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sleep () and wait () difference

sleep () method is to make way for some time to stop the thread. In the sleep interval expires, the thread does not resume immediately. This is because at that time, other threads may be running but has not been scheduled to give up, unless (A) wake

Business, not part-time (83) --. little fun every day

Finally, the design had to interface with ppt. Of course, not my painting, my friends, painting guide. Great. Interaction can make it. Finally decided, UML diagrams, by their own hands to do all out soon to get started. Visio, there are physical name

Linux0.12 kernel analysis of twelve - printk achieve (shabby version)

In a previous brief exception in the stream, we achieved a very bad exception handling routines, in fact it is printed on the screen in addition to some of the contents of the stack, the rest is dead cycle, and can not do anything . Perhaps you are n

Workflow patterns (large category)

First, the resource flow 1, Creation Patterns 2, Push Patterns 3, Detour Patterns 4, Auto-Start Patterns 5, Visibility Patterns 6, Multiple Resource Patterns Second, the control flow 1, Basic Control Flow Patterns 2, Advanced Branching and Synchroniz

One shell of the user interaction

A remote command execution ###################################################################### # FUNCTION : AutoRemoteExec # DESCRIPTION : Automatic command execution # CALLS : No # CALLED BY : # INPUT : Parameters 1: Name parameters 2

The third shell of the user interaction

webserver@webserver135:/opt/jjp> SetPeriodBackup Usage: SetPeriodBackup [--help] [Time] [BackupFileNum] Options: --help Show help info. [Time] Set the time of periodic backup, the format must be HH:mm. [BackupFileNum] Set the max number of backup

The second shell of the user interaction

#!/bin/bash declare -r RESET="\033[0m" declare -r RED="\033[31m" declare -r GREEN="\033[32m" declare -r YELLOW="\033[33m" declare -r UNDERLINE="\033[4m" declare -r BOLD="\033[1m" declare -r YESORNO="\033[1m\033[4mY\033[0mes,\033[1m\033[4mN\033[0mo" c

Find open files with lsof

Reproduced: In the UNIX ® environment, the files everywhere, which have given rise to the motto: "everything is a file." Files can be accessed only through conventional data, typicall

All net registration - all network landing - all the school network - how all registered network (formerly the campus network)

All net registration - Registration for all network how (original campus network), registered 2011 new dedicated entrance, and Save new gifts (school all network) All net by Oak Group's network changed its name from the famous s

See Oracle's largest number of connections

View oracle maximum number of connections: SQL> select count(*) from v$session; COUNT(*) ---------- 50 View Oralce database user connection information: SQL> select * from v$session_connect_info; Under what circumstances use pfile, under what c

Powerful Helix Server

RealNetworks Helix Server is a streaming server developed, it is the world's most powerful streaming media server, known as the Swiss Army knife-purpose servers, the powerful functions can be seen. It is due to function, but too strong, leading t

sqlplus shell scripts and the interaction between

Sometimes we may need the oracle sqlplus through shell script to perform some sql, and the result set-related operations. Roughly summarized as follows here are several ways to obtain a single value directly #!/bin/bash result=`sqlplus -S system/pass

Learn about webservice

2011-08-18 Project over time will be used writing systems of interaction webservice interface rainy day thing! Start learning webService, groping for a while, still can not integrate into the actual project, the more depressed! To adhere to, be patie

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cognos interaction with java

oracle executeimmediate usage urinate

EXECUTE IMMEDIATE instead of the previous Oracle8i in DBMS_SQL package package. It parses and immediately execute dynamic SQL statements or run to create the PL / SQL block to create and execute dynamic SQL statement performance ahead, EXECUTE IMMEDI

Popular linux commands

ps: check process, you can also observe the current shell ps-ef: View all processes and terminal-related df-k: View the current file system usage passwd: password change system passwd-d user: clear the user password more: see the contents of the file can

SQL foreign key relationship and explain the options when

Child table, parent table definition: tables with foreign key is the child. Primary key is another table referenced table is the parent table. In other words: Because the identity of the parent table is a lot of sub-records in the table reference, it is c

head first study notes

1 to identify applications that may change the place, their independent, do not change the code and those who do not mix. Results: As the changes caused by inadvertently change the code to reduce the system flexibility to reduce. 2 for interface prog

oracle split function

PL / SQL split function does not need to write your own. CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE str_split IS TABLE OF VARCHAR2 (4000) CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION splitstr(p_string IN VARCHAR2, p_delimiter IN VARCHAR2) RETURN str_split PIPELINED AS v_length NUMBER :=

Mysql database is not even remotely the two main

. Category: MYSQL2006-11-02 19:48362 people read comments (0) Add report 1, did not establish a remote login ID in the database GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'name'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'pwd' WITH GRANT OPTION; 2, configuration

Technology with a buddy chat

That buddy 9:45:09 I interact with java socket with 1 second pass 10 000 or no problem I 9:45:34 http protocol is not a socket? That buddy 9:46:33 What do you mean? That buddy 9:46:56 I said I transfer using socket transport, I 9:48:04 Browser and the ser

Servlet / JSP's "Cookie and Session principle

As the characteristics of stateless HTTP protocol, Web applications often use the Cookie and Session to store user interaction with the system in the state data. Following through the analysis of HT-TP protocol for Cookie and Session works to be unde

Testing framework using bamboo

Bamboo is easy to use testing framework easy to use, but a set of rules, this rule must be written in order to smoothly run together. Here are several rules: Test code must be placed in the app directory tests directory; Test code file must be named

Strategy design pattern of the grinding mode -4

3.3 Context and Strategy of the relationship In strategy mode, usually context specific strategy used to achieve the object, in turn, strategies to achieve the object can also obtain the required context data, context can be achieved when the paramet

Flex4 module [Reserved]

Use flex4 module (1): transfer data to the module In the main program and modules, communication between the module and the module is possible. You can use the following method to the module, the main program and modules, communication modules and main pr

Use the lsof command to see which process is using a port

About lsof lsof (list open files) listed in the current system is a tool to open the file. In the linux environment, that everything in the form of documents, can be accessed only through the regular data files, you can also access the network connection

Programming.Collective.Intelligence machine learning algorithms commonly used in the summary

Naive Bayesian classifier, a number of examples is composed of a sample document, the words in each document as a feature, and Bayesian hypothesis through independent distribution company, the probability that the document belongs to a category, the categ

Distributed File System (Cluster File System)

Source: Distributed File System (Cluster File System) I have it distributed file system is divided into three categories, the aggregate file systems, global file system, file system load bal

About rel = "canonical" the scope of

This label has been out for some time, in the Chinese website users are rare; what he said today that the scope of: Speaking of scope, the first to say that he applies to the scope of search engines: google is fully applicable, Baidu does not apply Also s

SQLServer2008 About Having

Transfer Baidu Baike Compared with where GROUP BY clause HAVING clause to set conditions on the way and the SELECT statement with WHERE clause similar to the way interaction. WHERE clause search conditions before making the application packet operati

(R) Bash shell in the location parameter $#,$*,$@,$ 0, $ 1, $ 2 - and special parameters such as the meaning of $?,$-

Often in a Bash shell will see some of the more special symbols, I am now with this collection, available for inspection: Positional parameters: See ABS (Advanced Bash Shell) Chinese translation version of Chapter 9, Section 103 internal variables, of cou

Deadlock in SQL Server2000 lessons learned

Although we can not completely avoid deadlock, but you can minimize the number of deadlocks. Will minimize deadlocks can increase transaction throughput and reduce system overhead because only a few matters: Rollback, the rollback transaction will ca

SVN Branching and Merging to learn

Transfer Discuss this with everyone SVN branching and merging, many users are aware SVN branching and merging, and here I express my personal understanding, and we discuss the discussion. First we look at the S

oracle database name and sid of the difference

Database name (DB_NAME), instance name (Instance_name), and operating system environment variables (ORACLE_SID) In ORACLE7, 8 database, only the database name (db_name) and database instance name (instance_name). In ORACLE8i, 9i in the emergence of new pa

Git server-level group set up

If you use git small number of people, you can use the following steps to quickly deploy a git server environment. Such as the current situation as I, who was on assignment to the two other companies to do the project, but to do something that is com

the oracle of the interaction between sorting and paging

The following sql: select * from (select rownum rn_,t_.* from (select * from PD_MODEL order by ADD_DATE DESC) t_ where rownum <= (70 + 10)) where rn_ >= (70 + 1) Meet the requirements of the record total of 268, but different parameter query pa

The relationship between UML class diagrams

Must now be expressed using UML diagrams, so some information compiled from the Internet plus the summary. This article is also reprinted it counted. Object graph (ObjectDiagram) describes the interaction of the various objects involved in the process of

ORACLE database name instance name. ORACLE_SID difference

Database name (DB_NAME), instance name (Instance_name), and operating system environment variables (ORACLE_SID) In ORACLE7, 8 database, only the database name (db_name) and database instance name (instance_name). In ORACLE8i, 9i in the emergence of new pa

Method to solve deadlock

1. Access to resources according to the same order If all concurrent transactions according to a predetermined order to access a resource, a deadlock may be reduced. However, in database systems, concurrent processing of transactions is very large, l

Detailed Web site stress testing tutorial

Web services in the heart of distributed computing, the interaction between them is often difficult to test. Distributed development, a large team of developers and the increasing component of the code are likely to expect the development of Web serv

Database transactions and features

Database transaction Keywords: atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability as a single database transaction is a logical unit of work performed a series of operations. Imagine an online shopping transaction, the payment process database operati

Chinese Expression Blend tutorial series aggregate instance

Reference Note: the original from , for the convenience of my reading, the text format is slightly adjusted. Silverlight experience 3 years of development, from the original 1.0 version now 4.0, has been gradu

Efficient access to the database-SQL language technology

In our programming, related to the operation of the database, in terms of efficiency, in fact, we generally programmers, the most important is access to the database, and if you can guarantee to minimize the Connection, in a Connection to do as many thing

PL / SQL worst practices

1 long PL / SQL code Impact: maintainability, performance Symptoms: In a complex enterprise application, there is frequently hundreds of rows of thousands of lines stored procedure or package. Why is the worst: Too long, the PL / SQL code is not conducive

White box after the experience

This plan has been completed two days of planning some of the features for a white box (only test a simple function, not testing business), the result is very optimistic: 1, development of standard execution is not enough: the interface of the style,

Taobao Open Source Key / Value structure of data storage systems Tair Technical Analysis

Tair Taobao independently developed by the Key / Value structure of data storage systems, Taobao has a large-scale application. You log in Taobao, view product details page or in the Amoy lakes and friends, "ramming paste", it also directly

<The Art talent management software,> reading notes 11

21 Telephone Interview a. Motivation For candidates, the job description as there are usually two skills: required and recommended. Should at least meet the required skills, not to reconsider the recommendation skills. It is only recommended, it had

Mysql extension of the points table summarizes the sub-library

Database replication can solve the access problem, not solve the problem of large-scale concurrent writes to solve this problem we must consider the segmentation of the mysql data Data segmentation, by definition, scattered data, the data on a shared

oracle and java arrays interact through

Recently made by an array of interacting with the oracle java, java pass that array to oracle, oracle returns an array. Because a lot of resources online, and very detailed, I was at their base to be modified, and to express special thanks to the web
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