sql.ResultSet; import javax.sql.PooledConnection; import oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleConnectionPoolDataSource; /** * Oracle

java database Connection Service

public void deleteDeadDataImprove(String tableName, long updateTime) throws Exception { // According to the report source turns out to be sql if(connGrpForDel == null) { logger.error("connGrpForDel is not initialized."); throw new Exception("connGrpF

Insert to the database using Java when large amounts of data to optimize

Insert to the database using jdbc 100,000 records, respectively, using statement, PreparedStatement, and PreparedStatement + batch tested in three ways: / / 1 with the statement insert 100,000 records public void exec(Connection conn){ try { // Start

JDBC query using a cursor page

/** * Query from the database at a time the largest maxCount records * @param sql Incoming SQL statements * @param startNo Starting from which records * @param maxCount Total access how many records */ public void getData(String sql,int startNo,int m

Cannon-class persistence layer - Part II

Title: paging extensions persistence layer for lack of paging is clearly not acceptable, to compensate for this deficiency, I do paging extensions, as follows: package; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.Prepare

BLOB data type of the operation into ORACLE database

Oracle's Blob field rather special, his performance is better than a lot of long fields, for example, can be used to save binary data like images. Writing Blob fields and other types of fields to write a very different way, because the Blob itself has

hibernate UserType use the experience

UserType Needless to say, other methods, mainly to explain the following two methods / ** * Responsible for parsing the data in the database for the corresponding value of the property PO * PreparedStatement st: will be stored in the database data se

ibatis batch appear ORA-01000: exceeded maximum number of open cursors

Since batch preparedStatement without using too much time off, resulting in the cursor exceeds the limit My solution is to executeBatch once every 100 records.

JDBC calls to functions and stored procedures

JDBC stored procedure call (1) Connection conn = null; CallableStatement cstmt = null; PreparedStatement ps = null; Conn = oracleJdbcTemplate.getDataSource (). GetConnection (); cstmt = conn.prepareCall ("{call SYN_CONTROL_SERVER.PRC_UPDATE_SEND

Oracle Call JAVA program

Oracle call in a java program, helloWord A JAVA program written create or replace and compile java source named hello as public class Hello { static public String Message(String name) { return " Hello, " + name; } } / 2 JAVA program released create o

[Transfer] JDBC + stored procedures test

package untitled3; import java.sql .*; / / Use pubs / / Go / / Create proc test / / @ Uid int / / As / / Select * from titles where pub_id = @ uid public class Untitled2 { / / Set driver, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC static String driver

A hibernate connection configuration for later use

Hibernate.cfg.xml <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <!DOCTYPE hibernate-configuration PUBLIC "-//Hibernate/Hibernate Configuration DTD 3.0//EN" ""> <hibernate-configurati

Delete a node tree table and all its descendant nodes

There are a simulation of multi-tree table tree is structured as follows (the table does not contain foreign key, that parent is not a foreign key pointing to its own id): Field Type Null Key id int (11) NO PRI name varchar (30) YES parent int (11) Y

Under a small summary

tableName table in the database on behalf of fieldName representatives need to query the database table column names cond representative for the conditional expression, cond.getCondition () to get specific expression Query function public static List

mysql clob large data processing

import java.sql.Connection ; import java.sql.DriverManager ; import java.sql.SQLException ; import java.sql.PreparedStatement ; import ; import ; import ; public class ClobDemo01{ // Define MyS

mysql blob blob movie image data processing

import java.sql.Connection ; import java.sql.DriverManager ; import java.sql.SQLException ; import java.sql.PreparedStatement ; import ; import ; import ; public class BlobDemo01{ // Define MySQL da

mysql pagination jsp + servlet + javabean achieve

MYSQL page summary of the software development often many occasions we need to use paging technology, now a lot of paging technology, but I do not know much, such as displaytag paging plugin I feel really very good but a bit You can export the pdf, word,

DB2 upload pictures to the database Blob field

Under normal circumstances like the picture in binary form stored in the database field I do so: First: Database: Db2 Second: field type: BLOB Third: Image path: Path I read here is the website of the picture, with http this, so we are using the URL Fourt

SQLSERVER2005 read the picture type field

SQL SERVER Database afternoon to add a picture type of data encountered problems in the interface manager that can be directly (by specifying the path to the image data is saved) Add a picture is not. Internet search to find the relevant information than

oracle date type field of operation (transfer)

The operation of the oracle in java, the date field is a headache, in fact, a closer look it is not difficult to obtain. Example to illustrate: Table book has name varchar2 (20) / / book titles, buydate Date / / date of purchase two fields. Has creat

sqlite CRUD Affairs Canada

Note: The following code shows how the operation of sqlite database .. Note: 1. Pmm_cz your database name can be modified into your own. Regardless of whether there can be, because if it exists, will not be created if does not exist, create a new. 2 table

interactive java and Blob

1 How to read BLOB from the database import; import java.sql.Blob; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java.sql.Statement; public class Callora { public static void main (String [] args) { try { getEmployee (); } Catch (Exception e) { / /

Oracle: Optimize SQL parsing time

1. Avoid hard parsing - use a prepared statement (JDBC in use PreparedStatement) (2) avoid soft parse - reuse the prepared statement (JDBC PreparedStatement in the run does not close after next check occasionally also the object database) 3 The clien

The difference between Statement and PreparedStatement (rpm)

1.PreparedStatement is pre-compiled for the batch processing can greatly improve efficiency. Also known as JDBC stored procedures (2) using the Statement object. In the implementation of a one-time access to the database only at the right time, with

oracle BLOB store images by

Why do I write this article? Some time ago where I project, to come across this problem, I spent two days before the problem get a BLOB. I also tried the various methods described in the Internet, the principles used in those methods are the same, bu

About Oracle's BLOB.CLOB field operation (sub-JDBC and Hibernate two) last update ...

Note: This article uses JDK1.6 and Oracle ojdbc6 driven, based on ORALCE 9I database, ojdbc6 corresponding jdk1.6, some functions if this method is not available elsewhere or in some inexplicable error, it is mostly because the driver reasons. . . This pr

Mysql is to support pre-compiled, but did not open by default

Recently saw a post, said Mysql does not support pre-compiled, and a lot of testing to prove that there is no pre-compiled. Mysql is not in fact do not support, but the default state, the pre-compiled function does not open. Here's the default st

ORACLE how to use the BLOB, LONG RAW type store pictures

The following code into binary form to the database images, documents, video, etc. Java code package test; import; import; import; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DriverMa

Third, access to the database

Third, access to the database JDBC is a java data connection (Java DataBase Connectivity) JDBC API provided by the sun, java applications and different database interfaces! JDBC Driver Manager from the sun to provide, manage different JDBC driver JDBC dri

Oracle Date field operations (java.util.Date | java.sql.Date | java.sql.Timestamp))

First show a little bit of time these common relationships between the classes A java.util.Date into a String java.util.Date udate=Calendar.getInstance().getTime(); Format f = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd hh24:mm:ss"); System.out.println(f.form T

Hsql-memory database using a simple example

import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DriverManager; import java.sql.PreparedStatement; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java.sql.Statement; /** * Reference : * @author Xredman * */ pu

CLOB in Oracle additions and modifications (reference)

This quote from the flying Firebird in the "Oracle in the CLOB, BLOB and NLOB", and modify the appropriate name, delete the contents of the corresponding redundancy in this tribute to the author. SQL type CLOB in the Java TM programming language

PreparedStatement and MySQL like

/* There is a problem :*/ select AutoID from tb_train_station where Name like '%?%') /*OK:*/ select AutoID from tb_train_station where Name like concat('%',?,'%'))

oracle store large image files stored

public class SaveImage { // The method used to store pictures, after the method call , Picture is not stored in the database, and methods must be save_2() Can be described with reference to the following category // Call the [ Class called 1] public void
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