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EJB3 + JBOSS6 + MySQL JBossResourceException: Could not create connection

EJB3 is developed, JBoss to connect to MySQL database appear 09:40:30,890 WARN [org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.JBossManagedConnectionPool] Throwable while attempting to get a new connection: null: org.jboss.resource.JBossResourceException: Coul

spring3 jar reads the configuration of external property file

Using maven-jar plug-in, pack the item labeled jar, the jar and its dependencies jar in the lib in the configuration file on the config, bin is the shell startup script. The entire directory structure is as follows spring read properties file outside

Ubuntu 10.04 to modify the MySQL datadir issue

Ubuntu 10.04 to modify the MySQL datadir issue 2011-09-08 14:21:59 Add a comment 0 I want to submission [font: big or small] As the report server space tight, you will need the mysql datadir under Ubuntu 10.04 from the default of / var / lib / mysql

MySQL database in Ubuntu How to change storage location

MySQL database in Ubuntu How to change the storage location Source: IT Expert Forum Date: 2009-06-05 MySQL's file structure is kind of how it, like this created for the command: CREATE DATABASE mysqldb Under the default storage location will have

linux mave configure and PW.

1, download maven. 2, tar-xvf apache-maven-3.0.3-bin.tar.gz extract to the current directory (tar-xvf apache-maven-3.0.3-bin.tar.gz-C maven-3.0.3 to extract the specified directory maven-3.0.3 provided that the directory exists) 3, set the environmen

Under ubuntu, mysql default database storage path

Under ubuntu, mysql default database storage path is / var / lib / mysq. By default it has no control of, can be found in the recent / var out of space, while the database is always growing, but to consider the transfer of it. Then move the data file

Operate the mysql log including a summary of the opening date automatically delete

Recently has been studying the mysql log system, multi-line mysql log N operations saw the article, but are too messy, not to engage in order to forget their own future, especially to the following conclusions: 1 I used the mysql error log that can b

In Tomcat6 way to achieve secure authentication https

https-way authentication purposes: 1 to ensure that the server is authentic 2 server and client to ensure that all communications are encrypted between, as follows i. The client generates a symmetric key , a certificate by the server to exchange keys

Oracle11g installation on the Ubuntu10.10 (transfer)

Transfer from: 1 need to install the server version of ubuntu graphical interface sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop 2, install the necessary packages (do not know whether the called deb package) sudo su - apt-

MySQL uses HandlerSocket achieve NOSQL function

First, install the 1, download mysql-5.1.54.tar.gz Extract to / root/mysql/mysql-5.1.54 directory 2, download ahiguti-HandlerSocket-Plugin-for-MySQL-1.0.6-94-g98b14c3.tar.gz extract to / root/mysql/ahiguti-HandlerSocket-Plugin-for-MySQL-98b14c3 direc

JDK configuration batch

Learned Java programming, should know, is to set the JDK environment variables, this is annoying. Here is what I wrote to set the environment variable batch. We copied the code below, save as bat file is a batch file, double click on it. @ Echo off t

Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/ var / lib / mysql / mysql.sock'

Restart the computer server, vnc mysql connection is not simple to solve the following: 1. Vnc: running vncserver 2.mysql Not connected, an error Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/ var / lib / mysql / mysql.sock' (111)

jprofiler remote monitoring configuration problems

To solve: Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not find agent library on the library path or in the local directory: jprofilerti Find information, found to be version-dependent problems, see the command as follows: a, ldd / usr/jprofiler5

MySQL encoding problems under linux

Reference: I. Table of Contents Introduction 1. Database directories /var/lib/mysql/, MySQL here corresponds to windows MySQL under date Folder 2. Profile /usr/share/mysql(mysql.server Command and

Sqlite3 version compatibility issues on CentOS

sqlite3-ruby version of CentOS 1.3 is not compatible, access to the database times the following error: / Usr/local/ruby/ruby-enterprise-1.8.7-2011.03/bin/ruby: symbol lookup error: / usr/local/ruby/ruby-enterprise-1.8.7-2011.03/lib/ruby/gems/1.8 / g


sudo / usr / sbin / semanage fcontext-a-t httpd_config_t "/ etc / nginx (/.*)?" sudo / usr / sbin / semanage fcontext-a-t httpd_sys_content_t "/ usr / share / nginx (/.*)?" sudo / usr / sbin / semanage fcontext-a-t httpd_exec_t-f

Ubuntu11.04 menu bar disappears - solution

Fiddle a bit U11.04 two days before the system configuration, the result after reboot a lot of problems now summarize. One problem: The first problem encountered is to stay in power after the verification window, when I enter the password verificatio

E: Sub-process / usr / bin / dpkg returned an error code (1) error solution

Can be solved: cd / var / lib / dpkg sudo mv info info.bak sudo mkdir info Re-install: sudo apt-get - reinstall install <packageNames>

How to connect tomcat

1, in the Baidu search tomcat tomcat into the official website, the download to download tomcat7.0, the 32-bit windows zip to the D drive 2, in / lzy / html download jdk to C-Program File-java-jdk1.6.0 3, change the environment con

MySQL Change the default data file storage directory

Many of my friends have encountered under the CentOS Linux install with RPM or Yum MySQL database files after changing the default storage location of the problem. Here I am with you step by step to change the default MySQL database file storage loca

Static and dynamic libraries the advantages and disadvantages

First, the type of library (A) in the windows . Dll dynamic library . Lib static libraries Library source code is a binary file (B) in linux . So dynamic library . A static library (C) the static and dynamic libraries the advantages and disadvantages

fedora14 manually install firefox7

Download firefox-7.0.tar.bz2, extract to / usr / lib / next Comes with the 3.6 version of fedora firefox delete yum erase firefox (yum remove firefox) Link to the firefox executable / usr / bin / ln-s / usr / lib / firefox / firefox / usr / bin / Wil

There is no room for dynamic MMap Please increase the APT:: Cache-Limit the size of the current value: 25165824

Zhuangwan ubuntu 10.04 after not updated, there are problems E: Dynamic MMap no space. Please increase the APT:: Cache-Limit size. Current value: 25165824. (Man 5 apt.conf) E: processing linux-headers-2.6.24-25 (NewVersion1) error E: Problem with Mer

Yong JSTL study notes

A, JSTL installation Download address , the latest version of the site jstl1.1, software name Extracting lib after the jstl.jar, standard.jar copi

[Reserved] Firefox Flash Player plug-in installed

Reprinted from: Mandriva 2009 is good, I recommend the next. In Mandriva 2009 operating system, the default Firefox is no flash plug-in, to the other to install. First, go download the flash player

Brother of the Linux private kitchens birds - 13 articles based learning

78.Linux backup strategy To back up files can usually be divided into two categories: one is the system, is similar to a class of data network services The host system need to back up files: / Etc / entire directory / Home the entire directory / Var

Ubuntu JDK installation and configuration in detail

Ubuntu JDK installation configuration of the detailed steps: Ubuntu JDK installation configuration 1. Download jdk Download Connection Choose jdk-6u14-linux-i586.bin download the jdk-6u14-linux-i586.bin

redhat install mysql5 record

xxxx ---- omit certain words, installing a MYSQL learn from. yum install mysql installed, Run mysql ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/ var / lib / mysql / mysql.sock' (2). There is an article that is

A set of Linux commands

Oracle server to do the test today find 100% disk usage can not cause the normal operation of Oracle Server and spent a long time to finally ask out a Linux expert clean-up 100GB of space, use the following list of some of the Linux Command, as Follo

struts2.1.8 later appeared TextUtils undefined problem with json

Upgrade to the struts2 version 2.1.8 or above, we found wrong with the JSON with the following error: Chang: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/opensymphony/xwork2/util/TextUtils Solution: remove jsonplugin-0.34.jar, using the struts2-json-plugin-2.

CentOS install flash plugin in firefox

Have not used linux a long time, remember He was in school with slackware, later installed redhat, ubuntu, but not how to use. Whim this evening, had a coat in a virtual machine CentOS5.2 play. Upon entering the system could not handle the results (a

[Cocos2d game developed XI] use Box2d physical systems and add Box2d in cocos2d framework approach physical system lib package

On a related question about the particle, of course, not weakness, and today continue to give you a simple physical system description and tell; First, the first introduction, how to add box2d development in cocos2d lib package, because the general u

JAVA_HOME environment variable

java environment variables to configure the configuration-Windows XP JDK environment variables: 1 install JDK, the installation process can customize the installation directory and other information, for example, we select the installation directory

centos6.0 copy installed nginx + php method

1 copy of the original documents compiled nginx with PHP 2, install libmcrypt ./configure make make install 3, the installation a) \\\dev\middleware\nginx\libiconv-1.13.1.tar.gz b) ./configure c) make d) make install e) ln -s

bcm43xx driver guide

B43 driver has been heard has been very good, tried many times before their own, but without success, after almost a year, and finally in the mood to re-tossing about, and that is really the same, and someone said, linux on the drive support has been

How To Install MacPorts, Apache2, Rails, MySql, Mongrel, and Subversion

Now that I'm just about ready to deploy my first rails app, I thought I'd get the deployment environment set up rock solid on both the production and the development machines (one Mac Mini and one MacBookPro). Like many other tutorials on thi

VirtualBox shared folders failure solution

virtualBox installation is complete, you need to communicate with the host virtual machine, there are two ways to transmit. The first method is to use the host secureCRT transfer or directly from the virtual machine to get the file, similar to the co

httpclient to access the digital certificate requires a client certificate handling the https interface

1 install a digital certificate Execute java InstallCert 443 Download digital certificate, Annex, you tune into the interface of the domain name, the certificate only needs the next time the machine can be

Linux high availability solution of the Heartbeat CRM configuration (original)

The default mode is no way to monitor the heartbeat of resources, that is one of the resource if the crash out, it will not happen any action that the other side it only when it will occur after the action dead machine, that is, the machine crashed,

Ubuntu10.04 following the JAVA programming

The day before yesterday following a successful deployment in Ubuntu10.04 JDK environment, and today wanted to be in the operating system following JAVA programming practice! Well, Just do it. First of all, have to create a document, but when I right

Jpcap installation and configuration

1 to download JPcap, download address is: 2. As JPcap runtime dependencies WinCap the library, so the machine must also download and install WinCap, download address is: http://www.winpcap.or

Linux cluster time synchronization settings

11 sets of plans to look at Linux cluster time synchronization, the operating system to Ubuntu 11.04 x86 64 Bits Selected one of the as the time server (ntp server), the node with other nodes for time synchronization. 1, (mo

Installing CentOS 6 Notes (office)

CentOS 6 32bit Zoning: continuously adjusted according to personal habits, in order to achieve optimal spatial allocation of resources. / Boot 1G / 100G / Tmp 10G / Var 10G / Home 100G / Usr / local 50G / Swap and memory as large as # 0, modify the s

Brother of the Linux private kitchens birds - 11 articles based learning

63. To start system services and start-settings file (/ etc / rc.d / rc.n and / etc / sysconfig) When you want to start any work performed, directly write / etc / rc.d / rc.local, the work will be automatically loaded at boot time Core: / boot / vmli

Uninstall mysql in Linux and security

Work system in a centos machine tops mysql, and this had mysql installed on the machine before, and all have to pretend to previous mysql delete, and then clothes. As previously not been in linux upload mysql, toss a long pause before the whole good.

Linux deployment program

A small application on Linux deployment steps: 1, jar package: run the program by the use of all of the jar package. 2, some of the configuration file: xml as well as properties used to run other documents. 3, the record run of logs, the log file nam

Xshell connection ubuntu

xshell modified UTF-8 encoding method: [File] -> [open] -> selected in open session that connection, click properties -> [Terminal], first select the right translation utf8, then reconnect server. First install the virtual machine may be due

fedora15 use eclipose automatically exit

In the java / android development of the students to use Eclipse IDE (version 3.6.1) may find that Eclipse will automatically whenever prompted to exit (in fact, has collapsed, but the collapse was more straightforward), you need to join in the eclip

Sybase DBISQL little secret

Currently, all Sybase database products, the use dbisql to visit. If you installed more than two sybase database, can easily cause confusion. These databases are: SQL Anywhere (ASA), Sybase Enterprise Server (ASE), Sybase IQ. Here to tell you an inte

cassandra's CQL side of it

These days do cassandra 0.8.4, had just spent a month, who knows, now this stuff to 0.8.6. Feeling very fast development. I said here about the process I get CQL encountered a problem and solving process. Want to help you. I am ready to play cqlsh. T
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