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jetty run-time file locking solution

Because Jetty uses memory mapped files to cache static files, including js, css files. On Windows the following, using memory-mapped file will cause the file is locked. The solution is do not use memory-mapped file cache. As follows: 1) In the versio

mongo database to dynamically add procedure (stored procedure)

mongo DB also supports stored procedures, and some of the other database the procedure is different mongo is inside a javascript form is stored in a collection called system.js inside. Mongo's JDBC driver can use the API to add dynamic procedure.

javascript cross-domain access (front-end solutions)

What is cross-domain JavaScript for security reasons, do not allow cross-domain calls to other page objects. However, security restrictions also apply to inject iframe or ajax on a lot of trouble. Here's some of the issues related to cross-domain

Baidu turn GPS positioning coordinates of high precision!

Baidu turn GPS positioning coordinates of high precision wow! <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312" /> <title> Commonly used coordinate transformation </titl

seam2 hot deployment

seam can well support page (faceslet), non-ejb class, variety page.xml hot deployment, support fully dynamic content to add, modify, but not deleted. One page (faceslet) facelets hot deployment is the management of their own, nothing to do with the s

mongodb installation details (I have successfully installed)

First, install mongoDB 1, extract mongodb-win32-i386-1.8.2 to E: \ MyProgram \ mongodb-win32-i386-1.8.2 (you can follow your own path, the path is best not to have spaces, otherwise trouble) 2, the new folder C: \ DATA \ DB, which is mongoDB the defa

Google Logo Resolution

Google's logo today is very interesting; Download the next one look at a picture: <img src = " " The original call is based on the user's gestures to control the display picture js coordinates, ie cascade, with jqgrid small pictu

js and jsp interaction

js and jsp interaction 2010-03-04 22:36:36 | Category: Personal Diary | Tags: | font size medium and small subscription. For the WEB program, the front end (JavaScript) and back-end (JSP / Servlet) is unable to share data, only the back-end program (

ExtJs direct push DEMO

Other codes see annex <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"/> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../extjs/resources/css/ext-all.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" hr

tomcat integrated with apache's mod_proxy

apache tomcat integration with in two ways: 1.mod_jk module This method applies to earlier versions, in Apache2.2 * later can not be integrated with tomcat. 2. Mod_proxy proxy module (1) first install the mod_proxy module sudo apt-get install libapac

JQuery Ajax small example

helloAjax.jsp page: <%@ page language="java" pageEncoding="utf-8" %> <html> <head> <title>HelloAjax</title> <script src="./js/jquery-1.6.1.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript">

Business, not part-time (67) --- an outsider to learn java, js, jsp difference

Day before the day has continued to deal with emergencies. In fact, very few now living under the sun is the real manual labor to deal with things, that is, the process of dealing with people, constantly on the phone and speak different people, communicat

Right under the browser a new form of workaround TAB

Recently, a new requirement of the original main menu screen seven BUTTON, requires a right to point out the menu on the content, select Open the form in TAB I was not the right question with JQUERY, click on the event, the version 1.6.2 which has be

lighttpd configuration of caching static files

In the / etc / lighttpd / lighttpd.conf, activate mod_expire module, and add the following code. $HTTP["url"] =~ "(.png|.css|.js|.jpg|.gif)$" { expire.url = ( "" => "access 2 months" ) }

java garbage problem

Garbage problem is very common in Java, a variety of reasons, to make a summary here, do not purport to be comprehensive, accurate, please correct me if wrong. 1 result of garbled code file page. Each file (java, js, jsp, html, etc.) has its own coding fo

ISA2006 need to set up the idea of ​​the place

More and more modern enterprises need information security, especially network, recently asked for a company should set up a ISA2006 firewall system, there are many issues during the first back contact, memo up right now: 1, network definition Intran

Cloud platform programming and development (a): List of cloud platform service providers

Cloud computing is the next IT industry trends, Next Big Thing. Many companies have launched the "cloud platform" products. Below is a list of existing service providers, by ANDYLAND summary. This "cloud platform" is a venture company

WEB development of high-performance 3

4.1.7 provide the ability to download images for concurrent HTTP Portal system, generally support the number of concurrent users to be much larger than the management system, you can support the kind of resources like Sina home page to download a pol

Microblogging using HttpClient to access sina

Today received a task to climb sina micro-blog content. Reptiles climb a cookie, so write a login interface to use httpclient. Analysis tools used: Live HTTP Headers (Firefox, a plug-in) References: http://blog.csdn.net/yodlove/article/details/593802

gjs / seed-related notes

GNOME3 desktop development as the main use of Javascript UI layer implementation language. GNOME3 how to use Javascript for desktop application development? Here is the original introduction of GJS / SEED framework, the use of JS for GTK / Clutter so

[Transfer] JSP Chinese garbled

Original Address: http://www.cnblogs.com/jiangqi0201/archive/2011/05/10/2042410.html js p Chinese garbled solution A, JSP pages display garbled Second, when the Chinese garbled form submission Third, the database connection Everyone in the JSP development

java and js international time international

java International time Local time = UTC( Greenwich mean time ) + Time zone difference 1. Get UTC time (UTC Save time in the database, the interface is displayed according to the time zone conversion ) public static Date getUTCTime() { SimpleDateForm

Experience epsiode 1 2006-2008

The so-called distributed and popular distributed does not matter, just too much engaged in the field of coding, start a game coder, do the test, then the freelancer, as well as technical support, database, phone, web front-end design. Net java even

Grails uses kindeditor, support for attachments

1, with the attachment grails-kindeditor.rar directory to extract the web-app directory 2, gsp file code: <head> <script charset="utf-8" src="${resource(dir: 'kindeditor', file: 'kindeditor.js')}"></script> <script> KE.show({ id :

From C #. Net to RoR - GuruDigger the migration experience sharing

=== Advertising part, want to see you can skip the technical part === GuruDigger is a community for web developers to user authentication via the Email from starting automatically climb over the Internet, according to the user's activities on the Inte

forword not to jump css js

Recently discovered using sitemish Jump to note when configuring many of the details. Today to solve a problem, I have been using redirection jump, jump mainly because using the server did not succeed, because, js and css did not come, Solution, after ana

Allow for nginx expires and are effective anti-hotlinking

expires effective, anti-hotlinking failure location ~* ^.+\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|css|js|swf)$ { access_log off; root /opt/app/xuexi6; expires 1h; #break; } location ~* ^.+\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|swf|rar|zip)$ { valid_referers none blocked *.xuexi6.com; if (

Twitter's Mash-up Service of the integrated approach

Twitter's UI Mash-up Service can be divided into three blocks: 1. Web Intents - links to point the content can be produced twitter 2. Button - the page you will see some of the Button 3. Widget - the page you will see some widget, a button or link whi

Facebook, Mash-up Service of the integrated approach

In two ways: 1. Iframe 2. XFBML 1. Iframe <iframe src="http://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=google.com" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" ></iframe> 2. XFBML <script src="http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#appId=APP_ID&amp;x

Several commonly used Linux operating file folder command

Recently with Dotcloud, a cloud services platform supports multiple, often need to log into remote host, there are a few commands are used most frequently, concluded the following: Copy: cp-rf ** des / / current directory recursively copy all files a

Arch-03-10-automatic vote robot

Since life requires a picture on the website vote rankings inevitably be automatically reminded to vote robot. After a day of trying, three options: (1) save the page to the local voting, analysis code, the direct use of js and ajax submit cycle, each cyc

Introduction to Linux Shell function

In the Linux shell, the function of this feature is very similar to the JS, need to be defined before calling. To find a simple function #!/bin/bash #findit findit() { if [ $# -lt 1 ] then echo "no more than one arguments is valid" return 1 fi find -

Two types of Oracle wildcard% _, as long as the restrictions to prevent input _ js

Do notice the query, the user input%%, _ both are can check out all the data, understand Later, a check data, the original oracle supports two wildcard characters%, _ So long as these two symbols with the js locked up! / * Own use, verify with the '_

Selenium test using the Web interface using loop control

Selenium is a good testing framework to use Web interface. But its function has shortcomings, such as: Selenium IDE is not supported in the program control statements. Here's how to add a program in Selenium IDE control function. 1) Download the

Local debugging using the same port the consequences of multiple web applications

I first start the local Web site a, closed after use, but also start a website the same port b, then site b js error occurred View page source code and found that b sites even call the js file to a website called gone As referenced in the original js

Home Competition of data Sina Tencent VS

Zhengzhou, Henan Netcom ADSL line There are pictures of them that God really want from the horse too! I can see God Ma eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom, but I feel this is in charge of my area, loading speed Tencent Tencent home win looked c

Get rid of IE has restricted this page you can access the computer running the script or ActiveX control prompts

Html page in the local debugging, if contains the js or flash, IE always prompts "IE has restricted this page you can access a computer running scripts or ActiveX controls." As program developers, each time point allowed, very troublesome,

IE browser error details page news: 'events' is null or not an object

Double-click the IE browser a small exclamation mark appears: Web error details message: 'events' is null or not an object Line: 64 Characters: 2723 Code: 0 URI: http://localhost:8080/fvsd_report/ext/ext-all.js This may be due to the lack of

nginx proxy_pass location problems for regular expressions

http://blog.helosa.org/2010/02/10/nginx-proxy_pass.html In nginx configured proxy_pass, if it is matched by a path ^ ~ Note proxy_pass the url after the final / When coupled with a /, the equivalent of absolute root path, then nginx does not match th

nodejs Study Notes (1)

Recently have time to study a bit nodejs. Are summarized as follows: In nodejs official website: http://nodejs.org/ download the latest nodejs source node-v0.4.5.tar.gz, if the slow download speeds, you can access the github website https://github.com/joy

event-handling framework dojo

Reference Note: the original from http://coralsea.bokee.com/viewdiary.12065264.html , for the convenience of my reading, the text format is slightly adjusted. Goal of this document: 1, a brief Dojo's event handling framework - Event System. 2, this ev

Add to blog "to share the" sidebar floating window

<!-- JiaThis Button BEGIN --> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://v1.jiathis.com/code/jiathis_r.js" charset="utf-8"></script> <!-- JiaThis Button END -->

To solve ORA-14402: updating partition key column would lead to the partition change

Today, a data table is 0110-11-23 12:00:44 which is another source of data to the system, bug out because the js in different browsers to take a matter of time. The right time is 2010-11-23 12:00:44, when the right to change this data, the implementa

Instance of Oracle stored procedure development

Instance of Oracle stored procedure development 2009-5-14 11:21:00 <script type="text/javascript"> </ script> <script src="http://images.sohu.com/cs/jsfile/js/ct.js" type="text/javascript"> </ script

Why have a compatibility test: the terrorist than the web browser mobile browser

For web sites, in general, we now need is a compatible An operating system (windows) X 3 Species browser (ie 6, ie7, firefox) = 3 case Demanding that the web site requires a compatible An operating system (windows) X 7 Species browser (ie6, ie7, fire

MyEclipse automatically prompts you to other jquery and extjs

First, install Spket The first method: Online update method 1. Plugins Home: http://www.spket.com 2 plug-in name: Spket IDE 3 Update the connection (Update Site): http://www.spket.com/update/ Update installation method: 1. [Help] - [Software Updates] - [F

Project development norms of self-reflection

SNS is currently doing a stand-alone site, as pre-normative work is not good, which later led to a lot of time-consuming to modify and display the project Debu specifications, not easy to maintain, the following is the start of project implementation

The word on the SVN compare script

[2008-6] February bbs TortoiseSVN can call the front has posted word for doc files comparison chart. Today glance the next TortoiseSVN \ Diff-Scripts directory and found a mystery: diff-doc.js files! It reads as follows: QUOTE: var objArgs, num, sBaseDoc,

Describes a prototype design tool Balsamiq Mockups

Before this has been done using the prototype in Figure visio, visio drawing with felt too stiff when, tired of the layout of the lock. Down a system that is depressed to engage in, ah, not any other software used, do not know what a good software, s

To achieve the rich editor FCKeditor

Rich editing module can be achieved online document editing capabilities, and dynamic uploading into the image / falsh to the document. This project, we use FCKeditor --- the famous open source rich editing module. Projects in our netjavaWeb use it, you n
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