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<Pro Oracle SQL> - Chapter 6 - 6.2 Execute Plans - The third

Identifying SQL Statements for Later Plan Retrieval labeled SQL statement after the plan to facilitate retrieval (page 171) If you want to retrieve a statement that was executed in the past, you can retrieve the SQL_ID and CHILD_NUMBER from V $ SQL a

orcale paging and merger inquiries

1.orcale of the page There are three ways for paging, paging using the rownum efficiency of this approach and the code can also be relatively simple, its code is as follows Article VI to query the data select * from (select a1 .*, rownum rn from (sel

MySQL database sub-table of the three methods

Reference: A first sub-table talk about why When the data reach a few million, you check the time spent will become a more, if the joint inquiry, I think there may be a death. The purpo

Oracle 10g SQL Fundamentals II (study notes two chapters 7-8)

Chapter seventh layered search Syntax : SELECT [LEVEL], column, expr... FROM table [WHERE condition(s)] [START WITH condition(s)] [CONNECT BY PRIOR condition(s)] ; For example, : SELECT employee_id, last_name, job_id, manager_id FROM employees START

Oracle 10g SQL Fundamentals I (study notes two chapters 7-8)

Seventh chapter using a variety of operations Union/UNION ALL/MINUS/INTERSECT union The use of : Duplicate result removal of query select employee_id,job_id from employees union select employee_id,job_id from job_history; union all The use of :( Incl

Set disk quota limits under linux

Only ext format under linux disk to enable disk quotas function The first step: vi / etc / fstab Find the disk you want to open, such as: / Dev/hdb2 / home ext3 defaults 1 1 Revised to / Dev/hdb2 / home ext3 defaults, usrquota, grpquota 1 1 Save and

Oracle 10g SQL Fundamentals I (Study Notes Chapter II, para 4-6)

The fourth section : Grouping function : select [column,]group_function(column),... from table where condition group by column order by column; select avg(salary) ,max(salary),min(salary),sum(salary) from employees where job_id where '%REP%'; select

An iterative development research: an iterative project

We mentioned earlier, when we break down the work for software projects to assess the workload, determine priorities. At the same time, the staffing of the project, that is, who is responsible for needs analysis, which is responsible for the design,

An iterative development research: an accurate assessment of the workload

When I asked many people, what is iterative development, people are always thrown a contemptuous look: "iterative development! It is not clear? Is an iterative approach to development by Well, the development process with continuous integrated w

oracle job Interval Parameters

INTERVAL parameter value description midnight every day 'TRUNC (SYSDATE + 1)' 8:30 every morning, 'TRUNC (SYSDATE + 1) + (8 * 60 +30) / (24 * 60)' Every Tuesday 12:00 'NEXT_DAY (TRUNC (SYSDATE),''TUESDAY'') + 12/24

kettle4.1 learning to use notes

Recently the company to use an ETL tool, Google a bit and found Kettle with people like more, so download the trial a bit! First, download some tutorials from the study, the main designer for Spoon, and most are relatively simple, and then find their

Synchronous data package

create or replace package body PKG_Import_ITEM_INSTANCE is - Created: 9/16/2011 2:09:59 PM - Purpose: - DBLINK_NAME V_DBLINK_NAME VARCHAR2 (40): = '@ JF_8004'; V_SQL VARCHAR2 (5000): =''; V_ID VARCHAR2 (40); V_MSG VARCHAR2 (5000): =

random oracle queries

Starting from Oracle8i Oracle provides sample table scan feature. Oracle basic methods to access data: 1 full table scan 2 Sampling table scan Full table scan (Full table Scan) Full table scan to return all records in the table. Full table scan, Orac

DBeaver experience with database management tools

Download a DBeaver1.4 from version of the software is completely free, features and DBVisualizer than lose some, but easy to use, efficiency seems to be higher. Here to Sybase ASA, Sybase ASE, MySQL, for example, tell us abo

Control group analysis - and the task group initialization

Control group analysis - and the task group initialization Foreword introduced in front of the main control group and control group data structure file system design, the paper continues to be introduced to the control group, mainly including: the in

Memcached object cache implementation focus

Memcached, we often need to customize some of the data, so a simple Key-Value format needs can not be completed, so we need to value this part of the object-oriented, while memcache is not a traditional object to be stored inside, with the tools it n

Asynchronous ways of tackling problems (self-perception of simple continued)

1, when you need a lot of the external file (usually txt or Excel format) to update the table field, you can directly use jdbc to achieve. If you want to make time-triggered task job also can use Spring to inject into the job class dataSource, direct

oracle commonly used commands - commonly used in SQL statements

oracle record commonly used commands 1, desc emp desc dept desc salgrade select * from emp; select ename, sal * 12 from emp; select 2 * 3 from dual; select sysdata from dual; select ename, sal * 12 annual_sal from emp; select ename, sal * 12 "an

Left join multi-table link

An instance I wrote: One more table join, to connect a total of three tables. Use aggregate functions SUM, GROUP BY is used SELECT a. [UserID], b. [Name], sum (c. [Money] + c. [Bank]) as TotalMoney FROM Table1 a (nolock) LEFT JOIN Table2 b (nolock) o

Export the Oracle data into SQL script method

Method One: The starting a PL / SQL DEV this tool the job. 1, open the PL / SQL DEV, then you want to export the table, right-click pop-up menu, select Export data (shown below). 2, after you click the Export data, appeared on the right export settin

UDE-31623: operation generated ORACLE error 31623 solution

Reference article [Oracle @ HTVDB001 backup] $ expdp \ '/ as sysdba \' dumpfile = deploy-201109200415.dmp schemas = DEPLOY exclude = table: \ "like \ 'V_% \' \" Export: Rel

ubuntu's init system

ubuntu no longer use the system-init system. Alternative is upstart. / Etc / init.d scripts which has been largely replaced by the / lib / init / upstart-job soft link. All system startup tasks are converted into / etc / init under the job file.

oracle add regular tasks

--submit select * from reportnobenefit; variable job1 number; begin dbms_job.submit(:job1,'PKG_JOBS.CALC_NOBENEFIT;', sysdate,'trunc(last_day(sysdate))+25/24'); end; --run begin; commit; end; --remove variable job1 number; begin dbm

For a look before work

Gradually to such a few things: 1. Their future is what you want to go way? This road is suitable for yourself? How much more difficult to achieve? (2) offer jobs to get their future goals to give what value? How much value? And other opportunities t

Oracle performance tuning study notes (b) - Statpack (installed snapped generate reports)

cle Statspack learn to install 1 Create table space create tablespace perfstat datafile''size 250M extent management local autoextend on; Remarks to create at least the size of 100M. drop tablespace perfstat including contents and datafiles;

Job based on a simple spring example

1, the need to import the jar package commons-logging-1.0.4.jar log4j-1.2.8.jar quartz-all-1.5.2.jar spring.jar 2, directory 3, annex

Oracle: materialized views

Materialized view as a time to run a stored calculation JOB + results table materialized view is essentially the table but will regularly refresh

On the design of one hundred twenty-three

Design this thing, to precipitate the job is to make a good impetuous hearts content; logic is one aspect of the experience the other hand, there is a thought. Say that a thinking human beings, God will laugh, thinking this thing, it sounds abstract,

oracle automatically create monthly tables next month

1. Automatically stored procedure to build the table create or replace procedure sp_createtab_t_data_sensor Authid Current_User as tabname varchar(200); seqname varchar(200); tabCount number; seqCount number; begin select 'T_DATA_SENSOR_' || to_char(

OracleDBA way of Redo log files (C)

Dropping Redo Log Members A group must contain at least one member, if only one can not be removed, this time you can only delete the group you can not delete a job in the active or the current state of the member, if you want to delete the member wo


Title of the article I wrote this JOB test database environment, no other intention Look at the syntax DBMS_JOB.SUBMIT ( job OUT BINARY_INTEGER, what IN VARCHAR2, next_date IN DATE DEFAULT sysdate, interval IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'null', no_par

On the oracle row_number () over () function usage analysis

row_number () over (partition by col1 order by col2) that grouped according to col1, col2 order according to the internal group, and this function calculates the value of that sort within each group after the order number (the only continuous group).

SqlServer2005 rebuild the index

With the data of the dramatic increase in the amount of data, database performance will be obvious that some slow The next time you might consider rebuilding the index, or reorganizing the index. By DBCC SHOWCONTIG(' Table name ') can view the curren

empty database script oracle

During development, may often need to re-initialize the database, the initialization, we certainly hope that no more previously cousin, stored procedures, user objects, use the following textbook can do this: BEGIN FOR rec IN (SELECT object_name, obj

High-speed export / import: Oracle Data Pump

Transfer: Oracle Database 10g utilities using data movement has been greatly improved. So far, export / import tool set is still required to transfer data across multiple platforms of choice for labor in

MySQL's data import and export

MySQL export table data to a text file: 1 using select ..... into outfile command select * from job.t1 into outfile 'd: \ export2.txt' fields terminated by '\,' optionally enclosed by '\ "' lines starting by '>

dblink remote stored procedure calls to achieve

Steps: 1 - Create DBLink create public database link testLink connect to l2108 identified by websms using '(DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = (PORT = 1521))) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = inomc )))

See Oracle index usage

Query user index select index_name,table_name,tablespace_name, index_type,uniqueness , status from dba_indexes where owner='SCOTT'; Query user index columns select index_name,table_name,column_name, index_owner,table_owner from dba_ind_columns where

Examples of commonly used statements oracle query summary

- See table structure desc dept; - Query all columns select * from emp; - Query the specified column select ename, sal, job, deptno from emp; - Cancel duplicate rows select distinct deptno, job from emp; - Check out the annual salary (including bonus

(Summary) SQL Server Bulk Insert to import bulk data

SQL Server, Bulk Insert statement can be local or remote batch import data files into the database, the speed is very fast. Remote files must share the job, the file path should use common convention (UNC) name, ie "\ \ server name or IP \ share

Oracle database DDL summary, it is classic

- Create a table for example using a subquery CREATE TABLE dept80 AS SELECT employee_id, last_name, salary * 12 annsal, hire_date FROM employees WHERE department_id = 80; SELECT * FROM employees; - ALTER TABLE statement - Use the ALTER TABLE statemen

Operating statement records database

1, the table look-up table exam_manage first 10-20 records: select top 10 * from exam_manage where emp_num not in (select top 10 emp_num from exam_manage) 2, a string padded to 10 bits, the original string is 123456, to be treated as 0000123456 right

mysql mysql start with custom variables come into force

When I want the mysql job service, I need to perform: SET GLOBAL event_scheduler = ON; SET @ @ global.event_scheduler = ON; SET GLOBAL event_scheduler = 1; SET @ @ global.event_scheduler = 1; The mysql restart, the value of these variables also need

The second study notes oracle

Table: Construction of the table: create table user_list ( user_name varchar2 (23), user_age int ); See table structure: desc user_list; Add fields: alter table user_list add (userno int); Modify the field: alter table user_list modify (user_name var

Detailed oracle trigger

oracle trigger study notes _ Trigger Is a specific event occurs when the automatic execution of code blocks. Similar to stored procedures, but users can not directly call them. Function: 1, to allow / restrict changes to the table 2, automatically ge

Oracle table to delete restore

flashback table to before drop table Scared today, the key table was accidentally deleted, the recycle bin does not directly see. Colleagues put it back up to find a database administrator to restore the job manager that this is not a backup, he also

Advanced usage of oracle cursor

1 defines a cursor with parameters Cursor with parameters is called, can get a different set of query results cursor (v_dept number,v_job varchar2) is select last_name,salary,hire_date from employees where department_id = v_dept and job_id = v_job; .

mysql job scheduling and problem solving

1 Create a stored procedure. (2) create an event (time to execute stored procedures). For example, if the table STUDENT field has id, name, age, login_time (login time); Updated every 30 seconds login time to the current time. (1) create the STUDENT

Oradcle collection operation

oracle for the set of functions: UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, MINUS 1, UNION (no re-union): When performing a UNION, automatically remove duplicate rows in the result set, and the results of the first column in ascending order. 2, UNION ALL (there ar

[Quote] Oracle full-text research (all 9)

3.10 Commonly used scripts 3.10.1 Delete the preference: begin ctx_ddl.drop_preference ('my_lexer'); end; 3.10.2. Index rebuild: ALTER INDEX newsindex REBUILD PARAMETERS ('replace lexer my_lexer'); 3.10.3 Synchronization index begin c
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