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Eclipse, maven of the project reported Unbound classpath variable: 'M2_REPO /**/***/***. jar

Reproduced: Eclipse, maven of the project reported Unbound classpath variable: 'M2_REPO /**/***/***. jar' But the fact is present in the jar on my local machine where the directory MAVEN Oh: C: \ Documents and Settings \ administrator \. M2 \

Java uses POI to manipulate Excel 2007

These are two routines, is to demonstrate how to use Java to read and write Excel 2007 files. Note there are more detailed description of the development environment, Eclipse, as long as you stick in the past can not be run. Routines using the POI-XS

MongoDB Study (B )---- using spring-data configuration mongodb

spring is NB, quickly find the spring configuration mongodb solution: spring-data If this problem, let us easily through the spring to manage a variety of mongodb operation. This paper mainly refer to the official spring instance document: Spring-Dat

FlashDevelop + aswing AS2 application development

FlashDevelop + aswing AS2 development program authors: harryxu Article Source: Article Type: Original Hits: 6250 Time :2006 -12-23 Statement This tutorial is webstudio forum moderator harryxu made, please indicate the source, harryxu

Install and configure TOMCAT

tomcat7.0.2 configuration first, of course, first configure the jdk: My Computer ---> Properties ---> Advanced System Settings -----> environment variables to configure the following: (I have the jdk installed in D: \ java \ in) System varia

Eclipse WepProject and JavaProject the impact of the modified files

A small problem, really depressed. IKAnalyzer need custom dictionary. Could have been a very simple thing, but I wasted so much time. mydict.dic add a custom word, to enable the word cut, people, health, banking, Bank <entry key="ext_dict">/myd

jetty run-time file locking solution

Because Jetty uses memory mapped files to cache static files, including js, css files. On Windows the following, using memory-mapped file will cause the file is locked. The solution is do not use memory-mapped file cache. As follows: 1) In the versio

(R) Log4j configuration webAppRootKey

Quote In order for the Spring Web project to use Log4j configuration as follows: 1, in web.xml add the following: <! - If you do not define webAppRootKey parameters, then webAppRootKey is the default "webapp.root". But the best setting t

Database synchronization tool for migrating small

Company projects the need for database synchronization, the user site license synchronized to the table on the company's Web site and BBS, upload an eclipse of the project, to prevent the use of backup

eclipse starts up Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine

As follows: find the eclipse directory eclipse.ini, you can see the following: -Startup plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.1.0.v20100507.jar - Launcher. Library plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.win32.win32.x86_1.1.0.v20100503 -Product org.ecl

xml xsd reference defined in eclipse of the automatic verification and completion

During this time a bit to write a persistence framework, and ultimately, the natural framework XML, custom XML tags naturally need, this time XSD into the learning areas. The concept of XSD DTD XML Schema is an alternative, it describes the structure


bug case: Eclipse is running properly, fatjar package java command is executed after the exception. / / GdClient bug reason: there are different versions of the same type of jar package, this is jdom.jar and jdom-1.0.jar conflicts. In this project, a

SVN server IP modified client-side processing

1 Problem Background: SVN server IP address change, the client need to modify the download address. Benpian use TortoiseSVN for the client and the eclipse svn plugin download files, SVN server IP modified client-side processing. (2) client-side proce

create a dynamic web project tomcat problem

In eclipse when creating dynamic web project, there can not create server situation, the following error message: Tomcat version 6.0 only supports J2EE 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, and Java EE 5 Web modules The reason is: When creating the project chose the 3.0. A

java project can not use the Server to publish to the tomcat problem

Recently took over another project trsBackEnd, clone on the project from the git down, into the eclipse, to build a new server, point "Add and Remove" found in this project is not Available, which is not directly through the server publishi

OracleOraHome92TNSListener starts refresh and close

Today in Eclipse to write code to test the Oracle connection error: java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection See the following Oracle services are started from the: OracleOraHome92TNSListener OracleS

Eclipse-based code development to prepare

// Under the code boxes in the Visual Editor cannot be removed, switch editors entire article formatting is lost ,bug Ah, the legendary bug Ah ! The company provides development environment is not Eclipse, but Intellij IDE, but this thing is too cons

Missing artifact com.sun: tools: jar: 1.5.0

Written in eclipse maven's pom, when applied struts2 core error after the above report: Missing artifact com.sun: tools: jar: 1.5.0 Solution: -vm D:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_16\bin My eclipse is 3.6, changed after the eclipse.ini file as follo

JAVA_HOME environment variable

java environment variables to configure the configuration-Windows XP JDK environment variables: 1 install JDK, the installation process can customize the installation directory and other information, for example, we select the installation directory

Chinese garbled can not update cvs

cvs check out the code when the Chinese file name garbled cause update errors, the main reason may be because the server side cvs to set the character set and client eclipse of the cvs plug-in character set is not the same, you can window-> show v

How to close the windows on the process running on a particular port?

I have not run in eclipse tomcat. Tips that another process is using the port. But I do not know what the process, how to use the windows service manager stopped the process. The following is how to find and close the process method. netstat-a-o-n co

linux svn the eclipse plug-ins under the reset account

Looking for a very long time, all the windows and use javaHL account of how to re-set method. I found one on SVNKit's. Environment: fedora14 + eclipse3.5 Find the directory: {eclipseRoot} / configuration / org.eclipse / core / runtime, delete the

JCreator configuration JSP environment (Tomat) + shortcut key

Recent want to see java program to open the eclipse and the trouble to re-Jcreator, found that they improved version, the original key is not some fast, and find the following articles, but also good, reproduced, easy to find later. Reproduced: http:

The interpretation of serialVersionUID in Java

The interpretation of serialVersionUID in Java serialVersionUID role: Serialized version in order to maintain compatibility, the upgrade in the version deserialize the object remains unique. There are two ways to generate: One is the default 1L, such

Sun Application Server How to set the debug port

Sun Application Server How to set the debug port 1 into the sun application server installation's bin directory, use the asadmin start-domain domain1 command to start it. 2 In the browser, type http://localhost:4848 into the sun application serve

eclipse CDT and MinGW, C + + console does not work the problem [Reserved]

I ride in the eclipse CDT MinGW environment to run a simple C + + program, the console does not work always for no reason, no output, input does not respond directly to display the console has ended. In the C language under the same environment but c

Modify the Maven local repository and the Maven local repository address eclipse3.6

1, the local need to install Maven. It is assumed that installed in D: \ Program \ apache-maven-3.0.1 2, modify the path to the local maven repository. In D: \ Program \ apache-maven-3.0.1 \ conf \ settings.xml File to modify <localRepository>

Using Ant to package and upload to the server program

Original Address: In the development process, often need to synchronize the server program. If every time the program re-packaged, and then log server to upload, so the process becomes more complicated, more especially the u

ntelliJ IDEA's Getting Started (reproduced)

As the original project with IntelliJ IDEA done JavaWeb, JavaScript and CSS support for feeling very good, much better than the Eclipse, although the Eclipse plug-in everything, do you pretend to be plug-in development, but he still has some places l

Build j2ee web project using MAVEN

Using Eclipse to build the Maven Web Project

SVN change the IP address (transfer)

Modify the IP address of SVN 2010-11-20 01:22:25 | Category: svn | Tags: | font size medium and small subscription One: in the eclipse comes svn: subclipse change ip address in the Project development are likely to modify the IP address of SVN, entri

jdk 1.5 and jdk 1.6 point difference in the annotation (reproduced)

Original link: Recently, my Eclipse on the issue of Annotation is always somehow out of these problems, the most common is the @ Override Annotation on the marked. @ Override by definition expresse

64-bit linux on the Notes environment to build Android

In Fedora 15 64bit operating system to build an Android Android development environment according to the smooth conduct of official guidance, including install the SDK, download the related components, such as installing ADT Plugin. However, entering

ubuntu introduce common problems and common software

I. Frequently Asked Questions 1 Open the windows notepad. Txt file garbled input terminal gconf-editor bring up the gconf-edit Followed by opening the apps-> gedit-2-> preferences-> encodings in the auto-detected In the double-click pop-up d

Solve the "can not delete the specified file name is invalid or too long" problem

Solve the "can not delete the specified file name is invalid or too long" problem When using eclipse import project folder accidentally lead to the emergence of terrorism creates a recursive, creates a super-long folder. Try to delete, Expl

eclipse plug-in installed in several ways

First, use the eclipse SoftwareUpdates / Find and install ... search for new features ... enter the address of the installation software installation Second, extract the plug-in package. Download the plug-in file, extract it to eclpise the correspond

eclipse plug-ins on several Velocity

Little experience in the installation Several plug-ins in addition to velocitywebedit, the way through online update installed, not very good for some speed or can not access the network of people, is indeed very painful. I am here to veloeclipse (go

myeclipse9.0 install svn plugin

1 First, download the SVN package: site -1.6.18 2. Extract SVN package, and then find one of two folders: features and plugins 3. Free to build a folder (like the location and name of their set, I was E: \ myEclipsePlugin \ svn), then the second step

SVN hooks + Jira WebService to submit a review log information to achieve control

A, SVN hooks knowledge SVN SVN hooks that hook script is to use the background of management commands and the hooks used to provide the required parameters. To some combination, to meet the needs! Hook script in the hooks directory of each repos. Eac

eclipse shortcut keys - easy access to their own

Line comment / off comments Ctrl + / Block comment / off comments Ctrl + Shift + / Ctrl + Shift + \ Find Find and Replace Ctrl + H Ctrl + F Find next / back to find Ctrl + K Ctrl + Shift + K Jump to a line Ctrl + L, ha are used to Editplus, from time

what is already installed?

Android DDMS 10.0.0.v201102162101-104271 Android Development Tools 10.0.0.v201102162101-104271 Android Hierarchy Viewer 10.0.0.v201102162101-104271

weblogic memory overflow

Statement: ant, weblogic weblogic are using a built-jdk1.4 1, run-cmd-ant, javac, they reported memory leak F: / eclipse / workspace / cis-ar> ant Buildfile: build.xml init: build.init: build.dbg.init: init: build.init: [Touch] Creating

Turn: MyEclipse auto prompt, MyEclipse does not take the card can only be resolved restart ------

1, remove the need to load the module 20% of the functionality of a system is often able to meet the needs of 80%, MyEclipse is no exception, in most of the time only 20% of the system functions, so you can not use some modules from loading started. Throu

myeclipse connect oracle ora-12705 error appears solution

I use myeclipse 6.0 version, oracle version is 10g, in a time of connection the following issues java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1 ORA-12705: Cannot access NLS data files or invalid environment specified Though

Ibatis automatically generate the use of tools Abator

Reprinted from: Ibatis automatically generate the use of tools Abator - IBatis code generation tool January 3, 2008 Thursday 15:19 For IBatis most annoying duplication of work is

ORA-00604, ORA-12705

myeclipse6.5 connection oracle10g problem ORA-00604, ORA-12705 MyEclipse Database Explorer always prompts to connect database java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1 ORA-12705: invalid or unknown NLS parameter value

ORACLE stored procedure using an array of parameters

ORACLE stored procedure parameters using an array of categories: Oracle 2009-07-13 20:39 2174 people read comments (1) Report Collection, this is the original address. Environment: Eclipse + Or

sqlite + hibernate integration

google Source Address: DownloadLocal Project: 1.http: / / No referenced jars included, built it with maven2 and then import into eclipse. (12.7K) 2.http:

cannot access nls data files

Myeclipse database connection using the following questions cannot access nls data files Myeclipse change under eclipse.ini, set-Duser.language = zh, restart myeclipse.
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