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spring3 jar reads the configuration of external property file

Using maven-jar plug-in, pack the item labeled jar, the jar and its dependencies jar in the lib in the configuration file on the config, bin is the shell startup script. The entire directory structure is as follows spring read properties file outside

Under Jboss jmx-console configuration with the web-console

JBoss installation is successful, can generally be accessed by http://localhost:port. Jmx Console and Jboss Web Console application which can modify and delete the parameters, if not to strengthen the security settings, would have serious security co

Page highlighted the problem

Highlight the background processing key code Formatter formatter = new SimpleHTMLFormatter("<b><font color='red'>", "</font></b>"); Highlighter hightlighter = new Highlighter(formatter,new QueryScorer(query) );

Topic: Spring annotation entry (reproduced)

Original link: 1 properties using Spring annotations to inject 1.1 How we use the annotations into the property before the class implementation: Java code public class UserManagerImpl implements UserManager { private

win7 download oracle10g

When you use win7 install oracle10g, is likely to show abnormalities related oraparam.ini related, leading to installation can not continue oracle10g, by way of the following steps to install, after installation of oracle as the stability, the curren

connect to sap BI using jkd

you can only find the jkd jar in you bi install dir, My example will use many jars, such as cecore.jar, celib.jar, cesession.jar, corbaidl.jar, ebus405.jar and logging.jar. thanks for my colleague, I find out this solution, this is connect to BI serv

windows7 the process of installing Oracle

Windows 7 install Oracle 10g on success (I am the author from the Guangdong Ocean University, School of Information 07 Information Management and Information System MSC B213 quarters superstar) (System version Windows 7 Ultimate Edition) Windows 7 pe

Spring2.5 IoC injection method of the four bean (rpm)

1, a new java project called DI (dependency injection means), and added commons-loggin.jar spring.jar. Note that comments reflected in its meaning the following code, there is no longer to explain. 2, the entire engineering test after the spring conf to open the Chinese path

Projects need to use () to open the html document that contains the Chinese path, the path in the browser is correct, but still reported HTTP404 error, document not found. Thought it was the front-end requires transcoding problem, twists

Hibernate + JDBC ClassCastException when operating Clob

Hibernate + JDBC Clob operation occurs when ClassCastException: $ Proxy58 Use System.out.println (blob.getClass (). GetName ()) output when the show is $ Proxy58 As can be seen from the Hibernate source code, <! - Generated by javadoc (build 1.4.2

ServerAlias ​​in Apache using virtual hosts set to receive more than one domain name and set the name Pan-resolution

ServerAlias: server alias in the Apache virtual host can be used to set the receiver to a domain name or domain name is for receiving the pan. Specific setting is as follows: First, set up virtual hosts reception for multiple domain names A virtual h

Dolphin 7 Members Only mode

add the codes below into dolphin / inc / Line133 <pre lang="php" line="1"> / / Members Only - begin if (isMember ()) { header ('Content-type: text / html; charset = utf-8'); $ Echo ($ oTemplate, 'p

java read xml file in four ways [turn]

Xml Code <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "GB2312"?> <RESULT> <VALUE> <NO> A1234 </ NO> <ADDR> Zhengzhou, Henan Province </ ADDR> </ VALUE> <VALUE> <NO> B1234 </ NO

Maven's Dependency how to find?

Used Maven, no longer required JAR package as usual, find and download their own, go with the IDE lead get away, Maven project with a dependency (Dependency) concept, with the saying goes, is my project You need to use this jar, I would call this pro

MyBatis + Spring Principle of interface-based programming

Integration Spring3 and MyBatis3 For the integration of Spring and Mybatis no detail, can refer to: MyBatis 3 User Guide Simplified Chinese.pdf , put my main code is as follows: UserMapper Interface: Java code package org.denger.mapper; import org.apache.

Database connection pool in dbcp.c3p0.jndi

No matter what kind of persistence through technology, must access the database via the data connection, in the Spring, the data connection is obtained through the data source. In previous applications, the data source is usually provided by the Web appli

flex PopUpManager pop-up window

flex PopUpManager class PopUpManager ActionScript class class class name mx.managers.PopUpManager PopUpManager PopUpManager Class Summary PopUpManager.createPopUp () to create pop-up window. PopUpManager.deletePopUp () to delete from the call PopUpManager

Eight-step easy to get XPlanner installation

Eight-step easy to get XPlanner installation XPlanner current 0.7beta older with the lib package, the installation will encounter many problems, as follows: JDK: JDK 6.0 can not be used, use the following 5.0 TOMCAT: TOMCAT 5.5 when I installed in th

tomcat6 database connection pool configuration in detail

tomcat6 database connection pool configuration in detail I first explain the configuration of the environment under tomcat version is apache-tomcat-6.0.33 non-installation version, the path is D: \ Java \ apache-tomcat-6.0.33, tomcat does not affect

javaScript techniques applied

1. Oncontextmenu = "window.event.returnValue = false" will completely shield Right <table border oncontextmenu=return(false)> <td> no </ table> can be used for Table 2. <body Onselectstart="return false"> desele

Ibatis automatically generate the use of tools Abator

Reprinted from: Ibatis automatically generate the use of tools Abator - IBatis code generation tool January 3, 2008 Thursday 15:19 For IBatis most annoying duplication of work is

(R) is cattle vim tips

Before reading this note: 1 This article aims to provide some of the tips of vim, vim use of these techniques can improve operational efficiency. Some skills can also be used in vi, but now basically a with vim. 2 This article is collated and summarized u

Memcached - PHP Installation & Use

Download Memcached: Installation: Download install libevent, has been installed can be skipped: Download: ~ provos / libevent / Memcached For PHP Module Download:

eclipse import external web projects (non-eclipse creation), the solution can not run

eclipse import external web works, sometimes not see the server project, the solution -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Open to import the project. Project file, In <natures> </ natures> add the following

Note the section of code prints the original print disorder of the normal screen

Print uses a simple point of control functions with is free. To use advanced features will charges. The following code into the HTML <object classid="clsid:1663ed61-23eb-11d2-b92f-008048fdd814" codebase="${path}/js/

Axis2 Integration Spring Jdbc data source connection release

Dependent spring.jar, commons-dbcp-1.4.jar, commons-pool-1.5.6.jar, cglib-nodep-2.2.jar code: jdbc.driverClassName=oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver jdbc.url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@ jdbc.username=shihuan jdbc.password=zznod

ColdFusion Software Introduction

Adobe ® ColdFusion ® 8 software solves the day to day Internet application development challenges, enabling you to create and deliver engaging online applications very efficient. And because it fits any IT environment, so you can ColdFusion 8 for eve

Apache jboss cluster configuration details

I. Preparation download jdk, install jdk Download jboss, jboss installation Download apache http, install apache http, download, copied to the apache modules directory II. Configuration 1. Jboss configuration Description: supp

common-configuration of some applications

This program relies on commons-configuration-1.6.jar and commons-lang-2.6.jar two jar files. Need in the project src directory create following files: code: ip = port = 8081 id = 111 = Killer App applicati

[TRANS] Linux under the C / C + + header files used

Common header files under linux Programming Overview <assert.h> verify program assertion <cpio.h> cpio archive values <ctype.h> Character Types <dirent.h> directory entry <errno.h> error code <fcntl.h> Document Control

To set the column width according to the proportion of

Inside Flex, DataGrid's column width property does not accept percentage, only accept a specific pixel value, so if you want to set the column width according to the proportion of those twists and turns required fee. Google a bit, there are two w

Oracle 10G installation problem Win7

When you use win7 install oracle10g, is likely to show abnormalities related oraparam.ini related, leading to installation can not continue oracle10g, by way of the following steps to install, after installation of oracle as the stability, the curren

Oracle installation in the summary in Win7

When you use win7 install oracle10g, is likely to show abnormalities related oraparam.ini related, leading to installation can not continue oracle10g, by way of the following steps to install, after installation of oracle as the stability, the curren

TOMCAT 6 data source configuration

Recently changed TOMCAT6, MYSQL database data source configuration, the Internet to find relevant solutions to solve after commissioning as follows: Modify the $ CATALINA_HOME / conf / context.xml file, add the following code: <Context reloadable=

Insert Into statements Magical

INSERT INTO p_idx_data_temp (Det_id, col_log_id, index_code, index_id, point_no, org_no, attr1, attr2, attr3) SELECT pkg_pmbs_seq.f_pmbs_etcid, v_log, in_index_no, f_get_now_index_id (in_index_no), '12 ', org_no, cons_no, cons_id, cons_name F

Attribute. Domains. Tuples relationship candidate code. The primary key

Attributes, domains, tuples, relations, candidate key, primary keys, foreign keys, relational algebra 1, the property <br /> corresponding columns in the table 2, domain <br /> out the range (the same set of data type values) 3, tuple

Windows 7 SP1 can not install oracle10g 11g solution (transfer)

Download the correct version, then modify the file refhost.xml And then extract, found in the directory refhost.xml (two, one of my in stage \ prereq \ db directory, one is in stage \ prereq \ db_prereqs \ db directory) to add repair, add the following co

Amoeba isolation and read and write data segmentation

Amoeba version 0.12 (then search This article is a function of time to see what Amoeba. Hey.) One, Master / Slave structure separate read and write: Master: server1 (read-write) slaves: server2, server3, server4 (3 A equality database. read / load ba

The second study MyBatis. SQL statement mapping file (2)

Second, SQL statement mapping file (2) 2.2 select A select element is very simple. For example: Xml Code <! - Check the students, according to the id -> <select parameterType="String" resultMap="studentResultMap"> <! [CD

Spring + Hibernate Mysql read and write within the framework of separation master-slave database configuration (below)

Reproduced: The following spring applicationContext.xml configuration file Xml Code <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <Beans xmlns = "

Win7 method of installing oracle 10g

First, download, 10203_vista_w2k8_x86_production_db (Note to next right, otherwise there is no refhost.xml file) And then extract, found in the directory ref

Filtering duplicate data speed is


mysql decimal.numeric data type

The program may make people know, float type is stored floating point (ie decimal type), but the float has a downside, when you given when the data is an integer, then you deal with it as an integer. This currency values ​​in access problems when the

win7 64-bit installation oracle10g Release2

win7 64-bit installation oracle10g Release2 stage \ prereq \ client \ refhost.xml file, add the following code <! - Microsoft Windows 7 -> <OPERATING_SYSTEM> <VERSION VALUE="6.1"/> </ OPERATING_SYSTEM> (2) modify the

Null values ​​in Oracle resolution

DECLARE v_code VARCHAR2(20) := '0001'; BEGIN IF v_code IS NOT NULL THEN dbms_output.put_line('is not null'); END IF; IF '' IS NULL THEN dbms_output.put_line(' The null character is equivalent to null'); END IF; IF v_code <> '' THEN dbms_output.

in sql with rollup. with cube.grouping function usage statistics

SQL code <! - Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware) -> with rollup, with cube, groupingCUBE and ROLLUP is the difference between: CUBE generates a result set shows the selected column v

mysql slow query log (Reprinted article) Reproduced MYSQL enable logging, and view the log collection mysql has the following log: Error log:-log-err Query log:-log Slow query log:-log-slow-queries Update log:-log-update Binary

MYSQL INNODB database recovery switch

MYSQL INNODB database recovery Yesterday, a very depressing experience problems, mysql inexplicably collapsed. Startup error, then a time out. The data inside the table are the copy and then copy ibdata1, then export out the database. //=============

sessionFactory or hibernateTemplate is required of the solution [turn]

Today, I have the applicationXXX.xml a configuration file into the instance, restart tomcat after deployment when the cast is wrong, wrong is the title. I have studied for a long time, because it is injected before the successful examples with refere

win7 install oracle10g database

1, the most important is the need to operate as an administrator 2, modify important files and then extract, found in the directory refhost.xml (there are two, one of my in stage \ prereq \ db directory, one is in the stage \ prereq \ db_prereqs \ db
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