expression syntax

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case when and decode

Oracle's DECODE function features a strong, flexible use of words to avoid multiple scans to improve query performance. The CASE is to provide after 9i syntax, this syntax is more flexible, providing a IF THEN ELSE function. For many cases, DECOD

When the user data reporting, and sometimes it takes a lot of energy in data entry or check on the right, however, the illegal nature of the data in a number of checks on the waste of time and effort is not worth it, for example, user input data does not

The level of inquiries generated by Oracle8 BOM tree implementation

Oracle's hierarchical query on the issue and found a very useful Oracle 8i query clause: select level, rowid, ... from ... where ... start with ... connect by expression; Syntax Description: ************************************************** ***

Integrating AspectJ in Spring 2.0

Reference Note: the original from the , for the convenience of my reading, a slight adjustment of text. In the Java language, the way from the weaving section point of view, there are three ways weaving: com

AspectJ in Spring 2.0 Integration

Reference Note: the original from , for the convenience of my reading, the text format is slightly adjusted. In the Java language, weaving into the section of the way from the point of view, there are three

Python2.6 some new features compared to 2.4

Taking into account the stability, the company has been built using a version of rhel5 python2.4.3. Not long ago, rhel5 will also upgrade its own version of python2.6.4 version. So I view the next 2.6 version of the manual "what's new" in th

Third-party jar java package used [Z]

commons-digester.jar Digester rule-based XML document parsing, mainly used for mapping XML to Java objects. commons-beanutils.jar Java reflection and introspection provides API's packaging. aspectjweaver.jar Spring 2.0 is used to integrate AspectJ Asp

OGNL expression language

Expression commonly used to access the page in a variety of variables, the results output. struts2 CPC supports the following expression language (the default is OGNL): OGNL: Object properties can easily operate the open source expression language; JSTL:

OSCache the cron expression

OSCache the cron expression In OSCache2.0 previous version, the content can only be spent according to its cache to determine whether a long overdue, for example, she is content-based age. If you need to specify a particular date / time to expire the

ASP.NET expression <% $ expressionPrefix: expressionValue%>

ASP.NET run-time expressions are calculated based on the information to set control properties in a declarative way. For example, you can use expressions to set a property value based on the connection string, application settings and application con

oracle COALESCE function analysis

COALESCE Return to their argument the first non-empty expression. Syntax COALESCE (expression [, ... n]) Parameters expression Any type of expression. n You can specify multiple expressions that placeholder. All expressions must be the same type, or

sqlserver coalesce function

SQL Server COALESCE () function COALESCE function returns the list of features the first non-empty expression. Syntax COALESCE (expression, expression [, ...]) Parameters expression Any expression. Standards and compatibility SQL/92 SQL/92. SQL/99 co

coalesce.isnull.nullif function usage

coalesce () Syntax: coalesce (expression [, ... n]) Parameters: expression return type of any type of expression: the highest priority to return the data type of expression data type. If all expressions are not to Null, the result can not be the type

Query Expression Syntax

A: Expression query syntax 1: Expression.eq: corresponding sql (fidld = value): Expression.eq ("name", "zhengjigang") 2: Expression.allEq: parameter is a Map object. Equivalent to the superposition of multiple Expression.eq relationshi

Linux makefile tutorial (IV)

First, the sample The following example, to determine $ (CC) variable is "gcc", and if so, use the GNU function to compile target. libs_for_gcc =-lgnu normal_libs = foo: $ (objects) ifeq ($ (CC), gcc) $ (CC)-o foo $ (objects) $ (libs_for_gc

Configuration commonly used constants

Configuration commonly used constants struts.serve.static.browserCache whether the property is set your browser to cache static content. When the application is in development stage, we want to request access to the server each time the latest respon

The setTimeout JavaScript function call with parameters

Javascript: setTimeout () to use and setInterval () to use 2006-10-12 03:36 Evaluates an expression after a specified number of milliseconds has elapsed. (At a specified time after the specified expression) Syntax: iTimerID = window.setTimeout (vCode, iMi

Struts2 OGNL expression is one of the

1, OGNL concept OGNL is the Object-Graph Navigation Language acronym, it is a powerful expression language (Expression Language, referred to as EL), through its simple and consistent expression syntax, you can access any property of the object, call the o

FreeMarker expression

FreeMarker template expression is the core function, the expression placed in the interpolation syntax ($ (... ...)) into the time that need the output value of the expression; expression syntax can also be combined with FreeMarker tag, used to control th

VS2005 Replace regular expression search

Regular expression search and replace text mode is concise and flexible representation. Visual Studio, use the regular expression is a Visual C + + 6.0 for use with a simplified syntax a superset of the expression. In the "Find", "find in f

spring cron expression that the meaning of the various domains

Cron is mentioned in the previous paper flip-flops can accept an expression to specify the implementation of the JOB, the following look at the expression syntax. cron expression format Quartz cron expression format is very similar to the UNIX cron format

struts2 in constant Xiangjie

struts.serve.static.browserCache the property is set if the browser is caching static content. When an application is in development stage, we hope that requests access to the server each time the latest response, you can set this property to false. strut

XPath expression syntax

XPath expression syntax 2008-03-17 19:28 In the XML in, Xpath expression for us to quickly locate XML element provides a very efficient way, so to master some basic usage of XPath expressions is very important, the following is an excerpt from ASP XM ...

struts2 configuration in the constant

struts2 provide us with a more flexible design, many of his things that can all be manually configured, the following describes some of his long under constant use and configuration of the role of struts.serve.static.browserCache the property is set ...

Eclipse plug-ins to use Ruby Development Tools

Eclipse plug-ins to use Ruby Development Tools Document options Send as an e-mail this page Tomcat Application Development Download IBM open-source J2EE application server, WAS CE new version V1.1 Level: Intermediate Neal Ford ( @ ), A

Jar packages commonly used in the framework of the role of

commons-digester.jar Digester rule-based parsing of XML documents, mainly for mapping XML to Java objects. commons-beanutils.jar Provides Java reflection and introspection API packaging. aspectjweaver.jar Spring 2.0 is used to integrate AspectJ AspectJ LT
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