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mongodb architecture

Connected to the chapter Two, mongodb data structure 1, the logical structure of data Contrast with relational database: 2, the data storage structure: Every database there is a. Ns file and some data files. . Ns file is stored in tables and indexes

Domestic support CDN.NoSql free host with MemoryCache

There is no doubt that this is the recommended products, articles, could not help but not recommended, only one Ali before the cloud, and difficult to apply, and now Sina things out so well, why not share it? Experience the cloud to give us what is w

Analysis of the software development process

Either heavyweight or agile process, the process of building the software must do the following things: 1, the analysis: by collecting and refining, ranked priority, to determine the software what to do. 2, plan: calculate how long to complete the so

Amazing view code coverage tools: Emma

With Emma, ​​you can see: when your java webapp is accessed for some time, to which the code is executed, and what did not. This can help you determine whether your test coverage is high enough on the production environment can also help you find the

Tomcat uses Log4j output detailed log information systems, rapid diagnostic boot failure

Tomcat is started by default when the system logs printed by JdkLog14Logger, such as 2008-7-7 11:19:34 org.apache.catalina.core.StandardEngine start Information: Starting Servlet Engine: Apache Tomcat/5.0.28 2008-7-7 11:19:34 org.apache.catalina.core

[Turn] Discussion - DNS in nodejs

(From: ) Sep 4, 2010 Donovan 0 digg Bookmark this on Delicious Hi, as anyone had any thoughts or experience on the idea of writing a simple DNS server in node.js? I'm working on a geo-awar

mysql database cluster

This article describes how to install and configure two servers based on the MySQL Cluster. And implement any server problems or downtime when MySQL is still able to continue to run. Note! Although this is based on the MySQL cluster two servers, but

Deployment of the new environment: compiler nginx1.0.6

New projects to the server, configure the proxy server, as has been done using the nginx proxy, load, this is the case, the configuration is as follows: 1 software is ready nginx: Choose stable version here wget http

Association of the oracle to find the code articles

dba_source DB queries where all users under the TYPE BODY, PROCEDURE, TYPE, FUNCTION, TRIGGER, JAVA SOURCE, PACKAGE BODY, PACKAGE source code, note written in java DAO layer in the sql statement in this view is not visible. Generally available text l

Ftp installation and deployment. Configuration

1, the installation Download URL: 2, the management domain The main idea: create a user (user name and password), set the ftp root directory, the virtual path (the formation of mapping, virtual path -> path of the machine, to avoid

Ubuntu10.04 following the JAVA programming

The day before yesterday following a successful deployment in Ubuntu10.04 JDK environment, and today wanted to be in the operating system following JAVA programming practice! Well, Just do it. First of all, have to create a document, but when I right

Turn: real IBM BigInsights, easy deployment and management of Hadoop

Real IBM BigInsights, easy deployment and management of Hadoop Real IBM BigInsights, easy deployment and management of Hadoop Wang Xiaojing, Software Engineer, IBM Lin Hongxiang, Software Engineer, IBM Description: Hadoop deployment of a large number

Oracle new business in MySQL extension

racle currently announced commercial support for MySQL database to add extensions, but only in the enterprise version adds these extensions, the next version of Business and the community will further widen the difference. Prior to the Enterprise Edi

Apache Roller 5.0 installation deployment

This article describes the installation of Roller 5.0 deployment, using the official Roller war rather than source package in tomcat and mysql in the deployment process. 1 Prepare the resource 1.1 jdk 1.2 tomcat 1.3 mysql 1.4 Apache Roller 5.0 packag

weblogic memory overflow

Statement: ant, weblogic weblogic are using a built-jdk1.4 1, run-cmd-ant, javac, they reported memory leak F: / eclipse / workspace / cis-ar> ant Buildfile: build.xml init: build.init: build.dbg.init: init: build.init: [Touch] Creating

UML Eight Diagrams ah

Object diagrams, use case diagrams, class diagrams, flowcharts, sequence diagrams, deployment diagrams, state diagrams, activity diagram, component diagram (nine array map...)

Detailed tutorial ant - javac, java, jar, war, delete, copy, mkdir ... (reproduced)

Ant is an Apache Foundation, under the cross-platform widget set, it can automatically build and deploy the project and other functions. In this article, mainly for readers familiar with how to apply to the Java Ant project, it simplifies the build and de

Controller error when the definition?

Colleagues in a time of deployment of this project LoadError (Expected /……/app/controllers/xxx_controller.rb to define XxxController) Controller that is the beginning of the name wrong, but several times than not found error. To see the document whic

db2 9.7 jdbc type4 depressed the drivers of change problem

System uses the database to upgrade from a db2 8.2 db2 9.7, previously with type 2 connect to the database, you need to install db2 client, catalog the remote database to local, upgrade to the db2 9.7, the customer is recommended to use type4, pure j

ICBC B2B interface debug problems that occur

Write a debugging interface to the bank b2b demo, and then return to experience has been the failure to sign, the problem has repeated several days, and today finally found the root of the problem. First, the bank interface callback character set is

Project jar file problem

Others to a project (already labeled rar form). Need to put the test server, and then do the stress test. Actually start tomcat deployment error. Serious : Error in dependencyCheck invalid header field at java.util.jar.Attributes

Svn code and compiled automatically get released

Svn code and compiled automatically get released Main sub-steps Step one: support for ant to get the source code from svn We went subclipse website svnant project download package, note the version of subversion and svnant unification issue, download

BT server set up within the network (switch)

My speaker Chuanzhi podcast. Net employment training class when the teacher during the day to live video recorded lectures for students at night, with a rest day review, the lectures during the day to six hours, so every day to more than one video G, has

the difference between varchar and nvarchar (rpm)

varchar (n) Length of n bytes of variable length and non-Unicode character data. n must be a range of values ​​between 1 and 8,000. The storage size is the actual input data byte length, not n bytes (such as varchar (6), when the field is qqq, the da

[Top] Maven to deploy multi-module Maven project eclipse hot-hot-deploy tomcat project implementation.

Maven multi-module project in eclipse, the following hot deployment, which you can experience the entire project under the inside whether you modify the code of any module, no need to use maven package you can see the effect, 1, the first ready to create

An open, interoperable cloud (rpm)

Transfer: Introduction In this article we will describe: in the moment, how through the use of mature open standards (specific to cloud computing, grids and storage area) to create interoperab

You are a good IT PRO it? (Part I)

The so-called IT PRO: full name is the IT Professional, literally speaking, is an IT professional, refers to all areas of IT specialization in a particular area of ​​IT people, which of course is not limited to large companies or small companies, not

jforum trydone deployed to modify the contents of the records oracle

jforumT deployment need to do the following changes to the oracle 1, trydone_src / com / trydone / forum / action / Line 97 plus JForumExecutionContext.enableCustomContent (true); 2, WebRoot / templates / default / search.htm 2

InnoDB tables do not support the construction MYSQL

Perform the following built in Mysql5.5 table statement CREATE TABLE JBPM4_DEPLOYMENT ( DBID_ BIGINT NOT NULL, NAME_ LONGTEXT, TIMESTAMP_ BIGINT, STATE_ VARCHAR(255), PRIMARY KEY (DBID_) ) TYPE=INNODB; Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; che

Oralce learning logical backup (a) - TABLESPACE model

Need for the project, most recently in the study of Oracle's part. Deployed in busy these days, so they need to lead out of the previous database in order to facilitate implementation. Looked to the need for logical backup ok, as to what the phys

20,110,824 v1.1 released

For details, please Home: Update: 1. Increase the data item access control function; (2) remove the license expiration date control; 3 to solve the multiple roles in configuration operation to repeat the question; 4 del

Ten Things HTML5 Information

Year or two ago, HTML5 seems a vague concept, only a few internet nerds would care about. Now, it feels as if HTML5 everywhere. Thank the rapid release Mozilla and Chrome, and Microsoft IE9 deployment (IE 10 is now in a "technology preview"

Rails Deployment (1) modrails

Rails Deployment (1) modrails 1. Install Passenger > Sudo gem install passenger > Sudo passenger-install-apache2-module This is the console output of the command: checking for required software ... GNU C + + compiler ... found at / usr / bin /

build path entity is missing eclipse maven

Project to use its own packaged jar. Mvn install using the installation locally, using mvn deploy to nexus private server installation; Use mvn eclipse: clean eclipse: eclipse, reference is always less than that found in the project jar, eclipse buil

C3p0 connection on the mysql database using hibernate

Recent projects hibernate3.0 c3po mysql uses a combination of data layers, development and deployment went very smoothly, but every morning to access applications are thrown Could not open Hibernate session for transaction exception, Caused by: com.mysql.

Using SQL Server's reporting Service

SQL Server Reporting Services (referred to as SSRS), is a powerful reporting services. In the MSDN documentation and Google's results can be found in its general description. In the current SQL Server 2008 is still brewing, 2000, the basic outdated, w

oracle table scripts create jbpm4.4

create table JBPM4_DEPLOYMENT ( DBID_ number (19,0) not null, NAME_ clob, TIMESTAMP_ number (19,0), STATE_ varchar2 (255 char), primary key (DBID_) ); create table JBPM4_DEPLOYPROP ( DBID_ number (19,0) not null, DEPLOYMENT_ number (19,0), OBJNAME_ v

Scenes using MongoDB GridFS

Scenes using MongoDB GridFS This page is also updated. . . Scenes using GridFS Large number of files. GridFS operating a large number of files (in thousands) file system is better than many. Users to upload files. When a user uploads a lot of files,

(Turn) the application message queue and message distributed transaction status table to eliminate

Since a huge amount of data, most Web applications require deployment of a number of database instances. Thus, some users may need to modify the operation of multiple database instances in the data. The traditional solution is to use distributed transacti

System configuration resulting from the application connection pool oracle for a long time to solve the problem

Feedback over the recent on-site engineers, over a period of time we provide to the external interface (http post xml) response time to 1 minute or 1 minute or so, since they are all within the network, taking into account on the PC in the company's t

Solution under redhat as4 mysql error log can not find mysql.sock

Today had a redo operation and maintenance of the virtual machine environment for the deployment of our project test environment, install redhat as4. As the project using the mysql5, the system comes mysql4.1.20 should be removed. # Rpm-qa | grep mysql Fo

Installation and deployment of DB2 JDBC Issues

Original: In the installation of DB2 and JDBC development, will encounter some common problems to be recorded in memo: 1. License DB2 genuine or not depends on license, but during the ins

Solve the network adapter could not establish the connection, the ultimate measure

Have deployed in the Web site project in myeclipse, Start tomcat, in the browser address myeclipse enter the site address, although you can display the page, but can not and oracle database to interact, console interface prompts the error error: the

Log nine initial project development work

Years later returned to the company after the body was a little match, the first day of work saw a few bug, he can change the all the changed. Projects to very tight schedule, some functions must advance into the development. Today take the time to i

Oracle Streams to learn two (clear stream configuration)

Streams after the completion of the deployment, if you need to reconfigure or discard the configuration, you can choose to clear the configuration information. This cleanup step is very simple, just as a command: EXEC DBMS_STREAMS_ADM.REMOVE_STREAMS_

mongoDB sharing and exchange within

Share content Introduction Mongodb Features Database model Mongodb vs mysql Mongodb architecture Mongodb deployment Database Admin Mongodb replica set Mongodb sharding Data Backup Data storage and data compression Monitor Troubleshooting Database dev

apply command mysql - development and deployment of common

1 mysql-e "sql" sql: that MySql database that can perform the sql command. Often users delete users and databases, such as a database name as dev devDB and a user name, I now have to remove them through the script, as follows: mysql -e "dro

IBM DB2 Catalog Use and Analysis (2008-12-30 18:43:57) reproduced

IBM DB2 Catalog Use and Analysis (2008-12-30 18:43:57) reproduced Next I need to catalog the windows on the remote instance and database, instance name is db2inst1, the database is a test, ask how to write? macrozeng: 1. Db2 catalog tcpip node db2ins

sessionFactory or hibernateTemplate is required of the solution [turn]

Today, I have the applicationXXX.xml a configuration file into the instance, restart tomcat after deployment when the cast is wrong, wrong is the title. I have studied for a long time, because it is injected before the successful examples with refere

How to effectively monitor a single point, cluster mysql.

Mysql is widely used as a database, does give us a lot of help, just like any software system, once put into production, it essential that the monitoring means. Mysql how to effectively monitor the operation, especially in a complex IT environment al
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